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✅ Pros

Their web builder is easy to use.
Review Pros
It optimizes for all mobile devices with its dedicated mobile editor view.
Jimdo is also seriously simple to use, which makes it hard to mess up your website design.
It’s a decent place to put your business’ contact information until you’re ready to invest in a bigger site.
It has competitive prices.
Both the website and editor are responsive, meaning they work well on mobile devices too.
All templates are responsive.
The basic site editor is easy stuff, once you learn how to access all of the relevant menus and settings.
It is great for users who are on a time stretch with its simple editing interface.
It allows good site customization.
Jimdo has an app that lets you customize your own site live on your mobile phone.
Because Jimdo is completely web-based, all you’ll need is an updated web browser and an internet connection.
Jimdo allows you to choose from a total of ten different plans.
Free plan is available.
All Jimdo plans come with a blog section.
This is also a worthy option for business owners with little web experience.
You can edit the HTML and CSS of your site.
The virtual set-up wizard pretty much builds your website for you, and the first draft is actually ready in more or less three minutes.
Aside from offering DNS and hosting services, Jimdo also offers eCommerce functionality with their paid plan.
Jimdo allows you to play around with SEO in more ways than one.
They offer an inexpensive Pro plan.
If you are a US company that needs an EU microsite for an EU audience, Jimdo makes GDPR a bit easier than some website builders focused on the US market.
You can add HTML & CSS codes.
Their free version is one of the best around, allowing you a greater sense of what they can do.
It offers solid mobile support.
There are a number of tools designed to make it easier for you to share bits of your site directly on social media.
It’s great for those who are less confident because the ADI functionality builds the site for you.
You can create as many free sites as you want.
One of Jimdo’s best features is how quickly you can get up and running.
It is a great option for beginners.
With Jimdo, you’ll receive a whole bunch of theme templates to apply to your site.
They offer a usable free plan.
Jimdo has some of the highest customer reviews in the industry – many satisfied customers all around.
It has an attractive, beginner-friendly editor.
Jimdo also gives you the tools to make your site GDPR-compliant.
For those who are more creative, there’s a separate website builder that gives you much more freedom.
Loading times are very fast (e.g. in Google PageSpeed Insights).
Jimdo Dashboard is clean and easy to navigate, allowing you to manage your business website without unnecessary time and hassle.
IIt offers unlimited storage space on its business plan or higher.
You can also get Jimdo free trial.
It’s nice to know that when you create a site with the Jimdo website builder, you won’t have to worry about bad website optimization from the builder’s side of things.
Jimdo integrates with any product or service that offers an embed code.
There is a tool for managing cookies in a GDPR compliant way.
It’s easy to use, especially for those without any previous experience of website building.
Finding the right template is very easy & flexible.
Jimdo Dolphin feature uses A.I. and it automatically creates websites based on your interests and information.
Part of what makes Jimdo unique is they offer two design routes — you can either use their AI or DIY.
Both the Jimdo web editor and any website you make with it are mobile-ready.
With the ability to add third-party tools, utilize mobile apps and create a website, blog or online store, Jimdo also provides substantial flexibility and accessibility.
POWr plugin gives you more power to add any function you want.
The suggested designs are nice and modern. The virtual set-up wizard automatically searches the internet for the best images.
Free sites are available.
The company has implemented a bunch of SEO and stat-tracking features, so you can decide how best to expand your online operations.
They give you the room to grow.
They allow integration with third party apps.
There is SSL encryption on all sites.
Jimdo offers two distinct ways to build your website, using Dolphin or Creator.
The Jimdo virtual set-up wizard can have your professional website up and running in a matter of minutes.
Jimdo provides almost every feature one would expect from an effective drag-and-drop editor.
They offer a super easy website builder.
It is inexpensive.
With over 100 templates to choose from, it’s easy to make your site look fancy with Jimdo.
If you need a logo, there’s no need for 3rd party services since Jimdo provides a logo maker of its own.
If you set up your online store with Jimdo, they never take a transaction fee. It’s all your money right from the start.
A generous free plan is available.
AI builder will allow you to build a website in just a few minutes, even if this is your first time working on a computer.
The registration process is very straightforward.
You have the option of putting together your website yourself, or having Jimdo’s AI create your website for you.
It comes with an automatic site creator.

