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✅ Pros

These are available with various attachment points for attaching your Kong accessories such as Kong sticker, Cut/n Tray, or divider.
Review Pros
KONG Coolers have an excellent capacity.
They are made in the USA.
All of Kong coolers are BPA free which means that the plastic used to build each of those coolers is safe and harmless in case of direct contact with your food.
This behemoth can carry 82 twelve-ounce cans and 42 pounds of ice.
It has an incredible ice retention feature.
When placed against a wall, the Kong lid still can open to 45˚ without moving the base.
The KONG Stay-Put Lid will allow this latter to open to a 45-degree angle so that you have access to the cooler’s content no matter how tight the situation is.
It keeps ice longer than you thought it would.
It’s rugged.
The lid is comfortable and safe to either sit or stand on.
You can customize your cooler with an array of useful accessories, including a divider, bottle opener, attachable tray, traction pad and handle kit, among other items.
The lid, latches and accessories are all built out of quality materials.
Rather than nylon rope handles like the Yeti the Kong has super sturdy pull up plastic handles.
The Kong 50qt in white held ice among the longest of any cooler we have ever tested at 9.5 days.
We find the styling of Kong’s products to be modern and tasteful.
For being such a proud American brand, Kong coolers promises over 10 days of ice retention.
Kong coolers are made from high-impact strength, FDA-approved polyethylene which is known for its higher strength, durability, and UV resistance.
They offer limited lifetime warranty.
These ice chests have an attractive and modern design.
It is roto-molded to perfection with some of the greatest durability you will find anywhere on the planet.
It comes in several options of bold n vibrant colors that you will always find the one that suits your personality better.
It did not leak when turned over on its side or top, or dropped from pickup truck.
Kong coolers are made in the USA.
Not only does Kong offer a lifetime warranty, but they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.
Kong coolers are featured with the impossible not to notice lid latches that you might not see anywhere else.
There are currently 4 different cooler sizes to pick from.
It features top down pressure applying latches.
Kong coolers are all manufactured locally in the USA, keeping more profits and manufacturing jobs in the country.
They made a first-of-its-kind cooler that can open a full 45 degrees without you having to pull the cooler away from the wall.
The seal on a KONG cooler is as sturdy as it gets.
The manufacturer backs each cooler with a limited lifetime warranty.
We also feel that the handles of the cooler are sturdier than most.
The Kong 110 is the ideal cooler for extended trips overlanding, or for larger groups that need to keep more food and drink cold.
They feature easy-to-manipulate, durable latches as well as comfortable and supportive handles.
Having the cutting boards double as side tables (when used with the Kong Kicker) is absolutely genius.
It’s lightweight.
Kong Ice containers are among the top ice chests with the most prolonged ice retention thanks to their thick rot molded, quality seal as well as sturdy latches.
The cooler itself is also IBC-certified bear-proof.
It comes with lifetime warranty.
This cooler is one of the best coolers for keeping ice we have ever seen.
The Kong cooler comes in more colors than the Yeti, which traditionally only comes in 3 main colors.
The coolers also have ridged handles that are super rigid and neat.
The Kong outperforms the Yeti cooler in terms of ice retention.
They are are Grizzly Bear Certified.

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❌ Cons

It’s very pricey.
Both the KONG and the Yeti are not cheap.
Due to their heavy-duty construction, they are not an inexpensive option for hard shell roto-molded coolers.
They are available in only four sizes.
Since these coolers are made of the highest quality of materials and utilize American-made ingenuity, they aren’t the cheapest.
It is very heavy.
Drain plug has no attaching lanyard and could be misplaced.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
We love Kong coolers because of their impressive features and functionality. They have excellent ice retention figures and offer long-term utility. They look attractive, and we recommend adding these coolers to your shopping cart when looking for rotomolded hard-sided coolers.
This behemoth can carry 82 twelve-ounce cans and 42 pounds of ice. Kong coolers are made in the USA and feature easy-to-manipulate, durable latches as well as comfortable and supportive handles (a must when you’re moving around this much weight).
Considering the outstanding build quality and top ice retention performance, one might be quick to assume that these features have to come at a premium price-point. Initially we thought the same, especially considering the fact that these coolers are Made In America. However, for the performance and quality, we feel Kong coolers are very fairly priced. They certainly are not the cheapest coolers available, yet they are far from the most expensive when comparing similar sizes.
These coolers feature multiple tie-down points, multiple rotomolded pass-throughs, a clever system of multiple watertight compartments separated by dividers which double as cutting boards, molded lock eyelets,and a dual breather, rapid drain system. They are BPA free and include multiple holes for locking.
KONG has pounded into the coolers market, just like its movie namesake. We believe that, if the guys behind this great product keep doing what they do, KONG may soon be king of the coolers market… Just like its movie namesake.
KONG Cooler has one of the best marketing moves of all time. We have to admit that we kept a little room for doubt reserved for this cooler. But boy, we were mistaken! This cooler is one of the best coolers for keeping ice we have ever seen! This fat-lipped cooler has everything you need in your chill gear. It’s rugged, it’s lightweight, it keeps ice longer than you thought it would!
If I was looking to buy a cooler now I would choose a Kong cooler over a Yeti cooler. You just can’t go past the superior ice retention plus the extra features the Kong cooler has. The bottle opener is super awesome and being able to have multiple side tables just makes the cooler so much more user friendly.
We are extremely impressed with Kong Coolers. They checked all of the boxes of things that we look for in a premium cooler. Their ice retention numbers are great, the features that they offer are plentiful and clever, and they stand behind their products. They are also quite attractive.
It’s a very ambitious and dedicated brand that promises nothing but durability and authenticity in hopes to be making the best coolers in the world.

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