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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It provides the ability to reuse lessons in other courses.
Review Pros
You can gamify your courses and award your students with badges and certificates.
Advanced features such as unique drip-feed features keep courses interesting.
It does pretty much anything you’d want from a system to manage your online courses.
LearnDash also has the ability to send out email notifications based on certain triggers, helping to automate some of the tasks involved in running online courses.
Custom reward system is available.
When you build out your course, lessons, topics, and quizzes, you can enable progressive learning which means the learner will need to go through them all in the order you presented them.
There are no limits on the number of lessons and quizzes you can add to your courses.
You can offer dynamic course delivery using drip feed features, discussion forums, etc.
You can use advanced quizzing options and award students.
Specific portions of your courses can be put to use again in a new course, allowing for improved overall efficiency when discussing a similar topic.
You can manage user profiles, user groups, and assignments.
It integrates with Zapier and several other useful tools.
Pricing is very reasonable.
Built-in video progession support is great for video courses.
Monetization options are also available.
It has an excellent quiz builder.
LearnDash lets easily integrates into your existing WordPress domain to review right away.
This platform comes with a ton of impressive features that provide an excellent back end-user experience and front-end learning experience.
It allows many integrations and good third-party support from other themes and plugins.
A new student UI allows course content to shine in a distraction-free interface.
The email/Zapier trigger functionality opens up automation.
It is compatible with other plugins.
Quizzes are a big part of any online learning experience, and Learndash has an unparalleled quiz builder with tons of customization options.
There’s also a Facebook group for LearnDash users where members can discuss best practices and share tips.
There are many third-party integrations.
Some key addons are included within the price.
Having the course builder interface not only makes it easy to see how everything fits, but it also lets you easily make changes using drag-and-drop.
It offers great tools for learner retention.
Advanced quizzing options are available.
Focus mode is fully responsive on all devices.
It offers easy course organization thanks to the drag-and-drop feature.
Quiz and assessment options are available.
LearnDash runs on WordPress, which is the famous and user-friendly content management system available.
LearnDash has one of the better quiz builders of all the LMS plugins that I’ve tried.
It works with other WordPress plugins and services like WooCommerce, bbPress (forums), MailChimp, and tons more.
If you want to monetize your online courses, LearnDash integrates with PayPal out of the box to enable payment collections through your website.
Drip content tools are available.
It offers drag-and-drop course builder, including ability to re-use lessons in multiple courses.
You can have unlimited courses and unlimited students.
With LearnDash you’re not just limited to lessons within a course. You can also offer topics within each lesson.
There is a knowledgeable technical support team.
The full list of payment options are; Buy Now, Open, Closed, Free, Recurring. So you can easily decide the best way to offer your course right through LearnDash.
LearnDash also has a vibrant third-party marketplace, which makes it very easy to extend your course with new features.
Both LearnDash and Astra have compatibility with each other built in.
Learners get a really nice distraction-free interface, along with useful features like progress bars, tables of contents, etc.
You can drip-feed or set pre-requisites for course content.
It is a drag-and-drop course builder.
LearnDash is accompanied by lots of online documentation to help you to get started, and then develop a better understanding of how the plugin works and what you can do with it.
Learndash’s integration with WordPress provides you with access to a broader community of developers and users.
You can quickly create courses, sell courses, host unlimited users and courses.
LearnDash allows you to translate your content easily without having to use a separate plugin.
It offers great customization capabilities to make your course uniquely yours.
Drag-and-drop course builder makes organizing courses easy.
The visual course builder ensures that creating the perfect course experience is easy.
Profound ease of use, from front-end features to the overall LMS functionality.
You can take payments directly from your website with Stripe or PayPal.
There is simple course setup using the same principles as WordPress page builders.
It offers fantastic front-end learning experience.
There is built-in ability to sell courses & subscriptions.
You can change the text headings in one place and have it updated everywhere. You can change the text ‘lesson’ to ‘module’ if that suits your course better.
With things like drip-fed content and pre-requisites, it’s easy to adjust the learning experience to suit your brand, and your customers.
Several pricing models are available.
The video progression feature means that it’s easy to embed externally or self—hosted videos into your lessons.
It provides extensive overall features for you to use to build and review your courses.
LearnDash comes with a number of premium and free add-ons that can extend the functionality of your learning experience.
Deep functionality gives you lots of control in most areas.
You’ll get built-in features to add video to lessons and topics – you can even add a video preview for your course.
You can easily customize your course display and lesson options.
The dashboard is easy to navigate, and the drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for anyone to build of course – even with no prior experience.
With LearnDash, you can drip the content and set timers so people can’t mark a lesson as complete until they’ve spent a certain length of time on it.

