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✅ Pros

Educational pages with fun games & activities are encouraged by Kidstir.
Review Pros
Each box comes with a theme.
A great shopping list of all the ingredients you need for each recipe is included.
It is a kid-friendly food that they can be proud of making.
The kid-sized cooking tools and printed pages are made to last.
The kits can be easily incorporated into unit studies and themed lesson plans.
2 kid-sized utensils are included in the package.
You can find additional ideas and inspiration, games and activities, and printable fun facts and graphics on Kidstir’s website.
The full-color recipe cards and activity pages are carefully planned, hole-punched, and color coordinated. Recipe cards include difficulty ratings.
It is perfect for grandparents, parents, or anyone who interacts with kids,
It includes 3 step-by-step recipes.
It is much practical box for kids.
Kidstir kits are thoughtfully packaged.
If you subscribe to receive the monthly kits, you will receive a cookbook binder that allows your little chef to collect and store their new recipes.

❌ Cons

It requires grown-ups to watch kids as they work in the kitchen.
It costs $24.95 which is a bit expensive for a kid.
They are desingned for the kids with older siblings.
No coupons are offered by the manufecturer.
The recipies have no livels.
Recipies require the help of grown-ups.
There are no difficulty levels.

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Review Summaries
Kidstir is such a cute and fun box. It’s as much practical as it is fun, and adults can learn from it just as much as the kids. It is perfect for grandparents, parents, or anyone who interacts with kids
Kidstir is a new start-up ran by a team of moms who share in a passion for empowering families to explore and learn about good food together. It comes with pretty useful tools.
As your kids fill up their cookbooks and collect kid-sized cooking gadgets, they’ll look forward to spending time in the kitchen. It’s easy to incorporate Kidstir’s cooking kits into your curriculum and kids will learn important life skills.

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