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✅ Pros

Our test execution time was reduced to 16 mins from five hours when executed in parallel on multiple VMs.
Review Pros
With its cool and advanced feature like Selenium Automation Grid, LambdaTest adds value to the testers in which they can run their cross-browser tests on an online Cloud Selenium Grid of 2000+ browsers.
LambdaTest offers a platform to perform cross browser testing on more than 2000 browser-OS combinations with diverse screen resolutions.
LambdaTest platform also includes screen share testing and responsive testing.
Because Selenium testing starts by identifying your preferred coding language, it can more intelligently detect errors that will appear in browsers.
We can check the responsiveness of our website by just a single click across different screen sizes.
Without a doubt, LambdaTest is one of the big reasons behind our faster deployment and better team collaboration.
We can perform browser compatibility testing from a huge choice of desktop and mobile browser, browser version, operating system, and resolution.
LambdaTest provides integration with major and most used project management and bug tracking tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, and Slack.
LambdaTest easily integrates with leading project management, bug tracking, and CI-CD tools like Jira, Asana, Jenkins, Circle CI, and more.
It is an awesome cross browser testing cloud tool for all qa activities.
Readily available options such as the dashboard, real-time test window, visual UI testing window, test logs, and integration facilities can make a website advanced in every category to its best.
2000+ browser combinations are available.
With live bug logging, you get to backtrack any errors and can use them as lessons for future purposes.
It offers 24*7 support over Chat, call, and email.
Selenium allows perfect portability to all its users across multiple browsers and platforms.
It supports parallel execution.
With 3,000+ browsers, you can ensure pixel-perfect experiences across the globe.
In case something goes wrong at LambdaTest end, the Support team is extremely responsive to analyze any platform-related issues.
Screenshots and video recordings are available.
It supports a wide list of iPhones, iPads on different iOs versions and Android phones.
Third party integraitions are allowed.
LambdaTest not only helps in meeting deadlines but also test out all the different combinations of Operating System, Browsers and Browser Versions in an effective interval period of time.
It allows selenium test automation on online desktop android and ios mobile browsers.
LambdaTest can help users qualify cross-browser tests as failures when errors are detected.
Freemium plan offers 60 free real-time minutes per month.
It has great collections of all the latest browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge, Safari and Yandex) and operating systems.
For making a note of each test, you can take a screenshot after completion of every test and make sure of the compatibility of your web application.
Other than having a faster deployment process, users get to enjoy a well-rounded and well-equipped system.
It offers geo location testing.
Any problems you encounter can be swiftly resolved within a small timeframe.
It can also test and create test reports for web applications through integration with the TestNG testing Framework.
LambdaTest provides you with a means to ensure the seamless experience to the user without installing multiple desktops and the latest mobile devices for testing.
LambdaTest provides and assists developers with the necessary tools that they require to guarantee that their websites and web applications are error free and working properly with great precision.
There is an extensive range of devices & OS support.
You can do responsiveness testing with a single click.
We can get a full paged screenshots within seconds by just selecting the configurations using LambdaTest automated screenshots feature.
They have a 24/7 support team with expert technicians just waiting for you to contact them.
You can use the selenium grid of LambdaTest to perform parallel testing across multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, among many others.
LambdaTest offers automation testing feature in which you can run your automated tests on reliable, secure and scalable Selenium grid of more than 2000 browser-OS combinations to cut down your build times.
Automatic debug mode is available.
LambdaTest helps developers in obtaining a record of technical problems such as bugs as they got.
It also allows local host testing via SSH Tunnels.
LambdaTest provides Mobile App Testing across a variety of emulators and simulators.
It can test web applications and software among 2000 web browsers as well as on multiple OS in different unique screen resolution.
Selenium equips the testers with the ability to keep everything related to testing self-contained and enclosed in the program itself.
The updates and upgrades on Selenium are constant because of its community-based testing framework and support.
The LambdaTest integrated issue tracker allows you to manage and track your bugs directly from the LambdaTest platform itself.
It offers clear and helpful session logs.
LambdaTest integrates with a wide range of platforms so you can work conveniently by yourself or with your team.
It’s a highly efficient way to conduct large quantities of cross-browser tests, thereby increasing your browser coverage (something that’s impossible to do manually).
With parallel cross-browser tests, you’ll reduce the time spent executing automation tests as a whole.
LambdaTest offers very polished user interface and a user can easily navigate to various features in LambdaTest web app.
You can establish a secure connection between LambdaTest platform and your local server to test your locally or privately hosted web pages or web apps.
Real-time interactive testing and regional UI testing features of LambdaTest platform are super beneficial in every aspect.
The slow nature of a cloud platform was compensated with parallel testing, and now we are able to finish our testing job faster than it was before COVID.
You can run visual cross browser testing by selecting configurations for LambdaTest’s automated screenshots feature across 3,000+ mobile and desktop browsers.

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❌ Cons

There is no o parameterized testing.
There are limited browsers in freemium plan.
There is no wordpress plugin.
More pricing options are needed.
There is a lag in the virtual machine for a short period of time sometimes.
There is no pause option for free trial during inactivity.
There is no hierarchical view.
It would be much easier for us to read the test if they provided dashboard analytics.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Cross browser testing is crucial for ensuring the consistency and flexibility of a business website across multiple browsers, browser versions, and platforms. A cross-browser platform like LambdaTest which offers both manual and selenium automation is one, if not the most suitable option for web developers like you.
LambdaTest helps you perform live interactive and automated cross browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating systems online, LambdaTest is been trusted by 375,000+ users across the internet and It’s not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your cross browser testing experience smoother and help you ship products faster.
LambdaTest iOS emulator is a great companion for a developer, and it’s user-friendly and packs thoughtful and thorough features. Plus, the vast number of supported devices, OS, and browsers makes it lucrative.
Automated cross-browser testing is a suitable option for every business need, and LambdaTest proved to be the best tool with real-time cross-browser testing. It is cost effective and helps in assisting the developers with its well-equipped tools and integrating facilities.
LambdaTest app is intuitive to use and run you test suits. You just need to enter the URL to be tested and select the configuration to test on and you are all set to go for your testing.
It is easy to set up, good support, and we now find critical bugs easier with less effort than before.
LambdaTest is the best ever single integrated platform where the web owners and testers can perform every test related to their website with full confidence. In order to develop the best of the final outcome of the test, this platform contains every faster testing features.
LambdaTest is one such cross-browser testing tool. You get on-demand access to 2000+ combinations of different devices, browsers, browser versions, resolutions, and operating systems. Since the system is on the cloud, hence there is no need for maintenance. LambdaTest does that for you.
At the end of the day, LambdaTest only seeks to improve the way you do your work. Its features are catered to accelerate the development process and provide web developers with essential tools. Overall, testing projects and assessing software can now be done with relative ease.
Cross browser testing comes as part of our job. To do Cross Browser Testing give LambdaTest Cross Browser Testing Tool free trial a go and see if you like it. I am sure, you will become a paid customer of LambdaTest after you experienced it.
A cross-browser testing platform can prove to be a great asset in your success as it always keeps you up with how your website or web application is doing on different platforms, which in the long run can help you save time and money.
Cross-browser testing isn’t just about making sure websites are mobile responsive. What we’re ultimately looking to do here is take the guesswork out of web design. There may be over a dozen possible browsers and hundreds of browser/device configurations. Still, automated cross-browser tests can make checking all of these possibilities and locating errors much more accessible.

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