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✅ Pros

Many customers have been really happy with the flavour of the beans.
Review Pros
Lifeboost Coffee supports farmers and laborers.
Lifeboost Premium Coffee is clean, low acid and pesticide-free coffee.
All beans are ripened, and there are no quakers.
Lifeboost comes in at a 6.0 which is very low acid.
It is USDA certified organic.
It is low-acid and mycotoxin-free.
They are well below the FDA standards for mold and mycotoxins.
It makes amazing cold brew.
It’s also tested and certified mycotoxin-free, which means you don’t ever have to worry about mold in your morning cup.
No pesticides are used in this case.
There are no synthetic included smells or added substances.
The company tests the finished product before packaging and shipping.
It is produced by a company that is serious about preserving the natural environmen.
There is no bitter aftertaste.
It has best natural quality with less-acidity.
One of the main characteristics of organic coffee is its low amount of acidity.
There is low acid concentration in the coffee.
Large scale periodic 3rd party testing is done to ensure the Mycotoxins free bag of coffee.
30-day money-back guarantee is offered.
It is developed in mountain conceal.
They hand pick only the biggest and best beans of the lot.
It has perfect humidity content of 11.5%.
There are no secondary tastes.
The growers do not treat coffee beans with pesticides or chemicals.
Brand is appreciated by various renowned personalities.
It doesn’t contain any mycotoxins or shape.
It is certainly bolder than most medium blends that I’ve tried.
The coffee beans themselves are officially certified as “specialty-grade”.
It is pesticide-free, organic, and shade-grown.
Lifeboost’s coffee measures a pH of 6 or higher.
Each bag of medium roast coffee comes with whole beans, so the grinding process is at your discretion.
The taste is super smooth.
HTTPs protocol is followed.
All of the beans are harvested on pure and healthy land, without pollution or unnecessary chemical.
It is completely organic and chemical free.
If for whatever reason you do not like the product or taste, Lifeboost offers a 100 percent refund for the first 60 days.
Seed fermentation is done for 26 hours to remove skin and preserve the beans.
There is no bitter aftertaste.
It is available in decaf and a range of fun flavors.
The coffee contains one pure ingredient from the highest quality farm in a nationally protects area in Central America.
It is certified organic.
It’s GMO-free, so the plant genetics can be traced to naturally-occurring plants.
It also doesn’t leave an aftertaste.
The coffee is NON-GMO (non genetically modified) to preserve the environment and for a healthier cup.
The coffee is slow roasted giving you a smooth, chocolatey caramel flavor that is ultra low acid with no bitter aftertaste.
You can expect a robust flavor too.
It is accessible in a scope of various meals and flavours.
It is fair trade certified.
After the fermentation is over, workers hand-wash all of the beans in spring water for the purest cleansing.
Lifeboost Coffee is Certified Organic, specialty bean, single origin, fair trade, shade and elevation grown a mile above sea level.
Consumers will fall in love with the sweet to light-medium body of the roast that gives off floral notes of flavor.
These Nicaraguan beans are non GMO.
They do not use chemicals or GMO.
It has a rich chocolate-ly caramel flavor that is super smooth.
The farmers in Nicaragua are paid 30 cents extra per pound than normal.
Lifeboost coffee beans are then sun dried to the perfect humidity of 11.5% to ensure there is no mold.
We tested a cup with pH testing strips and it comes out as a pH of 6.
Nice packaging could make for a great gift.
For better quality, all these processes are done manually.
They have secure payment modes.
If you don’t fall in love with the delicious taste of this coffee, you can return your coffee bags, empty or full, within 60 days to get a refund with no questions asked.
One fantastic factor about the Lifeboost is that its beans are hand-selected one-by-one.
Coffee gets roasted after the order is placed.

❌ Cons

Cash on delivery is not available.
It has less attractive packaging.
There is no certificate of quality for orders.
It is fairly pricey.
It is somewhat costly yet an espresso coffee wouldn’t fret paying extra for the rich taste.
They are a bit pricey.
You have to pay shipping expense in case of refund.
Lifeboost Coffee is on the expensive side.
This coffee is on the more expensive side.
Discount applies on selected orders.
The bag inside was a little tough to open.
It’s on the pricier side.
It doesn’t work as well with cream and sugar.
Beans can go out of stock.
Some customers have found the flavour lacking.
There is no variety of origins.
The downside is that they are more expensive than most.
There is a slight hint of burnt bean taste but nothing overwhelming.
It is more aimed at a general market than the specialty coffee movement.

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