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❌ Cons

It offers limited customization tools compared to its competitors.
There’s no phone support, nor is there any live chat support.
Some site elements don’t show up on builder interface.
It has limited e-commerce options.
E-commerce features are basic.
Jimdo only offers support via email.
Although Jimdo gives you the ability to create and launch a website, start a blog and sell products, its features are relatively limited, especially compared to competitors on the market.
It’s SEO is more limited than with other website builders.
The range of features available is very limited: There is no blog, no password protection, and no external app store offering extra options.
Standard editor is a little limited.
Interface takes some getting used to.
Templates are pretty basic.
If you delete any element by mistake, you can’t make undo.
Even if you know how to code and want to further customize your site, you can’t.
You can’t swap out the free subdomain for an existing site.
It has limited eCommerce functionalities.
There are a number of competitors that simply offer better prices for the same, if not greater service.
Support is email only.
Only one site contributor is allowed.
There is a lack of elements, like buttons to share content via social media. As the HTML element is not available either (probably a conscious decision), you can’t even add them in manually.
Jimdo is only set up to accept payment via PayPal for US ecommerce stores.
There is a limited choice of templates.
There isn’t a huge marketplace full of addons.
There’s no blog options, no password protection, and no handy app store to connect extra features to your site.
Features like shipping and tax codes don’t align with the US.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Jimdo is a reputed company with more than 40 Million visitors per month. Many famous people already recommended Jimdo. Its portfolio is good enough. If you are a dummy and you want to make a simple website, then you can try Jimdo. If you want to sell something or you want stunning designs & layouts, Jimdo is not for you.
Jimdo has been working in the website builder space since 2007, and it continues to offer high-quality, reliable site creation solutions through its Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator interfaces.
Jimdo is cool – it’s super-easy to use, it allows you to work fast, there’s no hassle as far as the whole building process is concerned. The templates are modern and responsive. All in all, if you’re looking to build any other site except for an eCommerce one, then Jimdo is definitely a good website builder to consider!
If you’re looking for a simple, low-cost way to launch your website, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to do that using Jimdo. With 12 distinct plans (10 paid and two free), Jimdo lets you choose the options best suited for your unique business needs — whether you’re creating a solely promotional website, or planning to sell products online.
Jimdo is a simple, clean and easy-to-use website builder. It’s best for either personal or small business websites, and comes with a host of great features and apps. It isn’t for everyone, though, and medium to large businesses who need a powerful online store would be better off looking at Shopify. For creative industries, Squarespace is better. If you’re looking for a nice, ‘out-of-the-box’ website, you could do a lot worse than Jimdo.
It’s fair to say that Jimdo offers a brilliant tool for anyone who isn’t very tech-savvy, who is short on time, or who just needs a simple website. We would say that this website builder is ideal for photographers, designers, restaurants, and other small businesses just looking to get started with a basic online presence. But you can assume that this won’t be the right tool for you if you’re after any more sophisticated features. If you fall into that category, we’d recommend checking out what else is on offer.
Jimdo lets you build a decent-looking website easily and affordably, even offering automated site creation. But its e-commerce options are limited and the interface isn’t the friendliest.
While Jimdo isn’t the ideal editor for a professional web designer, it is well-suited for small business owners, college students, and anyone else looking to quickly create an effective and visually pleasing web presence. However, one sometimes gets the feeling that Jimdo is a step or two behind the times.
At this point in time, Jimdo’s alright. It’s still missing a few important features (like blogging), but the framework for something greater is certainly there. That said, I can’t – in good conscience – tell you to open your wallet for the mere promise of greatness. If you need to make a website right now, I’d say to go with one of the big-name competitors.
Jimdo is getting there, they are consistently improving and offering more. It’s good to know that, as a company, they can listen to what their customers are saying to offer more options and provide better service. However, some of what they currently offer can feel a bit limiting. Although, if you are looking to have a website up in a few minutes with no fuss, they may be a really good fit.
Jimdo offers two website builders that should work for most people who don’t want to be bogged down in a lot of coding. The more advanced one, Creator, gives you a fair amount of control over your site if you want to include HTML. Whether Jimdo is right for you will depend upon your needs. But with their free plan, it’s painless to give it a try.
Jimdo is a solid option for most people looking to build their own website. It has plenty of options, a nice selection of themes and pricing is reasonable, too. Support, however, is a tiny bit lacing in places.
If your budget is low and your needs are sunoke, Jimdo is well worth a look. It’s well-suited to small businesses that require a simple online presence and/or shop, but don’t have the budget, expertise or time to grapple with more complex systems. However, those with even slightly more advanced requirements will nearly always be better off using another website building platform. If you have serious e-commerce needs, dedicated online store builders such as BigCommerce or Shopify are going to serve you better; and if you are serious about blogging or running an online publication WordPress is probably the best solution.
Jimdo is a beginner-friendly website builder that will work well for you if you don’t have high expectations. It can be an adequate website builder for smaller projects, but it barely compares to competitors like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.
Jimdo certainly makes website creation easy, especially if you need something that’s done for you and requires little customization (just choose their AI website builder). They have a straightforward user experience throughout your Jimdo account and an easy-to-use editor/customizer that makes getting your content out there a breeze. However, there are trade-offs for Jimdo customers to consider — specifically functionality, customization, and control.

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