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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

It is custom molded to the exact model of gun, keeping a thinner profile making it easier to conceal.
Review Pros
With clean lines the concealment is tight
It provides secure, adjustable tension with the custom mold.
They put the time in on the finish work which shows in the Ronin 3.0.
LAS has a really nice mold process.
It is made of Kydex, allowing a smooth, quick draw in any climate and sturdy opening when re-holstering.
They use high quality products in every aspect.
It is specifically made for the appendix/abdominal carry position.
It keeps gun in the same place all day during activity allowing for consistent repeatable draw.
They offer good selection and short lead times compared to some.

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Review Summaries
LAS stands for loaded and safe, something many people do not know. When it comes to fit an finish work LAS has got it down. I expect companies of this size to have the finish work such as sanding, polishing and molds down to a science. I found no problems with this Ronin holster the finish work was top notch and the kydex was formed very tightly to the gun and light proving solid clickable retention.
I carry a Glock 43, with a plus 2 magazine extension, in the AIWB position in a LAS Concealment Ronin 2.0 rig. For me, it doesn’t get much better, but I’m always looking.

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