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✅ Pros

The necklace itself is gorgeous.
Review Pros
The Shift is a tangible reminder to refocus.
The most important thing the Shift has brought me, is awareness.
My body was no longer tense.
It was packaged really nicely in a box, dust bag and with instructions on how to Shift.
It really helped me to calm down and even relax a bit.
It was quite easy and convenient to use.
The Shift is available in 14k gold, slate, rose gold and sterling silver.
The opening is big enough to allow my breath to flow freely, but small enough to help me focus on my breath.
The necklace helps you achieve the perfect exhale.
This ‘shift’ calms the nervous system, slows the heart rate and reduces cortisol levels to relax the mind and body.
It is a beautiful rose gold held by a long chain.
The necklace was a complimentary piece to my wardrobe.
It hangs low, falling on the mid to lower chest.
I feel this necklace can benefit anyone.
I was surprised to see just how much my breath slowed down.
It wasn’t obvious that I was wearing a stress aide.

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❌ Cons

I had to be mindful on properly exhaling through the pendant and not harshly blowing out air.

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Review Summaries
This product has become a staple in my daily life and whether you believe in the magic of this tool or simply use The Shift as a tangible reminder to refocus, the choice is completely up to you. I can say that it has impacted how I deal with stress in a positive way and hopefully you will be able to say the same.
I’ve found it to be a really meaningful and practical addition to my jewelry collection – a stunning little pause button on life.
The most important thing the Shift has brought me, is awareness. The awareness that any moment can be turned into a pause. A shift of the mind, from over stimulation to focus, from tense muscles to relaxation, and from a racing heart to peace. The shift is a constant reminder that if I am feeling anxious, nervous, or worried, I can do something about it.
I am a nervous flyer so I tested the necklace while flying to Mauritius last month and it really helped me to calm down and even relax a bit.

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