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✅ Pros

Free shipping is offered.
Review Pros
It’s quite apparent that all new shipments of strains they receive get sent off for lab testing. guarantees that all of their kratom products are fresh and of the highest quality.
On their website, they provide a “quick link” to their Customer Service department.
You can also buy a loose powder, so you can combo to get the best experience you can.
They also sell some other interesting herbal highs, namely: Kava, Akuamma, and Chuchuhuasi.
They offer one of the best kratom capsules on the market.
You can select any three 50 capsule packs from their range, then check out for a 15% discount.
They accept Bitcoin and credit cards.
They have a full page on their website dedicated to customer reviews and satisfaction.
The team behind appears to be knowledgeable on the Kratom industry.
You do get free shipping on all orders at
Unlike some lower quality pills, you at least know how much you’re getting in each capsule and can monitor your dosage accordingly.
The price is good.
They offer Akuamma, Chuchuhuasi and Kava.
They also accept cryptocurrency.
They also sell kava online.
Ten different types of kratom are available both in loose powder and capsule form. offers refunds, in-store credit, and/or replacements for products you are unsatisfied with.
You can pay by credit card, Amazon Payments or Bitcoin.

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❌ Cons

The capsules used are made from gelatin.
Their website looks awful.
They have poor consumer reputation.
They have history of complaints with the BBB.
Unfortunately, the selection of strains on offer at is very limited.
They have high prices.
No International shipping, making it unsuitable for those based outside of the United States.
They don’t actually do a huge range of kratom capsules.
There are no vegetarian caps.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
As you can see, is a pretty good vendor and one that I would be happy to recommend. The positives certainly outweigh the negatives; so if buying Kratom in capsule form is a priority for you, give them a try.
From our research, it appears that has been around since 2012. Their website is both an online eCommerce for kratom products, as well as a hub of helpful information and customer reviews.
Now, these guys were a funny one for me. They don’t actually do a huge range of kratom capsules. But they do sell some of the best kratom capsules, in terms of quality, you will find anywhere.
After looking into this seller’s history with consumers and researching their product line I cannot, in good conscience, recommend them to our readers. These are the kinds of companies that give the industry a bad name. Those who wish to purchase caps would do well to shop around. Be safe, be smart and be well.
If I want kratom capsules, especially unusual ones when I’m feeling adventurous, these are the people I go to. They’ve never let me down, and when I pulled the capsules apart to investigate, I found rich, earthy kratom that’s exactly the same as the loose powder they sell.

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