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✅ Pros

You can plug in storage, controller, keyboards, and mice.
Review Pros
The expansion ports are almost exclusively on the rear, where you’d want to find them.
It supports lossless CD-quality audio.
It is affordable.
There are no technical issues.
It keeps the system charged while gaming.
All three JSAUX Steam Deck docks perform brilliantly in terms of what they’re designed for.
Weighing in at just 6.7oz (192g), the OmniCase 2 Pro Storage Docking Station is one of the lightest fully ported docks that we have ever tested.
It offers a lot of functionality.
It offers 100W rapid charging power.
A USB-C cable is supplied to charge the RGB battery.
The case, front cover, kickstand, strap, and dock case all are included in basic kit.
It has premium aluminium alloy frame.
It is easy to monitor how much power is left in the bank with the LED display.
It is a comfortable case while simultaneously protecting the Deck.
The embedded USB-C cable plugs directly into the Steam Deck’s USB-C and the image from the Deck directly transfers onto the TV or monitor in gaming mode without any loss of quality.
The 12-in-1 docking station is robust, with various ports and storage options.
It supports 4K 60fps.
It offers additional storage and flexibility over any other dock or hub.
Plenty of USB 3.0 ports are available.
It is pretty good price for what you’re getting.
The JSAUX RGB backplate is lightweight and easy to work with.
It has an attractive color and refined look with its premium aluminum alloy frame and silicon stops that prevent the Deck from sliding.
Silicone grips are provided that highlight the RGB lighting.
It supports HDMI 4k@60Hz output.
You can avoid the frailties of flaky Wi-Fi by connecting to a stable wired network using the dock’s Gigabit Ethernet port.
All three docks work near flawlessly when it comes to outputting the signal.
Silicon stops the Deck sliding.
This is a one-stop shop. As such, you don’t need to worry about providing your own tools.
It is portable.
USB cables and adapters are provided.
It is portable.
It offers 100W power delivery.
The dock itself is constructed from metal and the channel for the Deck is wide enough so that it’s held securely at a slight angle.
It is designed with Steam Deck in mind.
It has perfect grooves for storage.
It has respectable price tag.
Power bank is light and small enough to not get in the way of your fingers.
Modularity allows you to add and remove accessories easily.
It supports rapid charging with 100W USB-C.
The dock has a comprehensive set of 12 useful ports.
It can beat the official Steam Deck Dock in every way.
You are provided with 3 different profiles of back buttons. Accordingly, you can get the right fit for your play style.
Flexible M.2 options are available.
It has good spec on the ports.
The dock has detachable USB-C cable, 3.5mm headphone jack, and SD card slots.
The dock has “outer plate” attachment so that you can use it with the ModCase.
It is very affordable.
This one has a trio of USB 3.0 connections, HDMI 2.0, and Ethernet alongside the USB-C PD that you can hook up your regular Steam Deck power adapter to.
The kickstand is made of metal.
It is a 12-in-1 docking station.
It has snug and sturdy non-slip fit.
The dock itself is angled slightly so the vents never press up against anything, leaving a layer of air between the dock and the vents.
M.2 slot is included.
In its gunmetal finish, it’s a pretty smart-looking setup.
It has attractive colour and refined look.
Each features a metal case that feels premium to the touch.
With a cable in every connector, this is a tidy little dock.
It offers 100W power delivery.

