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✅ Pros

The stylish golf wedge is ideal for regular and top-class players.
Review Pros
It is specifically designed for handling different situations.
It allows increased swing speed with power for higher launch.
These wedges are a fantastic gateway into better golf without paying the premium price.
These are one of the cheapest sand wedges around at under $50.
For those looking for quality wedges at an unbeatable price, Lazrus Wedges are the way to go.
It is easy to swing and with lots of backspin.
The clubs are made to be durable, and users claim that they hold up quite well compared to other models on the market.
It has affordable price.
The producer provides the warranty and money-back guarantee, so your purchase is entirely covered.
It is a quality Product at a reasonable price.
Cavity back design is forgiving.
It has comfortable, high-quality, and rubberized grip.
It is designed to offer more spin and better control.
It is easy to play with.
It comes at an unbelievably affordable price.
Each wedge is forged from top-quality steel and the face and grooves are CNC Milled to the max specifications allowed by the USGA.
Even though these models aren’t top notch, they’re still relatively inexpensive.
Excellent materials have been used.
It comes with 4-PW.
Each clubhead is manufactured in the same factory as many other top brands of wedges and irons and undergoes the same manufacturing and quality control process.
Lazarus sand wedge offers milled club face for great spin, control and consistency from the sand, fairway, fringe or rough.
The club has a nice weight.
These are perfect golf wedge for all types of golfers.
It is custom designed for all level golfers.
The bounce and forged nature of these clubs are what makes them so special in my opinion.
The LAZRUS golf wedges are made of a strong material that is long durable.
The wedges are handy and available in right-handed and left-handed designs.
It is well-balanced and long enough.
It comes with comfortable handlers.
These clubs usually are pretty light.
Lazrus is popular for providing quality golf clubs at a very affordable price.
It looks high end.
They look attractive to the eye and feel premium.
Seven-iron starter set for incredibly low price is great for beginners.
It is designed in such a way that players of all skill levels can play with it.
It offers excellent value for your money.
They look great with simple but attractive graphics.
It is light in weight.
The flex of the shaft is rated as regular which is ideal for beginners who have a slower swing speed.
It is lightweight.
It comes with precision-milled faces for better spin and control.
The LAZRUS iron set has a design similar to Callaway’s and has some of the same great features but is a quarter of the price.
It is made from premium forged steel.
If you partner these wedges with the best golf balls you’ll witness spin rates like never before.
It is a high-quality product.
It has a loft which helps in playing the short shots easily while playing on the rough or smooth sand.
It is a highly affordable set.
It has excellent aesthetics.
Product delivery is quick.
The shafts are made from stainless steel.
It is absolute 100% hazard-free to buy.
While steel shafts used on Brand name irons will provide great consistency and durability the alloy steel shaft certainly produces comparable results at a much lower cost.
It has a very good grip.
It hits fine off of grass or a tee.
The milled face on the Premium Forged wedge set is what is going to benefit the mid handicappers the most.
It offers decent bounce and carry, too, and is a great option to have in your bag for various instances when you haven’t quite made the green in regulation.
Marvelous mid irons offer distance with improved turf interaction.
The sand wedge comes with a milled face to help you execute spin when playing out of the bunker.
This set is perfect for every golfer looking to get a full 3 wedge set.
It has graphite shaft.
It is available for both right handed and left handed golfers.
It is easy to launch.
It ncludes three wedges with 52-, 56-, and 60-degree lofts.
The RRP is around $200 for a full set of clubs. This means you can get a set of golf clubs with high-quality components for this price.
It has a firm and comfortable grip.
The titanium heads are very durable and allow you to use them for years to come without replacing them.
The deep grooves in the clubface allow for great spin, control and, consistency from fairways, fringe or rough.
These irons come with a 100% risk-free purchase.

