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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

It offers free worldwide delivery and shipping over $119, which means that no matter where you are located in the world you can get free delivery.
Review Pros
Code was applied without any hassles, and the discounts were dramatic.
Great range of discounts are available making your shopping spree much more cheaper and budget friendly.
The quality is pretty good.
They have good refund and return policy.
The wool/rayon blend fabric drapes nicely.
They have easy and accessible website and application to use at your own convenience.
Huge collection of items is available that lets its customers shop for themselves and for anyone they want including family.
Adding items to my cart was easy and straightforward.
The prices are awesome.

❌ Cons

Browsing La Redoute is a daunting task as their inventory is huge.
There is a late payment charge of £12 each time you miss a credit account repayment.
The site isn’t very well organized.
They do not offer cash on delivery services.

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Review Summaries
La Redoute incredibly bright and uplifting website inspires people on how to dress and what they want to achieve with their look. No one deserves to have the same boring outfits to wear, and La Redoute’s choices are a way of treating yourself and your family with some change which encourages them to try new things.
La Redoute has peeked my interest. The prices are awesome, the quality is, again, comparable to H&M, and has some great gems including trendy pieces, classics, and lots of stuff that just looks so Euro-chic.