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✅ Pros

It is fun to cook on.
Review Pros
It makes juggling your food ever-so pleasant and gives you more time to socialize.
One of the best features of these great grills is the addition of a cast-iron pan which allows for multi-surface cooking.
The Kudu Grill is very solid.
Its unique dual cooking surfaces are fully adjustable—both vertically and horizontally.
The KUDU is easily transportable.
Aside from the standard grill grate, the addition of the cast iron pan is a nice touch.
After the meal, the KUDU converts into an efficient and beautiful fire pit with its patented fire rings feature.
Boasting a unique cantilever design that makes it simple to raise and lower the grill grate and pan from the fire to expose foods to different cooking temperatures is another stand out feature of these grills.
It can be taken apart and put together in just a couple minutes with no tools.
This multifunctional design allows for the cooking of multiple dishes at once in a variety of formats, from cast-iron seared to smoked and everything in between.
Prices for a KUDU Grill start at just $499 which is a very fair price for such an accomplished cooker.
With two adjustable position cooking grates, you can cook two different types of foods simultaneously.
It makes moving your coals or wood around as simple and easy as we’ve ever experienced, and also maximizes your ability to control heat.
Users can quickly and easily adjust cooking temperatures by positioning grilling surfaces to various heights relative to the heat source, creating ultimate versatility.
Being able to easily raise and lower the grates is a feature that isn’t seen on most grills.
The KUDU also functions as a standalone fire pit.
It lets you simply remove the cooking surfaces and easily attach the custom KUDU fire rings to create a stunning vertical fire feature.
You can operate the KUDU with your favorite briquette, seasoned firewood (or smoking wood), as well as lump charcoal.
The KUDU takes the guesswork out of open fire cooking for all grilling skill levels, from beginner to professional, by using a convenient elevation bar system.
The smoker lid functions very handily as a coal snuffer.
It’s so ergonomic and user-friendly.
Another appealing characteristic of KUDU Grills is the fact that they are designed to be portable so you can take them on wilderness adventures and camping trips alike.

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❌ Cons

KUDU would not be safe to cook on in windy situations.
There are no vents or drains in the charcoal pan.
It is not a good bad weather grill.

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Review Summaries
This thing passed our grilling test with flying colors and made for some damn tasty BBQ. With an exceptionally reasonable price point for what this grill is, it makes a home-run gift idea for that open-flame-cooking enthusiast in your life.
If you love the taste of food cooked on an open flame, these exemplary South Africa inspired grills are sure to be ticking all of the right boxes for you and the innovative design and first class materials combine to make them amongst the finest on the market.
Overall I really like the Kudu Grill. It is a very well built grill and it is fun to cook on. There are some drawbacks and it isn’t the type of grill that will replace everything else on your patio but overall the benefits and good things about it outweigh the bad.
The experiential cooking world is rapidly growing, and consumers are looking to replicate that experience at home. The KUDU is a residential-focused outdoor cooking product that makes open fire cooking a reality and creates a user experience that many are longing for.
Overall, the KUDU is an extremely versatile grill/cooker that can perform many functions equally well, from direct cooking over high heat, indirect cooking, searing, and even smoking smaller pieces of meat using the smoker lid, which I highly recommend.

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