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✅ Pros

It is awesome key organizer.
Review Pros
The KeySmart Pro has an in-built bluetooth tracker made by Tile.
Instead of rattling and jingling in your pocket, the KeySmart Pro keeps them aligned, allowing you to “flip” the one you need open.
It neatly organizes keys.
It will save your pants from getting worn out.
There are five different versions of the KeySmart.
It can hold up to 10 keys.
A single charge will last anywhere from 45 days to 90 days.
It is fully customizable and expandable with optional extenders.
It lets you customize the tool based on your overall needs.
It is poke-free.
The user will get the bottle opener along with KeySmart Pro.
It significantly reduces the amount of space keys take up in your pockets.
If the KeySmart Pro breaks within the time period of 2 years, then the manufacturers will replace the product.
It is a handy gadget for anyone who regularly misplaces their keys or phone around the house.
Keyring loop, split ring, and blank keys are included in the box.
It has a super great looking design​.
It is customizable.
It is a simple, efficient approach to storing multiple keys silently.
It has cool add-ons, like a bottle opener, USB drive and more.
When you consider that a Tile costs $25 on its own, the price is easier to justify.
The design is unique and patented.
It fits virtually every key shape, size and type.
It makes it easy to find the right key.
It also offers a free loop where you can keep car keys.
It comes in multiple color and design options.
Tile integration works flawlessly.
It fits comfortably in your pocket.
It neatly organizes keys.
It is sound-free.
It is user-friendly.
It includes a bottle opener and an LED flashlight which can come in handy.
The keysmart pro can hold up to 10 keys.
The KeySmart Pro has a micro-USB port built into the side.
It is made of stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.
It can be personalized and the customer can select from different colors.
The user can all your keys as it has special keys cut and you do not need any space.
Accessories and expansion is available.
The device is easy to use
It accommodates most keys and expandable to meet needed configuration.
It is simple and easy to use.
It has a stylish design.
It has axcellent fit and finish on a slim, easy-to-carry-frame.
Built-in flashlight is very handy.
It helps to avoid key tangle in large bunches of keys.
You can find it easily.
It includes spacers for separating your keys.
It is user friendly.
It is has resistant surface.
It is durable and resistant​.
It comes with a free loop accessory.
It comes with a bottle opener.
It fits plenty of keys into a nice compact package.
It helps you store and organize all types of keys.
It is very lightweight.
It keeps jagged teeth and edges from damaging your skin or clothing.
The metal is tough and high quality, and the screws are too.
It is very easy to use​.
Putting the KeySmart together was relatively easy.
The material used is durable, resistant and makes it lightweight.
KeySmart offers a number of other more useful accessories for its key organizers.
It keeps keys neatly organized.
It comes with a free loop accessory​.
It has ultra bright LED light.
Rechargeable micro-USB cable is included.
It helps you find your phone.
It is highly customizable​.
It allows you to add any accessories that you want.
The KeySmart Pro also has built-in Tile tracker to help you find your keys.
It comes with a bottle opener.

