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✅ Pros

The structure of their website is very nice.
Review Pros
No matter if you need them on a weekday or during the weekend, they’ll pick up the phone.
Jenson has every brand and every kind of bike that you could wish for, on top of that they have amazing sales too.
They donate 100% of the proceeds made from the sales to cycling and trail advocacy groups that riders select themselves.
Jenson also sells their own exclusive builds which you can’t get anywhere else.
No matter if you are looking for high-end or low-end products, you will find something for everyone on Jenson USA.
Jenson USA stands out from many other online retailers in the cycling community by offering free shipping and 90-day returns.
In addition to selling you bikes and bike gear, Jenson USA also supports the cycling community by partnering with organizations that increase diversity and inclusion in cycling.
These are unique bikes crafted by in-house engineers, which cannot be found anywhere else.
Their customer service is 24/7 so you won’t have to wait for someone to pick up the phone and assist you.
If you’re not satisfied with your purchase from Jenson, you can always return the package within 90 days of the original purchase date.
They often have tempting sales that let you save a lot if you shop smart.
With free shipping for orders over $50, Jenson USA is a great store for buying components, apparel, and accessories.
They have been around for more than 25 years, as the company was established back in 1994.
They feature brands with the highest quality products while not compromising on safety and other features.
It has good TrustPilot score.
It has been around for more than 25 years, and it is a go-to place for tens of thousands of cyclists in search of quality cycling items.
Jenson USA provides free shipping to their customers over the order of $60.
The core values of Jenson USA show how much open they are to their customers and what they want to achieve with their partners.
You can claim your warranty thru Jenson Bikes.
Jenson USA has been around for over 25 years and is one of the largest bike store in united states.
Jenson accepts different payment options so you can pay however you like.
They have a careful selection of high-quality mountain bikes.
Jenson USA has every type of bike you might need.

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❌ Cons

They have limited sizes for some bikes.
They have a llimited selection of road bikes.

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Review Summaries
Jenson USA is one of the biggest cycling retailers in the United States, beloved by thousands of cyclists from different subgroups, so we definitely recommend it. This is a reliable and safe place to shop for complete bikes, frames, accessories, clothes, replacement parts, and a lot more.
Jenson USA is one of the biggest and oldest bicycle retailers based in the USA. They are in business for 28-Years, selling high-quality material products to their customers. You can find all types of bikes at Jenson including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Electric Bikes, and more.
Jenson USA has been around for over 25 years and is one of the largest bike store in united states. In addition to a careful selection of high-quality mountain bikes and road bikes, Jenson also sells their own exclusive builds which you can’t get anywhere else.
Jenson USA is an amazing company that you can absolutely rely on! They have partnered with some of the industry-leading companies that produce amazing products. From bikes to bike-related products, you will find everything with them. Their exclusive build option is something that no one else is offering and I think that you should definitely try out that option. Feel free to browse their wares on their official website and flagship stores across California!
After analyzing the website, the shop, and all of the available features, it’s time to give our final verdict about Jenson USA. The truth is, we really like it. We’ve been using their services ourselves before and never had any issues, they have always over-delivered.

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