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❌ Cons

Red casing looks more tacky than techy.
Click-y back button set with the transparent shell will not fit through the case.
No advanced features are available.
Ethernet location is mildly inconvenient.
The user manual is basic and could have been more descriptive.
It would benefit from extra USB ports.
Strap is a PITA to work with.
Rear airflow is partly covered.
It only supports 3.5mm headphones.
It can take a while to fully charge the Deck with the power bank.
Cables will need to be provided by the player.
It has questionable ethernet placement.
Some configuration is required.
Deck doesn’t fit with JSAUX case on.
Deck angle is a little laid back.
ModCase strap isn’t the sturdiest when it comes to keeping the power bank secure.
Power delivery requires certain USB-C cables.
What JSAUX hasn’t been able to get around is what happens when the Deck needs more power for games.
Placing USB ports in the back isn’t ideal.
Some cases may not fit in slot.
Front cover is somewhat loose.
There is no DisplayPort 1.4.
Upgraded version has better connectivity for just $10 more.
USB-C cable supplied with dock could have been shorter.
There is no DisplayPort.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
A sturdy, great looking stand that almost matches Valve’s proposed spec for the official Steam Deck dock, but skimps on ethernet speeds and omits DisplayPort connections.
A commendable entry into the Steam Deck dock space, with an unprecedented M.2 slot under the hood. While the price of the SSD included package is steep, the base dock itself is a great little invention with modern enough specs to make it well worth the money.
You should definitely pick up the JSAUX Steam Deck dock. For $50 this is an elegant solution to using your Deck either as a desktop PC or just for hooking it up to your TV to play games on the big screen, making it one of the best Steam Deck accessories. It has basically everything that Valve’s own official dock has, save for DisplayPort, and is significantly more affordable. And I think it looks better, too.
They’re well-made, feel great to the touch, and do what they’re supposed to. The M.2 is disappointing, even though it still works great as a dock, but the HB0602 and HB0702 are easy to recommend without any caveats. And credit where it’s due, the Steam Deck is still relatively new, so for JSAUX to create an affordable product that ticks all the boxes so soon after launch is impressive. In short, if you’re after a Steam Deck dock and don’t want to pay silly prices, JSAUX is the way to go.
The Omnicase 2 Pro is a great docking station for frequent travelers and those who want to keep their desks tidy. The 12-in-1 docking station is robust, with various ports and storage options.
As the name suggests, the Jsaux Type-C to 3.5mm adapter is more of a headphone adapter than a traditional DAC, but it’s still likely to give you better quality than your phone’s built-in headphone jack — if it even has one. You won’t get the highest bit rate lossless codecs, but it’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of DACs.
I’ve resisted all temptation to mod my Steam Deck until this point. I’ve been petrified of breaking my prized gaming toy. However, the JSAUX RGB backplate is a game-changer. I loved its style and build quality. Yet, more importantly, I adored how easy it was to install the device. Accordingly, this looks great and will stand out from the crowd
JSAUX’s Docking Station for the Steam Deck is a solid piece of hardware for anyone who owns a Steam Deck. If you’re in the market for something to keep the Steam Deck in place while outputting a signal to your display and accessing several USB 3.0 ports, then look no further.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for an all-in-one docking station that offers a variety of features to enhance your Steam Deck experience or if you’re someone who travels frequently or wants to keep their desk tidy then JSAUX OmniCase 2 Pro Storage Docking Station is definitely worth considering.
With all of the functionality of the official device, as well as an M.2 interface for additional storage, the JSAUX Dock is the top tier dock on the market.
Despite looking pretty out-of-place in most front rooms, the JSAUX USB-C 6-in-1 Multifunction Adapter provides a nicely painless gaming experience.
The Jsaux Steam Deck dock offers a robust desktop gaming experience that expands the handheld’s functionality. It also only costs $39.99 – meaning you can bag a complete solution for less than an Anker USB-C hub and accompanying cradle. Ultimately, the dock’s biggest selling point is its existence, as it effectively plugs a hole left by Valve’s vaporware.
Overall, I highly recommend the JSAUX Docking Station for anyone who wants to expand the capabilities of their Steam Deck. It’s a well-made, affordable dock that offers a variety of features.
I definitely think it’s worth getting a power bank for your Deck if you don’t already have one; the power drains rather quickly, especially when playing games with higher graphics fidelity. The JSAUX bank, combined with the ModCase, makes it very convenient to have extra power with you wherever you go.

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