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✅ Pros

It’s a pretty long pommel.
Review Pros
The customization options with every Kyberlight custom lightsabers are virtually endless.
You can do full power contact dueling and sparring with the KyberLight like you would with martial arts bokkens or bamboo trainers.
The KyberLight is rechargeable.
It’s also a pretty heavy pommel, weighing in at 7 ounces.
Each Kyberlight custom light saber also includes a virtually indestructible blade.
The Kyberlight saber blade is made from a proprietary plastic blend with sleek and futuristic design creating fully fightable and built to last.
The blades themselves are highly durable, being crafted from an indestructible plastic blend to encourage saber sparring.
There are no difficult circuit board choice.
Kyberlight offers relatively simple and uncomplicated customization options which are really a winning point.
Customing from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Kyberlight provides various accessory bundles so you have countless custom combinations to choose.
The internal LEDs are protected with gorilla glass to protect against potential damage sustained while fighting.
They use a proprietary sound board creating the rich quality sound effects including Flash on Clash feature
Kyberlight Sabers also include rich sound effects.
The indestructible blade is as advertised.
This is pretty cool and simple to use, as it doesn’t involve complicated software and technical know-how to set up a different sound theme.
KyberLight creates a weapon that fits all light saber battle styles in the Star Wars universe, Jedi and Sith alike.
The ability to swap out parts to fit your aesthetic-of-the-day has a lot of value.
By using cutting-edge and proprietary LED technology, it allows you toggle between 20 built-in colors with the simple button.
The unit comes with it’s own two-prong charger that plugs directly into an outlet.
Kyberlight light saber’s come with a lifetime warranty, including blades and tips.
All color are beautiful to look at.
The design of the pommel seems a bit reminiscent of a rocket or possibly like a flame.
It comes with a rechargeable battery.
There are no tough soundboard choices.
KyberLight is fully customizable.
When you start adding the emitter and pommel pieces to it the handle gets even bigger and heavier.
KyberLight backs up their quality with a lifetime warranty.
Once it’s charged the Kyberlight has quite an extensive battery life with approximately 2 hours.
The saber is very easy to use and charge.
If you turn your lightsaber hilt upside down, it looks a bit like a torch from the Olympic Games.
The customizable handle is the centerpiece of the Kyberlight system.
The Kyberlight lightsaber comes with three extras.
The customization of this saber is practically endless.
The colors are bright on all of the different hilts and the provided screws and tools make it easy to change.
For only $199, you will get the amazing item.
They offer almost unlimited customization options.
All the cool features you would expect are there.
Everything arrives tightly bundled and neatly packed.

❌ Cons

The edges on the Bow Shock pommel are a bit sharp.
The saber cannot be turned on during the charging process.
You’re forced to buy the entire color scheme/sound system.
Kyberlight doesn’t offer the option of stunt sabers.
There aren’t any double bladed/crossguard hilted/different lightsabers available for purchase.
You may find it difficult to implment an accessory known as the Claw.
The scuffs and scratches may be an issue or a deterrent.
The hilt design by itself is pretty bland and relies on those extra accessories you need to purchase for the look you desire.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
KyberLight was founded because they wanted to offer a more affordable option which still offered rich features and class leading durability. The result is a light saber which delivers 90% of what we want at a price that starts at only $199, backed with a solid warranty and good customer service.
Kyberlight is indeed a must-have, super cool, unique and instantly transports you into the Star War’s world. One light saber with countless combinations. Kyberlight is built to last.
Kyberlight Sabers has created the ultimate lightsaber, with the ultimate accessories to boot. The price is more than right for a lightsaber that can withstand almost anything you can throw at it, that customers can customize any way they see fit. A Kyberlight lightsaber is the ultimate collectible for a Star Wars fan or sword collector.
Kyberlight is the leading store creating the strongest, brightest and best custom lightsabers in the galaxy. Not only providing a high quality custom lightsaber, but also making affordable and quickly available for fans of all ages anywhere in the world.
Kyberlight ran a great Kickstarter and managed to inspire a huge number of people to support them. They get top marks for their fantastic customer service and support, and they came out with an interesting product. The challenge for them from here on out will be to continue to inspire people, and to compete in a market full of exceptional and established lightsaber companies.
At its price, Kyberlight offers then best bang for your buck when it comes to custom lightsabers. You probably can’t find a cheaper deal with as many customization options as Kyberlight offers. 20 colors, dual sound fonts, lifetime blade warranty, and infinite customization options! That’s what you get when you buy a Kyberlight lightsaber.
The design of the pommel seems a bit reminiscent of a rocket or possibly like a flame. If you turn your lightsaber hilt upside down, it looks a bit like a torch from the Olympic Games. It’s a pretty long pommel. The edges on the Bow Shock pommel are a bit sharp.
From it’s indestructible quality to it’s indescribable sound effects and bright color-changing blade, the Kyberlight Saber is definitely one of the hottest toys for both kids and adults in the holiday season. There’s truly nothing on the market anywhere like the Kyberlight.

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