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✅ Pros

Kraken Kratom specializes in the selling of powdered and leaves-based kratom.
Review Pros
The buying experience with Kraken Kratom is very good.
It is an easy task to locate what type of products you are interested in when you use the search feature.
They have A Rating with the BBB.
By spending every $1, customers can have a point added in their account.
Kraken Kratom claims to source their kratom powder from the most reputable sources.
Whenever I have had questions it is easy to find help and get someone to be in contact with from the company.
The design of the website is very intuitive.
They offer free same-day delivery on every order,
The checkout process is streamlined, fast, and easy to use.
Kraken Kratom is popular among Kratom users due to its sound discounting policies.
They offer multiple payment options.
Kraken Kratom scores big figures in terms of product variety.
They even accept Bitcoin as a payment option.
They accept Bitcoin.
Kraken Kratom offers discount coupons to the customers who subscribe to their mailing list.
Pricing is pretty much in line with what you’d expect from other top-tier vendors.
Kraken Kratom’s customer support is very fast, responsive and friendly.
You can order a small sample and see how great and easy it is to get the kratom you want to try out.
The Kraken Kratom website is compelling and well-designed to enable fast navigation of the pages to buy and place orders.
Free same-day shipping is offered.
The company is honest and professional.
Besides free shipping on all products, they boast same day shipping policy on all orders placed before 2 PM.
I’ve found the customer support at Kraken Kratom to be very friendly and fast.
Customers appreciate the fair offers they make available, the special deals and discounts that can be taken advantage of on a regular basis.
They do take returns of unopened products within 30 days of ordering the item.
Free delivery as standard is very cool and if you order before 2pm your order will even be dispatched the same day.
Kraken Kratom has quite a number of kratom strains that they offer on their website.
The prices are quite affordable.
Kraken Kratom is famous because of its incredible deals it is offering to its customers.
They’ve got their products tested with the food lab for alkaloid content as well as contaminants.
They stock 16 different types of Kratom powder.
Every checkout process is easy, fast, and streamlined.
Kraken Kratom offers a favorable return policy.
They offer discreet packaging.
Customers express immense satisfaction when it comes to the variety and quality of the Kratom products from Kraken Kratom.
Prices offered by Kraken Kratom are moderate.
Kraken Kratom offers its customers multiple payment options.
Kraken Kratom has a decent returns policy.
All of the raw materials that Kraken Kratom works with our 100% organic.
They have free shipping on all orders,
This Kratom vendor is offering free shipping on the order placed through USPS first class.
One of the best features of Kraken Kratom is surely its top-notch customer service quality, which adds to its excellent reputation.
All their products are tested in labs to ensure unadulterated kratom powder.
We found the Kraken Kratom products to be freshly procured.
If you pay through Bitcoin then you will get a 10% discount on the products.
Kraken Kratom woos its customers with a policy of free handling and delivery of products for its clients leaving within the US.
As far as price goes, Kraken Kratom is moderate.
The support for the customers is very quick and welcoming.
They claim that they are recently certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA) to be GMP compliant.
The customers can request a certificate of authenticity regarding all Kraken Kratom products.
All products from Kraken Kratom undergo strict quality control.
They are reachable by phone, email and even have a live chat on the website.
Committed customer service interacts well with customers when they have queries or complaints.
Kraken Kratom has a wide selection of payment methods to allow their customers to choose the payment method they’re comfortable with.
The shipping services are also quite impeccable with quick delivery both on a national and international basis.
They have a nicely laid-out website.
Kratom prices at Kraken are moderate.
Kraken Kratom offers lab tested, QC inspected grade of Kratom and Kava products.
Kraken has received impressive endorsements when it comes to their reliability.
They seem to have good quality control.
Kraken Kratom provides free shipping on all orders.
Conventional methods of extraction ensure the naturality of the product.
Kraken Kratom offers free same-day shipping on all orders.
Operating out of the United States you won’t have to worry about contacting Kraken Kratom customer service if you have questions about an order or just questions about kratom in general.
I have never had any issues when ordering.
They’re friendly, cooperative and respond very quickly.
Their website is easy to function and also quite attractive.
Kraken Kratom is known for its impressive variety of strains.
As long as your order is placed before 2 PM (EST) you’re able to take advantage of same-day shipping.
Kraken Kratom has a good number of strains as powder and even leaf.
They use superior grade kratom leaf and powder is known for quality and consistency.

