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✅ Pros

It’s not a pyramid scheme. I like that they follow the affiliate marketing model for their online sales, and also provide tools and materials for offline sales such as catalogs and scent samplers.
Review Pros
The products are well-made with quality in mind.
It has strong customer satisfaction focus.
Natural wax provides a cleaner burn and fragrance.
There’s no recruitment hype here and that’s a good thing as you can only focus on sales.
The ring is actually very pretty.
A wide range of jewelry is available.
Every product has a piece of jewelry or cash hidden inside it.
Jewelry Candles is not an mlm company. You make money by selling candles directly to your customers, not recruiting commission.
Each jewelry candle comes with a hidden jewel that is worth anywhere from $10 to $7500.
There are no monthly minimums or sales quotas to meet.
There is low cost of entry.
Comprehensive training and support materials are available for consultants.
They sell a unique product. As a representative, it could be a relatively easy sell.
They even sell tarts, soaps, and wax roses.
Unlike the ordinary paraffin scented candles that can cause cancer and pollution, soy-based candles are safer to use and environment-friendly.
There are currently a whopping 66 different scents in the collection to choose from.
The scents and the quality of the jewelry are getting lots of raving reviews from their customers.
Jewelry Candles are made using 100% soy wax and premium quality fragrances.
I received the crème brûlée scent, which smells as heavenly as the actual dessert.
I was grateful that the candle was so large, measuring at 21 ounces.
They also have a sales rep program — for the cost of a starter kit (anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars), you can earn commission on sales made through your personal Jewelry Candles site.
Large jar offers a longer burn.
You can choose which type of jewelry and the ring size you want in your jewelry candle.
Each Jewelry Candles candle comes with a piece of jewelry of a value between USD $15 and $7.500.
It is vegan and cruelty-free.
Jewelry Candles are not limited to just rings, you can also get bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants too.
The presentation for Jewelry Candle’s ring candle’s are fairly standard.
The company is based in the USA and its products are made in the USA.
The bomb was delightful.
Jewelry Candles manufactures and distributes premium soy fragrance candles with a special twist, each candle contains a hidden jewel.
Jewelry Candles offers two ways to make money, using the candles to find the jewel inside or becoming an independent consultant selling Jewelry candles.
The labels are simple and quite elegant.
Jewelry Candles offers 5 percent cash back through Ebates.
We also loved the idea of their wax dipped roses.
These make for some lovely gifts.
They also sell ring-only candles where you can pick your size.
For representatives, I like that there are no quotas, no contracts, and no minimum sales targets.
Their massive and growing product line includes bath bombs with and without jewelry.
It is an established company.
You can join and get started for as little as $19.95.
The range of scented candles is otherworldly, and the only trouble you’ll have, really, is the choice of your favorite scent.
Even a ten dollar piece gives a $24.95 candle purchase excellent value.
It offers generous commissions and performance bonuses.
The products have broad appeal. They are beautiful as well as practical.
It requires reasonable start-up costs.
When it comes to the quality of their products, most of the customers have responded with positive feedback.
They are beautiful and can even be bought in two colors of your choice for a dozen roses.
You are able to pick any scent for each greeting candle that you choose – and they have over 100 amazing scents.
It is a legitimate direct selling company, and if you do it right, you could make money with this company.
I really like that each Jewelry Candle comes with dual wicks to ensure even burning without tunneling.
There are no maintenance costs for the replicate website, no recurring membership fees, no minimum sales quota to meet in order to continue promoting Jewelry Candles for the rest of your life.

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❌ Cons

Candle design isn’t attractive.
Their return policy is only 7 days.
To become a successful consultant, you must have good sales skills. This opportunity is not suitable for people without direct selling experience.
A customer cannot return a candle that has already been lit.
There are no refunds or exchanges on products or kits.
It’s an unfortunate thing that Jewelry Candles seem to give such little attention to customer service and responding promptly to customers’ queries.
I can’t comment personally on their customer service, but the complaints from others are not encouraging.
JC has an “F Rating” on the Better Business Bureau with 34 complaints as I am writing this Jewelry Candles review.
Products are sometimes of lower quality than advertised.
They are rated F at BBB with the failure to respond among 21 complaints out of 47.
Each sale may only earn you a few dollars in commission.
A good bath bomb doesn’t just put on a show; it leaves behind its fragrance and moisturizing properties after it’s gone.
The company’s return policy is less than impressive.
Jewelry Candles is not that transparent online as there is no information with regards to the company owner/founder and they lack communication with their customers.
In my opinion, Jewelry Candles could use some personality.
Unlike food supplements and multi-vitamins, which appeals to all people (because most of us want to live forever), not that many people will want/need to buy scented candles. This, among other things.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
For a 20% commission, I don’t think Jewelry Candles business worth it. It is unlikely that you will achieve your financial dream with this opportunity. However, the decision to join the Jewelry Candles business is yours to make.
If you’re looking for different candle scents, the Jewelry Candles with jewelry inside come in various seasonal and fun fragrances.
Yes, you could earn money from Jewelry Candles. A 20% commission is a good profit margin but it will definitely take you a lot of sales to achieve the lucrative income you desire. It will be hard. And just like most online opportunities, it will be a challenge, probably the reason why they are not seeing much success.
The sweet pea candle offers a musky-flowery smell and lasts a long time. This candle has a natural soy wax that is hand-poured into a 21oz glass jar. It comes with two wicks that give an even melt pool and offer a fusion of lily, wild jasmine, musk, herbal, and violet scent notes.
At $17.95, Jewelry Candles’ ring bombs are among the more expensive options out there. At that price, I expect a good quality experience on all fronts, and although I love the ring I got, I was disappointed in the quality of the bath bomb. For that reason, I don’t see myself ordering bath bombs from Jewelry Candles again.
Jewelry Candles is certainly not a scam. It is a legitimate company that retails candles, bath bombs, other scented products and gifts. In fact, it doesn’t even run on the MLM business model, unlike many other companies selling similar products, like JewelScent, Scentsy, Vantel Pearls, Origami Owl, and Paparazzi, to name just a few.
I think it would be difficult to replace your job with Jewelry Candles, but as a way to make some extra money, considering it doesn’t cost much to get started, I’d recommend it.
We recommend Jewelry Candles as an MLM opportunity for those looking to start their own business. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with any business venture and make sure you are informed before making any decisions.
Jewelry Candles is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate company with some pretty cool products. (Reading all the Jewelry Candles reviews convinced us of this.) We think the premise is genius. We also like their business model.
Overall, it was an exciting process. I couldn’t wait to start burning the candle once it arrived and I was pretty impatient when it came to getting my jewelry out. After I first saw the foil peeking out after about 9 hours of burn time, I was already trying to pull it out! The scent is wonderful and it really fills the room. Overall, I am happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to buy more for friends & family!
If making money by selling Jewelry Candles is what you want to do, I advise that you try the company products first. Convincing other people to buy the products that you do not love is a near-impossible task.
I found Jewelry Candles to be the all round great pick when picking ring or jewelry candles. They have lots of neat ideas with their products that separate them from the pack but they also don’t have any serious downfalls like some of the other brands do.
Overall, I really enjoyed the experience! It would have been much less stressful had I waited until the candle burned down to an appropriate height before extracting the foil packet, but that is certainly no fault of my Jewelry Candle! Luckily, I did not ruin the candle’s integrity and we are still enjoying the warm, delicious scent of crème brûlée in our house. I really like the necklace I received and loved the anticipation leading up to discovery!

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