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✅ Pros

The JAWKU V2 has a stall force on the higher end of the massage gun scale coming in at 56 pounds.
Review Pros
It works on everything.
AWKU Speed is available in two colors.
It gets to the root of the problem.
The pain relief is instant.
It gets to the root of the problem.
It gets so deep into the muscle and provides so much blood flow that you feel the relief instantly.
I save money on massages.
It only takes about 30-60 minutes to fully charge the device.
In terms of accuracy, I found the device to perform well.
If you want to maintain a certain speed, you can use JAWKU Speed for its audible mode feature, which effortlessly provides such services.
Unlike most fitness trackers currently on the market, JAWKU Speed is designed to get you running faster by providing all the information required in real-time.
The number one reason why I love this product is that it works on pretty much every problem or pain in my body that I’ve encountered since we got our Jawku last year.
The app also tracks all of your previous workouts, so you can see how and where you’re improving over time.
The device has a continuous-use battery life of approximately 4 hours.
This device is very quite.
It is really the only massage device that we’ve seen that comes in a bright orange color.
The JAWKU Muscle Blaster V2 has a very unique shape.
Four attachment options are available.
Within the first two months of having the Jawku, it had already paid for itself by saving me that money I would have spent at the massage studio.
Battery life wasn’t an issue.
Four attachment options are available.
JAWKU Speed also helps you track your progress and compare it to previous results to gauge your overall growth.
While most people spend money hiring fitness instructors, JAWKU Speed comes with a coach of its own.

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❌ Cons

If you’re having pain because your alignment is off in your body which is then causing a knot, the Jawku is not going to fix this problem.
It’s great that it has the angled handle, but it is not adjustable.
Sometimes I can use the Jawku on myself to get hard to reach areas on my back, but you don’t always get the same benefit when you have to do it yourself.
A non-removable battery may not be ideal for most.
There have been a few times I was trying really hard to fix knots in my neck and my shoulder blade but ended up making them worse by forcing myself into a weird position to reach the area and then holding it there for 10 minutes.
This device should be used with care on your upper neck.

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Review Summaries
It’s really easy to move around with one hand, weighs in about 2.2 pounds, and yeah, like I mentioned, it’s a really, really impressive device. I’m looking forward to continue to use it.
If you’re an athlete looking to improve your speed and agility, JAWKU Speed can certainly help—especially if you don’t have a regular training partner who knows how to handle a stopwatch. The additional reactionary elements built into JAWKU Speed only further boost its performance-enhancing capabilities.
At this point, you can probably tell that I’m in love with my Jawku. I use it weekly and it helped me get rid of so much pain that I started to turn other people onto the Jawku as well.
I ‘m in love with my Jawku. I use it weekly and it helped me get rid of so much pain that I started to turn other people onto the Jawku as well.
JAWKU Speed is a best-selling fitness tracker. It might only come in one color (Orange), but its performance prompts many to overlook this feature. It’s also has a classy design and is easy to use making it an ideal choice for most runners.

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