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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

They provide price stability guarantee.
Review Pros
No matter what service level you sign up for, you get a customized care plan.
LifeFone offers a full line of quality systems and options to pick from.
Additional features are affordable.
Daily wellness calls and medicine reminder services are available.
The emergency response operators are also very good.
It promises fast response time.
They offer decent package prices.
Lifetime equipment warranty is offered.
LifeFone receives consistently positive customer reviews.
They promise loud two-way audio.
LifeFone subscribers can cancel at any time for any reason and get a refund for any unused amount.
It has a very simple setup.
They offer free protection for your spouse.
LifeFone offers members the option of a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription service with no contract.
Call operator quality is good.
24-hour customer service is available.
LifeFone has two mobile GPS systems.
There are many options including no phone line, fall detection, GPS, smartphone apps, medication monitoring, activity monitoring and smoke and CO detection.
Every LifeFone unit is backed by a lifetime equipment warranty, which includes no-charge equipment replacement for any medical alert service device.
One of the major benefits of the company is that they have got their own UL certified monitoring center.
Free spouse monitoring is offered.
LifeFone also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
It is caregiver-friendly.
It is easy to install.
LifeFone offers medication (pill) reminders.
All wearables can be worn in the shower or bath.
It is easy to install with online step-by-step directions.
There is a choice of call buttons from wristband to necklace.
It is a well-established company.
Free spouse coverage is available.
Customers can cancel at any time for any reason and get a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of any pre-paid service.
Free spouse pendant is offered.
Set-up and activation is free for all customers with no regards to the duration of a contract.
LifeFone has one main call center and two back-up facilities.
There are no equipment costs.
There are no equipment or set-up charges.
It has very attractive design.
It offers 24/7 monitoring, and call centers in New York answer all calls.
GPS/mobile tracking is available.
30-day trial is offered.
They also have environmental protection plan.
LifeFone is among the oldest and longest running medical alert services on the market.
Customized emergency plans are offered.
LifeFone offers not just pendants but also bracelets that resemble wrist watches
It is waterproof.
There is no activation fee.
They also come with a lifetime price and equipment guarantee.
LifeFone’s professional emergency care agents are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You can pay lower fees if you opt to pre-pay quarterly or annually.
They offer 30-day money back guarantee.
Affordable fall detection is provided.
They go above and beyond with their additional services.
30-day free trial is offered.
LifeFone offers two smartphone apps, Mobile Alert™ and Family Guard™.
LifeFone At Home Landline uses your home’s telephone landline for communication.
You can answer the phone with your LifeFone help button.
LifeFone does offer significant savings if you pay annually.
30-day money back guarantee is offered.
Mobile and at-home options are provided.
It also has got maximum feet range of 1300ft and actual feet range of 480ft.
There are no equipment or setup fees.
You can cancel anytime.
Customers and caregivers can access additional options such as Medication Reminders, Activity Assurance, Daily Check-in Calls, GPS Location Service and set up email/text notifications for certain system events.
The company uses the popular MobileHelp CBS2-01 in-home cellular system.
It replaces a battery with low charge for free.
It has up to 1,300-foot range.
Lifefone offers a variety of different equipment, including in-home medical alarm systems and on-the-go alarm systems.
The monthly cost is a bit cheaper than average.
GPS tracking is offered with mobile base units.
Remote phone answering iis available.
Call center and backup facilities are located within the U.S.
There is no contract, startup or installation fees.

❌ Cons

If you can’t pay annually, you’ll end up with a relatively expensive plan.
The pricing structure of these medical alert systems are little on the expensive side.
They have limited online support.
There is no online chat option.
The color of the call button on the base station is black instead of red.
There is no chat function on their website.
LifeFone does not list call center related certifications by recognized 3rd-party industry organizations.
There are misleading prices on website.
Extras can increase your bill by about $20 a month.
Prices can shoot up quickly based on extras.
Monitoring center is not TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified.
It doesn’t quite do enough to stand out from the best.
Average response times have been observed.
The speaker quality of the mobile alert system, the Numera Libris, is not good.
No live chat is a minus.
Spouses are free, but couples need to share a mobile unit.
Pendant has limited outdoor range.
Wireless unit service is only available in AT&T cellular network areas.
Although LifeFone’s monitoring team has undergone extensive training, it is difficult to determine whether or not these employees are EMT-certified based on the information provided on the company’s website.
Pendant ranges substantially shorter than specified.
You are responsible for installation if you use the fire/CO alarms.
Call center reps are not EMT certified.
Add-on options can get overwhelming.
The most disappointing aspect of LifeFone was the inconsistent and sometimes very slow call response times.
Additional fee for lockboxes and other items that many competitors offer for free.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
LifeFone is a medical alert company that offers customers quality equipment combined with helpful round-the-clock monitoring services. They offer both at-home and on-the-go mobile systems. There are also choices for apps and caregiver tools that offer additional support and peace of mind for both senior system users and their loved ones.
The LifeFone At Home Landline is a user-friendly medical alert system that offers a handful of useful services and delivers loud two-way hands-free communications with the response center, but its portable help button showed limited range in our tests.
LifeFone is a great choice for your medical alert needs and can offer great peace of mind in a medical emergency. Its US-based response center and customized care plans set it apart from other medical alert systems. However, while the basic plans are affordable if paid annually, services will get expensive fast if you add extras or pay monthly.
LifeFone’s At Home and On-the-Go systems offer complete freedom, and the At Home models provide security so you can live in your home longer.
LifeFone offers a variety of home and mobile medical alert systems, as well as a full environmental protection package. You can pick and choose between the right combination of equipment and add-on services to get the perfect medical monitoring plan for your needs.
LifeFone offers a simple and easy package to help keep yourself safe as you move about your home. It has a long reach and is very simple to use. With a service that’s been active for more than 40 years, LifeFone has become a trusted name in this space and it deserves that reputation.
LifeFone’s been around longer than most medical alert services, but the pricing structure doesn’t stand out from the top services and the systems included in each package are unimpressive. The mobile device has a subpar speaker and the in-home system isn’t loud enough. However, the most disappointing aspect of LifeFone was the inconsistent and sometimes very slow call response times.
This experienced company can be trusted to deliver what it promises. And you should trust them and order the system with the annual payment plan to ensure the best possible price.
LifeFone is similar to many other medical alert companies. The monthly cost is a bit cheaper than average, but its call response time is fast and the call quality is excellent. It is a good medical alert service, but doesn’t quite do enough to stand out from the best.
Lifefone can boast its long-term reputation as well as its high-quality certified equipment. The choice of landline and cellular enabled systems is also a plus, as is the variation of add-on features The company also offers refund (few in this sphere do) and with their experience they guarantee a very good monitoring service for sure.
Among the many medical alert options, LifeFone stands out for its thoughtful extra features. Their systems nail the basics — like attractive hardware and a wide coverage range — and then go above and beyond with their additional services. These include medication reminders and daily check-ins, plus an online portal for caregivers to change or update their care instructions.
LifeFone is a well-respected company within the medical alert system industry and has a long history of providing helpful service. The company offers a number of different medical alert systems that should meet the needs of anyone looking for a basic in-home system to a versatile mobile system.
There’s a lot to like about LifeFone, besides their extensive product offering. They are family owned and operated and have been in business since 1976. They are forthright with information regarding their pricing and services. Their website is easy to navigate and contains most of the information. A live chat option would be a good addition to their website.
Friendly customer service agents, a lifetime equipment warranty, and affordable low entry pricing make LifeFone a strong contender for anyone looking for a good medical alert solution, especially if you’re looking to stay on a budget.