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✅ Pros

There are also universal sizes for any non-Kindle or Apple devices.
76% of Amazon users have rated the KleverCase at five stars.
You can add a personalized message to the interior cover of any KleverCase.
The case looks like a hardcover while the Paperwhite is snapped in on the inside, giving it a more unique look.
The case can perform pretty well as long as the elastic strap is holding the back cover.
It is a handmade product in the UK and it looks pretty amazing.
They provide guarantee.
The KleverCase features a very strong adhesive pad to keep the device in place.
It puts your tablet to sleep.
You can choose between some of history’s most famous books, like Pride & Prejudice and To Kill A Mockingbird.
KleverCase adds very little bulk to your device.
The KleverCase book cover for the Paperwhite provides part of that book feel for the e-reader.

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❌ Cons

It adds some weight and makes the whole device much bulkier.
It is not a functional stand case.
Even pressing the press-turn buttons becomes more difficult and holding the case is so uncomfortable.

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