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✅ Pros

Just thrive elevates serotonin levels in the gut to help with stress/mood.
Review Pros
It helps fix leaky gut.
It cause weight loss due to the betabolic reconditioning.
It is suitable for vegetarian.
The strains in Just Thrive increase the T-regulatory cells.
It can help convert fiber into short-chain fatty acids, dramatically expanding the nutritional benefits of fiber.
It supports immune function.
Selectively kill bad gut bacteria while simultaneously promoting good bacterial growth.
It protect against insulin resistance and inflammation.
It produce powerful antioxidants in the gut such as, astaxanthan, carotenes, lycopene.
It produce a short chain fatty acid called “butyrate,” which can heal the lining of the gut thereby alleviating leaky gut syndrome.
It aids in digestion.
It helps control favorable bacteria balance.

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❌ Cons

Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.
Most probiotic strains are susceptible to stomach acid, and so they don’t survive the low pH to make it to the intestines alive.

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Review Summaries
The strains reduce ammonia production during protein digestion by 50% and produce protease enzymes to help break down proteins to amino acid for better absorption. Just Thrive has four strains. Just Thrive elevates serotonin levels in the gut to help with stress/mod.
The strains used in “Just Thrive” survive the harsh acid of the stomach 100% – and it does this naturally. Not only does “Just Thrive” stand apart from 95% of the probiotics on the market because it makes it to your digestive system alive, but “Just Thrive” does something that no other probiotic does.
Just Thrive also does something very special – it contains Bacillus indicus (HU36), which produces antioxidants once it gets to the small intestine. This one-of-a-kind probiotic formula actually produces carotenoids (the nutrients that give red peppers and tomatoes their color) in your intestines where they can be quickly absorbed into your system.

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