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❌ Cons

It requires integration with third-party applications for better functioning.
LearnDash can feel a little overwhelming at first.
Limited sales features are available.
It has a steep learning curve.
There is no free version.
There is no free trial.
There is no membership module.
Sales pages are quite basic and there’s no built-in funnel system to improve your conversions.
You will need to customize design.
If you don’t already have a WordPress website, then you’ll need to build one. That’s before you can begin using LearnDash.
Because LearnDash is so full of great features, it’s going to offer a little while to learn.
It has a challenging interface.
There is no free trial, free plan or monthly fee option.
LearnDash also doesn’t come with very much native design flexibility.
You’ll need to take advantage of LearnDash’s third-party integrations for payment. Options like Stripe, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads are best.
Limited built-in membership and payment options are available.
It can take some time to know how every feature works.
There is no access to support documentation without a license.
The platform includes basic membership features that allow you to restrict access to authorized users. However, you can’t set up membership features for your entire online course website as a whole.
LearnDash does have built-in ability to sell your courses, but it is quite simplistic.
There is slower update schedule from the developers.
It is only available for WordPress websites.
It needs a base theme to work.
While LearnDash does offer a 15 day moneyback guarantee, that’s still extra administration to trial the LMS.
High-level reporting features are also missing from the basic plan.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about LearnDash below.

Review Summaries
Overall LearnDash wasn’t meant to be an all in one solution, but rather just handle your course content which it does extremely well. You can overcome all of its downsides pretty easily by getting a good theme and then a membership site solution to wrap that over LearnDash.
LearnDash is a great course creation tool, but is it the best solution? It lacks some noteworthy features that require third-party integrations and this can quickly add to your expenses. If you’re looking for more built-in capabilities, but for less — then look no further than
Without a doubt, LearnDash is a powerful tool for creating online courses no matter your audience or desired course structure. Therefore, if you have a WordPress site and your focus is making online courses look no further. LearnDash comes with almost every feature you need to create an intuitive learning management system.
Thanks to its huge list of features and extensive settings and options, if you want to publish courses online, LearnDash should be on your shortlist. It’s highly unlikely you won’t be able to create the types of courses or online learning platform you want with LearnDash and its library of add-ons and third-party plugin integrations.
This well-respected and powerful WordPress plugin is an excellent option to sell and deliver online courses. If you are looking to integrate your website and online courses on the same platform, there isn’t much that comes close to WordPress and LearnDash. Yes, LearnDash can take some time to learn how everything works, but that should be expected from something as advanced as LearnDash.
There’s no denying that LearnDash is truly a revolutionary tool for creating online courses no matter what your target audience is or what your desired course structure may be. It promises to and successfully delivers on every single feature you could possibly ask of an intuitive Learning Management System.
LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins. Its deep functionality makes it a great option for creating truly custom courses. The only downside is that casual users might struggle to figure out all of that deep functionality.
All in all, Learndash is the best LMS plugin for WordPress, and an extremely powerful tool for building online courses or training websites, whether you want it for creating small projects or to sell large, scalable products.
We think that Learndash has plenty of useful features to be proud of. For one, we love its drag-and-drop editor because it’s incredibly functional for creating courses. Learndash also lets you add and remove certain elements from your online courses quite easily. You can even organize the layout of your website with it.
LearnDash is one of the most popular and well-supported learning management systems for WordPress. You can use it to organize your online courses, manage students, quizzes, assignments and more.
Overall we think LearnDash is a solid purchase that offers the best experience for both website owner and student so is definitely worth exploring if you’re in the market.
What’s more, it’s extremely easy to use. LearnDash is an excellent choice for anyone in the digital landscape that wants to share their skills with the world, without having to build a new site from scratch. This affordable and easy-to-use plugin will give you the tools you need to engage your audience and boost your brand in no time.
Overall, through the course of our LearnDash review, we found it to be one of the best LMS WordPress plugins available with some advanced features enabling the teaching business organizations to thrive fast. It allows you to build courses with a variety of features to keep your audience engaged.
All in all, LearnDash is one of the best choices for WordPress LMS plugins. It justifies its popularity among tutors and teachers with a plethora of features, functionalities, and unique factors. Furthermore, its affordable pricing and ease of use allow users to try their hands with this plugin.
I feel confident recommending LearnDash as a great option for anyone looking to create online course content with WordPress, no matter if you’re a solo creator, a business looking for an employee training solution, or a serious academic institution.

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