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✅ Pros

You can use the site to sell game keys.
Review Pros
You will be surprised at the number of products and sellers you can find at Kinguin.
The emphasis of this site is for it to make games as accessible as possible.
The site has an informative and popular blog.
The discounts are big and plentiful.
Customer support is extremely comprehensive.
Kinguin never sees your card details or stores them.
The company itself is definitely legal.
The site also uses state-of-the-art encryption software to ensure that, when you’re making a payment, your sensitive information is secure.
The Kinguin Platform guarantees a full refund in case of any purchase where the seller is malicious.
Even though its marketplace is very large, Kinguin takes care of all the support for the sellers.
You can reach customer support using live chat or support tickets.
Kinguin is extremely legit.
There is an optional Buyers Protection Program that – allegedly – safeguards you against fake or expired keys and the like for an additional fee.
Kinguin not only sells cd keys itself, but also provides a marketplace platform for individuals to sell on the site.
There is a wide range of software and game keys available.
The payment process is quick and easy, with a decent variety of payment options to choose from.
Kinguin purchases can be made with a huge variety of payment options.
Kinguin has set up what’s known as their “Buyer Protection Program” (BPP) which offers you a safety net if there’s anything wrong with the product keys or codes.
We can further filter the search results, by setting the Platform, Region, Price, Genres, Delivery, Product Type, Operating System, and Languages options.
The site also accept bitcoins through the awesome Bitpay gateway.
Prices found on Kinguin are lower.
The origin of these keys can be completely legitimate.
Their prices are some of the lowest that you’ll ever find.
The website claims that the Kinguin Buyer Protection will protect the users from scammers.
On their marketplace, you can find everything.
Kinguin does offer Buyer’s Protection for their keys.
There is a Buyer Protection Program.
Their support was actually very helpful.
A few products with good discounts are available.
On this website, you will find a large variety of different games to choose from.
If you do run into any problems, Kinguin appears to act fast.
Kinguin has you covered 24/7, with both email and live chat.
Upon checking out with Kinguin Buyer Protection, your purchase is protected for thirty days in the event a key doesn’t work for any reason
Kinguin quickly established itself as a marketplace where people could offer to sell and to buy software keys for cheap(er) prices.
Quick support is offered.

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❌ Cons

If you see a product for a dirt cheap price, the way it was acquired is probably sketchy.
You have to pay payment gateway fees.
The biggest problem with Kinguin’s marketplace is that Kinguin themselves do not check beforehand to see if their sellers’ keys are legit or not.
There is no option to see previous reviews left from past buyers for a particular seller.
Few forms of payment are accepted.
They may not be the cheapest.
Purchasing products through them is unethical when you consider where the codes you are purchasing could be coming from.
Even though Kinguin has a strict application process for sellers, the fact that they mention that their product may not be legal in the Terms and Conditions is kind of shady.
Sometimes you ned to wait long time to receive your ordered key (especially if order is on hold).
They don’t do any real background checks on those selling the keys.
Often long waiting times to get support response (it can take few days).
Kinguin doesn’t sell games or copies of Windows themselves.
Kinguin doesn’t ask how the keys of their resellers were obtained.
Steam has some similar and even cheaper values ​​for some games.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Compared to other grey markets like Eneba and Gamivo, Kinguin’s prices are higher. But if you compare prices with other online stores and with prices on Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc. then prices are very affordable.
If you’re a gamer looking for affordable gaming keys, Kinguin has to be one of your first stops. The savings are deep and so is the selection. With Kinguin Buyer Protection available for purchases, buyers can always rest assured that the games they buy are the games they actually want!
The site basically appeared out of nowhere and became the biggest on the planet. I’ve made a lot of purchases from Kinguin over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it every time. It’s easy, it’s 100% trustworthy and it just works.
I confess that I am a little afraid of using these marketplaces and have already found myself wondering if it was safe or not to buy from Kinguin. But after this experience, I became more relaxed and choosing good sellers; I minimize the chance of error.
Do we think you should buy something for a fraction of the price from the site? The answer to that is no. As enticing the prices are, we simply think that it isn’t worth the risk. But ultimately it is your choice. Do you think the risks outweigh the rewards? Tell us about that in the comment section. If you have any other doubts, drop a comment and we will try to solve that as soon as possible.
Despite not being the biggest name in the world of game code/key selling, Kinguin are doing their best to become a leading figurehead. They still have a way to go – and while they’ve set up a great platform, you do need to be careful that your purchase is actually covered by the Buyer Protection Program.
If you are looking for a new site for acquiring games, this is the place for you. Featuring very affordable prices and a well-organized website, Kinguin Game Keys are cheap and plentiful. With many satisfied customers, their aim is to expand, and they are proving it with the quality and speed of their service.
Kinguin is a “grey” marketplace where you can purchase game keys and Windows keys for extremely low prices. There are, however, caveats to those low prices. Namely that Kinguin has had a shady business model and that purchasing products through them is unethical when you consider where the codes you are purchasing could be coming from.
If you are aware of all the risks and only want to grab a cheap copy of your favorite game you otherwise couldn’t have afforded – it can be a great way to increase your games collection for only a fraction of the cost it otherwise would have been.

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