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✅ Pros

The Beamo is well-made with a rugged aluminum casing that is shock and waterproof.
Review Pros
Once mounted, you can tilt or pan the ball head and use the bubble level to get the optimal angle for your camera before starting to capture your video footage or capture photographs.
Multiple screw mounts are available.
It offers strong audio fidelity.
It is easy to grip and to carry around.
The JOBY GorillaPod’s unique design distinguishes it from other “regular” tripods on the market, and we like it.
It adds more movement to timelapse sequences.
The ball head can spin 360 degrees and also tilt 90 degrees to accommodate portrait orientation.
It is lightweight and portable.
Overall, these tripods have a solid and durable feel, which is exactly what you want in a tripod.
The whole Joby Gorillapod range has been designed to be as easy to use as possible allowing anyone to pick one up, mount their camera of choice and get to work.
The GorillaPod will keep your smartphone stable on any surface.
While the smaller GorillaPods tend to feel a little like well-engineered toys, the 5K Kit feels like a serious piece of gear.
If you’re looking for something a little beefier, an aluminium-reinforced 3K Pro Kit is also available.
The rubber grip rings on each joint don’t show any signs of wear after a year, and the joints themselves have remained as firm as ever.
GripTight Mount supports MagSafe.
The Joby phone holder has an adjustable jaw that opens wide enough to accommodate large phones like my Huawei P30 Pro in a case.
It is compatible with Joby’s GripTight Smartphone Mount as well as any standard action camera tripod mount.
It has convenient size.
The ball (resting in the ball head’s socket) features a red anodized coating for the ultimate in strength and fluidity in movement.
It is easy to capture video and photo from anywhere.
The included dead cat wind screen fits over the end of the Wavo mic to keep wind noise out of your recordings.
Aforementioned rubberized feet and joint points means it grips surfaces extremely well.
Camera felt very secure once attached.
An additional knob tightens and loosens the rotation of the entire ball head, with measurements marked on the sides for panoramic shots.
It is affordable.
It is compatible with wide range of accessories.
The magnetic feet on the tripod also allow you to attach the tripod to many horizontal flat metal surfaces that other tripods simply won’t attach to.
It is small enough to throw in your bag.
The GorillaPod easily and securely wraps around branches, poles & more for unlimited angles and unique perspectives.
The ball head enables you to position your camera in any direction and has a 90-degree tilt, allowing you to capture any perspective.
There is a quick-release plate available for the 3K and 5K models.
The phone holder also gives you three more attachment points.
It is easy to set start and end points via app.
The quick release plate system on the Gorillapod is smooth, seemless, and very easy to use.
It has both magnetic and physical mount options.
It will boost your creativity and, even better, it will fit inside your pack.
Ballhead is Arca-Swiss, and has two knobs to adjust the ballhead and pan.
It adds motion-control tracking to your clips.
The GorillaPod creates the perfect vlogging rig for hand-held shots.
It is pretty light given how sturdy it is.
It also has a headphone jack.
It is super flexible and able to adapt.
You can easily adjust tilt and landscape-to-portrait mode as needed for live streaming, vlogging, Snapchat and Instagram stories.
The sockets are machined aluminium.
I love how light and portable this tripod is.
Accessories let you get up and running.
All metal skeleton is surrounded by rubber on joints and feet.
It comes with cardioid and omnidirectional modes.
The removable ball head supports an Arca-Swiss quick release plate, allowing you to attach it to your camera and keep it there as long as you wish.
It has tried-and-true GorillaPod design.
It is relatively lightweight and possible to use for longer periods of time.
It is strong, sturdy and reliable.
It has great size and weight for travel.
It looks stylish.
The Joby mobile vlogging kit has everything you need to create content on the go.
You can add up to 3 additional devices like mics, lights and action cameras via ¼”-20 connections.
It is versatile and practical.
It has lock ring to keep camera firmly attached.
The longer legs will offer you a greater grip and provide you with more alternatives when it comes to wrapping this item.
Camera can be quickly and easily removed for hand held footage.
Legs fold away when not in use.
The 3K Kit can support a payload of up to 3kg, allowing it to be paired with compact cameras, mirrorless cameras and even most DSLRs.
It comes with rubber grips for stability.
The flexibility of the Gorillapod is relatively unmatched among tripods.
It gives crisp, clear sound for recording voices.
With a ball head and chunky GorillaPod legs, the 3K Kit is an excellent all-round option for photographers, videographers and vloggers.
It has been made with durable materials.