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❌ Cons

Some keys will simply be too big or thick for KeySmart.
To remove the USB later, you’ll need to completely take apart the Keysmart.
It might get tough to find the right key at times.
Bluetooth range is limited.
Screws can loosen over time, so you’ll need to retighten them occassionally.
Location capability is somewhat hampered by limited range of Bluetooth.
Sometimes you’ll have a hard time finding the right key​.
Using your keys with one hand can be awkward.
Keys are mixed up.
It is not easily operated single-handedly.
Users had a hard time finding and identifying their keys.
You may need to change the way you insert your keys into locks when using this gadget.
It has very finicky posts.
As the tool does not come with instructions, learning how to put your keys and any accessories together is a pain.
Side shields are easily scratched.
At $50, the KeySmart Pro is definitely an investment.
It doesn’t fit all keys.
You really need to watch the video to see how this thing gets assembled.
It has a useless flashlight.
It will take some time to figure out a layout that will work well.
The add-ons are a little pricey.
Using more than 10 keys could make it too bulky.
It can be difficult to figure out the optimum arrangement for your keys.
It is potentially less practical for fewer than four keys.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Treat your keys, and your pocket, to a KeySmart. Whilst it can take a while to set up and can be fiddly, I can recommend it if you have mainly flat keys, and want something to keep your keys together. I also really like the ability to add accessories to it.
In brief, both KeySmart Pro and KeySmart Rugged have their own strengths. KS Pro may be at a slightly higher price compared to KS Rugged. With the convenient technology using Bluetooth, in my personal opinion, I prefer KS Pro than KS Rugged.
I love the KeySmart keychain! I’m completely sold on this smart key system and I have no idea where it has been all my life. My days of lugging around rattling keychains are over. I like that it’s compact and neat but also stores a lot of keys at the same time. Plus, it doesn’t look cheesy or cheap, and it comes in my favorite color. Overall, I love it and I’m getting one for my family. If you’re looking for a gadget that will minimize your everyday life clutter, then this key organizer is the perfect one for you.
Overall, I give this gadget a 95% rating. The add-ons are a little expensive, which is a bit of a turn-off. Otherwise, KeySmart is everything it says it is. If you’re the type who loses your keys or is tired of carrying around a clunky key ring, I think you’ll like this product.
Aside from ultra minimalists, I think the KeySmart system would benefit anyone’s EDC. It makes a great addition to a keyring system or it can capably replace one altogether — but it’s up to you to make sure you assemble it in its best configuration. At under $20, it’s a good value and not much of a risk in the rare event it doesn’t ultimately benefit your carry.
Overall, we were quite impressed by the KeySmart Pro, even if its functionality was a bit more limited that we had hoped. Given that a single Tile key fob costs $20, getting an entire KeySmart with Tile built in is nice, since it truly integrates two useful features into one handy device. With that said, if you just have one key (particularly if it’s a car key), the KeySmart Pro won’t add a lot of value, but for anyone with more than a couple of keys jingling in their pocket or purse, it starts to make a lot of sense. We applaud KeySmart for working with Tile to turn an innovative product into a truly smart one.
For those of you who hate bunches of keys bulging in your pockets, fed up having keys jab into your leg or tired of having to rummage about in your bag for keys, KeySmart is the solution you have been looking for. It is a very simple concept, but even more so, it is a very effective way to avoid never having to use an old-fashioned keyring again. Using it, you can have up to 8 keys neatly and securely stored, with easy access to each of them by simply folding it out.
We think that the Keysmart is definitely worth the price, but the best model for you will depend on what you like doing with your keys and your sense of style. If you often work outside and get your hands wet, you might prefer the Keysmart Leather. This model also has a classy look. The Keysmart Pro is a suitable alternative for tech enthusiasts because it comes with the Tile app. That app lets you track your keys and phone anywhere you go.
If you want to organize your keys then this is an excellent solution that will work with most keys. It is clean and easy to carry and you won’t be poked and prodded in your pocket or purse, and the flashlight is pretty handy. The Tile feature works great and just as you would expect, as long as you are willing to keep your Bluetooth and Location Services on at all times and live with the battery hit you will take. I live with the minor annoyances of using the keys with one hand, but they aren’t enough to cause me to give it up. If you often lose your keys are phone, this product is essential for you. For those of you who never lose either of those things, then you’ll still be happy with the KeySmart.
I use this every day. It holds my school keys. It does loosen up with time so I have to just put the twist on the screws every now and then. I have had a few keys bend a little in the lock while using it. It’s just a great way to keep my thigh-digging cluster of keys organized and not digging at my thigh or tearing a hole in the pants pocket.
KeySmart Classic is a gadget that can change your life and make simple things more organized. The device is reasonably priced and when you purchase in bulk for gifting options, you get some great deals. The device keeps your keys organized and in one place and you need not worry about forgetting a specific key or worry about any clothes getting ripped off due to the metal keys.The device is very lightweight and though it can hold about 10 keys or more, it does not feel bulky. KeySmart is definitely a must-have for those who have a lot of keys being carried around every day.
These two products are closely similar, except the keysmart pro has a smart locator which is the main reason I was looking for a key holder in the first place. The keysmart works very well to keep your keys together and in place but with the keysmart pro, you will be able to find them superfast when they are misplaced.
If you’re looking for a way to slim down your daily carry, or want an extra layer of security if you lose your keys or they get stolen, the KeySmart Pro is a simple, compact solution.
If you’re looking for a gadget that can help you minimize your clutter and make opening doors or lockers easier, the KeySmart is the best investment you can do. With its reasonable pricing, amazing design, high customization potential, and lightweight, the KeySmart is simply the easiest recommendation I can make. Take the plunge, I’m sure you’ll thank me later for it.
Overall, the KeySmart Pro pocket Keyholder is a necessity product that you must have along with you. You have got everything smart including your watch, phone, lights, TV, camera, heater, etc. So why your keychain is simple and bulky. Carry this KeySmart Pro with you and organize your keys in one loop easily. The user can also gift this product to anyone as this is the multifunctional tool that you must have.

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