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❌ Cons

They have even more if you consider their “Ultra Enhanced” blends and extracts. Unfortunately, I actually see this as a negative as neither are something I recommend.
There is not a lot of information available for Kraken Kratom’s “Ultra Enhanced” extracts and blends.
They do not offer a lot of variety in capsules.
No information has been disclosed with regards to third-party testing, which, as a result, puts into doubt the status of its products.
Some customers have also complained that the prices are too high.
ENHANCED BLENDS have very little info available for these modified extracts.
Another negative of Kraken Kratom is the lack of capsule variety.
A lot of users have had bad experiences with Kraken’s shipping policy.
They don’t have variety in the capsules.
Their kratom extracts lean towards the more expensive side ranging from $12.95 to $49.99.
The main issue people have with Kraken Kratom is that they are expensive.
Kraken Kratom does not offer any full money back guarantee.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Tossing free shipping, great customer service, and regular promotions and deals and ordering from Kraken Kratom seems like a no-brainer.
I would recommend any strain of their Kratom powder (avoiding the enhanced blends and extracts), being sure to take advantage of their great prices, free shipping and latest coupon code. With all that, you won’t go far wrong.
Kraken Kratom is the best and most excellent vendor. The products are quite impressive and are of high quality. The only drawback is the less availability of Kratom capsules. Other than this, KrakenKratom is outstanding!
Kraken Kratom is a responsive and professional Kratom wholesaler and retailer that sell high-quality products at decent prices. What makes them stand out is that they offer varieties of Kratom strains to meet the needs of all their customers.
Whether you’re a beginner who’s new to the space or a long-time user who’s eager to discover something stronger and different, Kraken K will have something to suit your needs.
We can conclude that they have good quality kratom available at a fair price. The brand has established a good rapport with its customers that indicates consistency in quality and service.
Kraken Kratom seems to be alright compared to other companies. But to be honest with you, I think there are better alternatives. Even though they seem to have good quality control I think the prices are too high. You can easily find a few better sources with more competitive prices.
Kraken Kratom bases its marketing strategy in making its clients as satisfied as possible with the Kratom they have ordered. They offer customer-oriented and quality services that have distinguished them from their competition. Furthermore, the reliability that Kraken Kratom is associated with makes them the best prospect of finding Kratom at any time you might need a treat.
Finally, due to the huge variety of kratom available it is one stop shop for the kratom users. Excellent customer support and satisfied customer base, sound return policy and various mode of payment. Kraken kratom is worth a try!
If you are looking for quality-assured, smooth and speedy experiences when you order your Kratom products online, Kraken Kratom is the site you want to visit.
Based on the detailed analysis after exploring their kratom products, in this Kraken Kratom review we can safely conclude that Kraken Kratom is a reliable kratom brand. The brand offers good quality kratom powders, kratom capsules, and other kratom products such as kratom extracts. Almost all of their kratom products are priced reasonably.
They are very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend anyone use Kraken Kratom company that wants a top-quality supply of kratom capsules or other kratom products.
Kraken Kratom is a reputable vendor that I highly recommend! Their dedicated staff and solid product line make them stand out as one of the best kratom vendors. They are a particularly viable option for people who new to kratom powders and are looking for aromatic, potent kratom at reasonable rates without any compromise in quality.
Kraken Kratom is a professional and responsive Kratom retailer and wholesaler at a decent price. Their services are modern and reasonably hassle free. Their Kratom products are equally good and the varieties of both Kratom and Kava available make this vendor a good shopping destination for users and customers.
While company may have its shortcomings, it is clear to anyone that the amazing vital features clearly outweigh the negatives.

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