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✅ Pros

You can search flights from and to regions, instead of specific cities.
Review Pros
Kiwi searches for the cheapest route, regardless of codeshares.
Kiwi.com offers a guarantee.
You can use Kiwi.com’s “nomad” tool to book the cheapest possible multi-city trip.
The Kiwi site is an excellent research tool.
Kiwi does offer a missed connection guarantee, that you don’t get when booking with separate carriers.
They will show you the recommended, cheapest and shortest flights with the click of a button.
You can search by city or country.
Kiwi.com is able to tie together almost all of the flights in the world.
You can then see flight hacks for destinations all over the world.
They offer a flight guarantee for unprotected flight routes.
You can search using radius.
You can search with anytime and date range.
You can search multiple destinations at once.
It’s pretty crazy in terms of a discount.
They will book a new flight for you at no cost. If there is no flight available on the same day, they will cover your hotel costs up to €50 ($53).

❌ Cons

When flying unprotected routes you might need to go through customs – and may need a visa!
Adding extra baggage after booking your flight can be more expensive than direct with the airline.
Kiwi.com is not full-service and will not constantly notify you of many things.
Booking roundtrips as a set can be a headache for you.
While this isn’t ideal for people looking for the fastest and easiest way to get somewhere.
You’ll end up making way too many travel plans.
You may face luggage concerns.
The booking number that Kiwi gives you is not your airline confirmation number.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Excellent question. As mentioned above, it’s a flight search engine that uses an advanced algorithm to find the cheapest flights possible.There’s no need to be redirected to other websites to book your tickets yourself and they will recommend the best flights, as well as offering you the cheapest and shortest routes.
We really had no trouble with Kiwi.com, other than the baggage situation. And for all I know, they really may have reimbursed me. But, I didn’t want to run the risk of red tape or paying extra at the baggage counter.However, it is important that you follow up with your airlines, confirm your flights and check the sites for any delays or flight status changes. Kiwi.com is not full-service and will not constantly notify you of those things.
It’s pretty crazy in terms of a discount. With their Kiwi Guarantee, they promise that if you miss a flight because there was not enough connection time due to a delay, cancellation, or rescheduling and there wasn’t enough time, they will book you on the earliest flight out for free. However, you may face luggage concerns.
Kiwi.com is the newly popular flight booker that everyone has been talking about lately, as it’s taken the flexibility of search engines like Skyscanner but added a bunch of incredibly useful features to find even better prices and routes.

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