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❌ Cons

They seem to chew on balls.
Ball speed is not that high.
Some golfers may find it a bit heavy.
The only negative noticed is that the clubheads feel heavy compared to the shafts and may be difficult to swing until you get used to it.
The wedge might feel slightly heavier to you than others you’ve used in the past.
The stock grips on the golf wedge are Lazrus’ own brand and not the best when compared to some of the other grips on the market.
Some golfers like having the top brands in their bag.
The grips are on the small side.
Shaft lengths are not stepped.
There is no bag.
These are a little heavier for some golfers.
Shaft length could be an issue for beginner-level golfers.
Shipping took a while.
The product delivery gets delayed.
Some of the models are a little bit dull in color. In fact, the irons tend to be darker than you might like.
Short clubs are not ideal for tall golfers.
It won’t have the same feel as a premium set.
Some players have been concerned that the shaft is too flexible, particularly when compared to other sand wedges.
The wedges are slightly heavier than other high-end market products.
Despite being very forgiving overall, the Lazrus wedges aren’t as forgiving when compared to other premium wedge options
There is no head cover.
It is available for 58 and 65 degree loft only.
Some parts need to be tightened regularly or replaced altogether. This is especially true of the shafts.
There is no additional equipment.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The steel shaft irons are solid and provide nice feel, but certainly don’t have the workability of blade irons. These are straightforward clubs that do one job well; lift the ball and get it down the fairway toward the cup.
Combined with the quality of construction, durability and, overall performance of these irons plus the very competitive price make this a good product to look at.
The LAZRUS golf wedges set offers the best golf wedges for men. The wedges are handy and available in right-handed and left-handed designs. You have to choose the correct one while buying it. The nicely designed golf wedges are popular in the market for the look, design and accuracy that is it shown during the shots on the golf course.
While you won’t see LAZRUS golf clubs on tour, they’re an excellent option for mid-high handicap golfers who are looking to purchase new equipment without breaking the bank. For less than $300 for a set of irons and under $50 for individual wedges and hybrids, you will struggle to find comparable quality golf clubs for such an attractive price.
Most golfers have probably never heard of the Lazrus golf brand, but for those looking for quality wedges at an unbeatable price, Lazrus Wedges are the way to go. Each clubhead is manufactured in the same factory as many other top brands of wedges and irons and undergoes the same manufacturing and quality control process.
The list of pros and cons for these Lazrus products is pretty short. There are no critical issues with the design or performance, and there aren’t any major drawbacks in terms of durability. If you’re shopping for a great-value product, this is a good option that won’t let you down. In addition, the company didn’t skimp on materials and manufacturing processes, which means that they’ll last longer than some other models on the market. This is why we think they’re a great value for money.
Lazrus’ premium kit includes 52-, 56-, and 60-degree wedges for right- and left-hand golfers. The clubs have a sleek polished chrome finish. Milled faces ensure that you get the most spin and control out of your hits.
The Lazrus anti duff loft wedge is a cheap golf wedge with a very few customization options. Even with such limited features, this wedge provides great spin, control and consistency.
Lazarus Premium Golf Iron clubs are definitely one of the best products of this type on the market. They are equally suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. Even some of the best professional golfers use this kind of equipment, and that’s the guarantee of their quality.
All-in-all, I would conclude this discussion by saying that the Lazrus Premium Forged Golf Wedge is the perfect golf wedge for any golfer despite their current level of golf skill.
Overall, the verdict for the Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedge set review is a positive one. They are a perfect golf wedge set with a very impressive milled face. The cost of the Lazrus wedges is its biggest positive, as they are less than half the price of premium wedges despite having similar characteristics.
All in all, this is one of the best hybrid golf clubs in the market and comes at an unbelievably affordable price.
The Lazrus won’t be the longest set of irons you ever hit; however, it will be one of the easier sets of clubs that you hit. If you are struggling to get the ball off the ground or need something consistent a fill in with your hybrids and woods, the Lazrus will do the trick.
These new hybrids are great for those with a short iron game. Hitting these irons is simple because of how they’re designed. The feel of the cavity back irons are easy when hitting shots, and because they’re easy to hit, the ball flight is nice. The first shot you hit will be right on the board!
For a set of three wedges, it is hard to think of another brand or model that will offer you better value than this. In fact, the three wedges will cost a fraction of what you would pay to get a single wedge from one of the top brands. But, besides being more affordable, these are also high-performing and durable wedges that will offer more distances and are also easy to swing and are forgiving even for the high-handicappers and beginners.

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