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✅ Pros

It is easy to add to safe places list.
Review Pros
It can provide arrival and departure notifications to track kids’ locations in real time.
It works on 3G network.
It is light, attractive, and unobtrusive.
It sends a notification to the app when the Jiobit device arrives or leaves one of your pre-selected trusted places.
Your Jiobit can communicate with your device that has the app and Bluetooth.
The app will give you the exact location of the tracker and even show a history of where it has been.
Kid-friendly, durable design with one of the longest lasting batteries on the market.
The battery life is long.
It allows you to view two days of consecutive location history so that you know where your child went, even if you weren’t there.
The device syncs with an app.
It has durable and waterproof design.
It comes with cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections.
The battery also seems to last a long time.
It weighs a lot less at 18 grams.
No separate cellular contract is needed.
This thing is tiny.
Real-time live mode tracking is very accurate.
It has a long battery life.
Its app is one of the easiest to use.
The app works great, and you don’t have to draw a geofence with your finger.
The loop lets you attach it to a backpack, shoe, belt loop, keychain or necklace.
It has shockproof and waterproof design.
The Jiobit live tracking device comes with a 30-day worry-free return policy.
It is rugged and waterproof.
It’s super durable, which is nice because kids can be so rough.
This is an excellent alternative to giving my child a smartphone with a tracking app on it.
You can track it at any distance.
The customer support is located in the U.S. and is responsive and helpful.
It offers real-time tracking.
Multiple wearing options are available.
It has lots of options for clipping it on your pet or kid.
The Jiobit tracker is lightweight and smaller than an Oreo.
It will clip discreetly to clothing and shoes.
Jiobit has learning technology that will remember your child’s routines, routes, and regular locations.
It allows geofencing and scheduled notifications.
It works with Jiobit for Families app on Android and iOS.
The app allows additional care providers to access location information, device history, and get the same notifications the parent app receives.
Versatile wearing options mean the device can be carried in a child’s shoe, worn on their wrist or ankle, or clipped to a belt, backpack, shirt, or other clothing items and accessories.
You can create a geofence radius of whatever distance you want to set up and get notifications when your kid leaves.
Jiobit proved itself to be extremely accurate, very durable, and was simple enough that it wasn’t overwhelming to use.
The Jiobit also has a longer lasting battery than most other GPS trackers.
It allows bluetooth connection to caregiver’s phone, so you can see who your child is with.
You can opt to pause your subscription for up to three months without any fees.
The Jiobit location monitor looks a lot more easier on the eyes with its elegant teardrop design.
It has long battery life.
It is small.
It comes with secure and durable attachments.
I like that Jiobit is water-resistant and highly secure.
They offer risk-free trial.
You can tie it to their shoe lace or attach it to their belt loop, it’s lightweight so it won’t bother your child.
It tracks your child’s location movements and provides a detailed map of their current location.
It is small, lightweight, and has unobtrusive design.
It offers real-time GPS tracking and location history.
It pairs with a smartphone to deliver real-time location information.
This is one of the smallest location trackers on the market for children and seniors.
It has a great app.
It acts both as a proximity leash and GPS tracker.

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❌ Cons

App doesn’t include helpful features.
It can only store two days of location history.
It has poor battery life with live tracking.
You’ll need to subscribe for one of their monthly plans.
Jiobit requires cellular data to track location.
Live tracking requires more battery usage.
It is expensive and requires monthly subscription.
There are no calling or two-way audio features
Device lacks SOS button.
It does not support voice calling or text messaging.
You will also have to pay for a monthly subscription plan.
It requires a monthly data plan with a long term contract.
With a cost of just over $100, plus the monthly service fee of either $12.99 a month or $8.99 for a two-year commitment, the Jiobit’s price tag is one that I would typically put some serious thought into before jumping on board with the purchase.
There is no voice communication.
While it does provide real-time information, the data is still on the primary side.
There are no fancy features for pet tracking, like step counting.
There is no calling capability or location history.
You won’t be able to use it on a vehicle.
It is clearly the most expensive tracker.
The price is a bit on the high side, although I understand the value it offers.
There are extra fees for international tracking.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All-in-all, when it comes to the price of safety, I don’t think the cost is unreasonable when you consider what most parents would be willing to pay to bring a lost child home.
The Jiobit tracker is lightweight and smaller than an Oreo—making it easy for little ones to wear all day. But there’s no way to call or listen in with the Jiobit, so if two-way communication is a must-have, this device won’t fit the bill.
Based on how the app is set up, how many attachment options you have, and given the very small size of the device, for me,it is worth the price.. They have made the device and the app pretty darn simple to operate and maintain, and as such, it makes it very easy to use them all the time.
With the Jiobit tracker, you won’t have to put a limit on your kid’s movements and worry every time they get away from your sight. Just find a way to place the tracker on,and you can let them enjoy the same kind of freedom that you had when you were growing up.
Joibit gives parents an unobtrusive child tracking device with an unlimited range, which is a huge step up from similarly-sized devices with a limited Bluetooth range.
The Jiobit is the best GPS tracker for kids, with a long battery life and an easy-to-use app that make this device easy to recommend. I love the way the Bluetooth pairing works, letting you know who your child is with and where they are.
The Jiobit serves my needs to track my smaller child, but I plan on switching to a tracker app when they get cell phones later on. It’s a rugged and reliable way to track them at a young age and gives me peace of mind. The cost of the device has come down from what it was a few years ago, but it still feels a bit pricey for some families. However, I plan on donating mine in the coming years when my child is older.
Jiobit is the first of its kind patented location tracking platform that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and GPS. This is one of the smallest location trackers on the market for children and seniors and helps keep your loved ones safe. It’s small and lightweight and will clip discreetly to clothing and shoes.
The Jiobit tracker is a small, convenient way to keep tabs on children who might roam via Bluetooth and GPS.
This simple and attractive GPS-enabled tracker is the best way to keep tabs on your pets and kids.
Developed by Samsung, Jiobit Location Monitor costs $129.99, with a year’s service costing $131.88. However, if you are the type to travel overseas quite often, this might not be the best tracker for you. International tracking will have you paying extra charges.
It’s a small (the size of an Oreo) tracking device that you can attach to your little one. You can tie it to their shoe lace or attach it to their belt loop, it’s lightweight so it won’t bother your child and it’s super durable, which is nice because kids can be so rough.
The Jiobit tracker is a tiny tracker (it’s the size of an Oreo cookie!) with huge capabilities. The device can provide departure and arrival notifications, track your child’s location in real time, monitor designated safe areas for your child, pre-set proximity ranges and notify you when your child is too far away, and it’s fully waterproof with multiple colorful sleeve options available so kids can customize it. The Jiobit also has a longer lasting battery than most other GPS trackers–it can go an entire week without being charged!

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