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❌ Cons

The tripod is somewhat limited by the surroundings.
They should include a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for Android phones.
The legs can be hard to put back to a completely straight position, which immediately becomes prevalent when straight lines and horizon are crucial .
Although the price may reflect the modern technology invested in this product, it still can be seen as quite high by some consumers. There are similar products on the market for a lot lower price and thus may deter some photographers and videographers.
It’s not super easy to configure.
It costs $190 for both the tripod and ballhead.
It doesn’t capture much bass and can be sibilant without the included pop filter.
It can vibrate while tracking.
All of the leg bending becomes tedious.
Combination volume/gain knob is slightly awkward.
Magnet isn’t as strong as other brands.
Because the legs are so short, any tree or branch wider than a baseball bat is usually too thick to wrap around.
It doesn’t live up to claims.
For those who regularly use both mirrorless and DSLR, this tripod will only be suitable for a portion of their kit due to the weight it supports.
It can take a while to master the flexible legs.
It has all plastic build.
They should include a storage case that can hold all the items.
Included pop filter is a bust.
It risks toppling over when fully extended.
The only place that the mobile rig disappoints is the price point, a $100 is a tough pill to swallow.
It doesn’t extend in height like a traditional tripod.
There is no bubble level or quick release plate, though Joby does sell a quick release plate for their larger versions of this tripod (3K and 5K).
The kit doesn’t ship with extra mounts.
It can take some time to get the wrapping mount secure.
Cables don’t have enough clearance.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you’re shopping for your first GorillaPod but don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with the 3K Kit. With a ball head and chunky GorillaPod legs, the 3K Kit is an excellent all-round option for photographers, videographers and vloggers.
As long as you don’t need extendable height or increased stability for long exposures—where a traditional tripod would be better—then a GorillaPod is a versatile and functional piece of kit to take with you on your travels. It will improve your creativity, and better yet, it’ll fit inside your pack.
If you fancy yourself the next YouTube star and want to get started creating great content, you’ll need a set of tools. The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit has you covered with everything you need to get started. There’s a tripod that you can use as a selfie stick/monopod and extra arms for the included attachments. The Beamo LED light makes sure that you’re seen (just don’t wear glasses) and the Wavo mobile microphone makes sure that you’re heard. The only other things that you need are an imagination and an idea for the next great video.
All in all, it will make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories and provide you with great image stabilization in almost any situation that you may find yourself in. With the older generations of Gorillapods having such a great reputation within the community anyway, it is no surprise that the 3K is even better as Joby have improved on the design and made their system even better over the years.
Overall, this tripod made our first vlogging experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, and since then I have also found a use for it when I am shooting self-portraits around the house and on location. Once my camera goes on the tripod, I feel it is securely attached and I can carry it around in my hand without worrying.
GorillaPod is unique because it’s a great product for average users, families, kids, vloggers, and professionals without costing an excessive amount of cash. If you want a basic accessory that will help you take photos hands-free, this is a perfect option.
A GorillaPod is a flexible and practical piece of gear to take with you on your travels as long as you don’t require extra height or additional stability for long exposures—in which case a regular tripod would be ideal. It will boost your creativity and, even better, it will fit inside your pack.
The Joby GorillaPod Original is a flexible camera tripod which can do everything your classic tripod can do and more. It has three legs, a spirit level, and quick release clip like any other tripod. But instead of extendable legs, Joby tripods are constructed of ‘tentacles’ of balls and sockets with a massive range of movements. Durability is something this portable camera stand certainly doesn’t lack.
The GorillaPod 5K is the model I’d recommend to any pro photographer or videographer, regardless of the weight of the gear you need to support – it’s the strongest, securest and most reliable tripod of the lot.
For Joby’s first attempt at a podcast- and streamer-friendly USB microphone, the Wavo POD gets a lot right. For just $100, it features two recording patterns, a pop filter, onboard volume and gain adjustment, a headphone jack, and support for virtually any boom arm or mount. It doesn’t capture much bass and its combination volume/gain knob is a bit clunky, but it’s still an excellent value considering its features and voice recording quality.
When it comes to smartphone vlogging, this is without a doubt the supreme setup, as it allows you to add a mic and lights, which gives viewers a crystal clear perspective both and visuals and sound. If you have ever used a Joby product before, you know that their wares are made of high quality material and tout durability and endurance. And the Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig is no exception.
I find that the benefits of the Joby Gorillapod 1K outweigh the negatives by a good margin. There really isn’t another tripod that can compare to its versatility. So even despite several quirks and limitations, there’s no close competition. I highly recommend this tripod to anyone who shoots photos and videos in an outdoor setting. It’s the best outdoor adventure tripod.
This professional grade flexible tripod is the top choice of leading journalists and vloggers – supporting professional camera equipment at virtually any angle, holding up to 5 kg (11 lbs.) of weight.
The Joby Swing is an app-controlled slider that enables you to add precisely controlled tracking moves to your smartphone clips. You can record conventional video tracking shots or produce a range of tracking timelapse sequences that will be perfect for giving your clips the edge on stock footage sites. Due to its short tracking range and slow speed the results are subtle but they can be effective, especially if you place an object in the foreground of your scene to add depth and perspective.
The Joby Wavo Pod has strong audio fidelity and more robust accessory compatibility than other similar microphones in this price range, but its included pop filter comes across as a gimmick.

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