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✅ Pros

Link Whisper offers email support to its customers. Its support team is quite knowledgeable and polite in my experience.
Review Pros
It helps you improve your SEO (we all know internal links matter a lot when it comes to search engine optimization).
It saves a lot of time with AI internal linking.
Link Whisper will also help you to analyze how many internal links each post has. It also shows you how many inbound links are coming to the article and how many outbound links are present in it.
It also scans your site in search of broken links.
If you use Link Whisper today and then decide to cancel down the road, all of your links will stay put. No broken or missing links are left behind.
It is compatible with wordPress page builders.
It can help in improving rankings.
You can easily identify which articles have errors or broken links.
It also comes with a free version.
There are not many WordPress plugins that utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). LInk Whisper is one of the few plugins that do it beautifully.
It offers powerful reporting.
Link Whisper is the best tool for creating internal links and is used for other blog builders besides WordPress.
Anchor text creation meets Artificial Intelligence.
Every single inbound internal link created with ‘Auto-linking’ will have the same exact same anchor text.
Link Whisper doesn’t impact page speed, even after adding over 100 internal links.
It gives you full control over anchor text.
It builds internal links fast.
Link Whisper lets you arrange your blog posts based on how many internal links they receive.
It is powered by artificial intelligence.
Link Whisper can pull in keyword data from other plugins you have already installed, such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or All in One SEO.
It gives instant link suggestions.
It provides powerful, rich reporting & analytics.
It is a freemium WordPress plugin.
You can add links as you write your content in the WP editor.
You have full control over internal linking process.
Link Whisper suggested 108 internal links in under one minute. And that’s just for one keyword.
Link reports show exactly how many internal, and external links per page are available.
It keeps things very straightforward.
It gives you the ability to customize anchors.
Most of the suggested links (over 60%) are relevant.
You can add internal links in bulk per page post-publishing.
It helps the website or blog post to rank better in Google search as it helps create a great link structure.
Normally it takes me an hour to find and add 10-15 internal links to my newest post. But with Link Whisper, I do it in 5m, and that was when I was just starting to use this awesome plugin.
It is easy to use.
You can decide which links you want.
Even if you uninstall the plugin, all your internal links will stay intact (so you can uninstall or even cancel your account after some time) .
It works well with all major page builders.
Link Whisper also integrates with Google Search Console, allowing you to fetch your search traffic data.
You can create internal links that apply to all your articles using a word or phrase of your choice.
It also allows you to bulk change URLs across your site.
It’s easy to install (any WordPress user can do it).
Link Whisper also allows you to add internal links in bulk.
Link suggestions are provided based on content on-page.
It offers suggestions for automatic internal linking, reducing the time spent on building manual internal linking.
This plugin does not slow down your page speed score.
It is easy to use.
Link Whisper’s suggestions are spot on.
It can find broken and 404 links.
You can see at a glance how many inbound internal links, outbound internal links, and outbound external links you have for each article.
It offers quick internal link suggestions.
It offers control over internal linking process.
It’s compatible with most themes and editors.
Auto Linking helps you automatically add internal and external links on your posts depending on keywords. It is a great option for affiliate marketing.
The new update to Link Whisper allows you to set target keywords for blog posts and pages.
It offers automatic link creation to any keyword that you choose.
Link Whisper automates the process of finding what pages on your site you can send internal links to.
It is time-saving.
It allows quick addition of links to new and existing content.
If you wish to redirect a URL to a new address, you can do this within seconds using their URL Changer feature.
It offers instant link suggestions.
Using Auto Link you can automate internal and external linking pretty easily.
It is easy to use.
The internal links that Link Whisper builds have the same HTML code as the ones you build manually.
It is a great broken link checker.
It offers free contextual internal link suggestions.
You can find which articles are best for internal linking using Link Whisper’s artificially intelligent algorithm.
You can run a keyword search to find pages that contain the phrase you want to use for your internal links.
It doesn’t slow down your website.
You’ll also get access to their customer support in case if you need any help.
It is easy to use and highly intuitive.
It offers you relevant automatic internal linking suggestions as you write (so you can save a lot of time to build internal links within your content).
It offers powerful reports.
The reports show you how many links you have.

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❌ Cons

Some suggestions are not helpful.
My next annoyance is around the fact that you can’t manually enter a URL to link to.
Link building remains complex, so some options can be overwhelming.
If you have absolutely no knowledge about SEO, then using Link Whisper might be a little tough for you.
You can not link any outbound links in your article which is not a good thing.
Most software products offer a 14 or 30-day free trial to test the products first before upgrading. Link Whisper doesn’t offer that.
To add inbound internal links to existing posts and webpages, you need to buy the premium version, it is not possible in the free version of the plugin.
It doesn’t suggest external links that are relevant to the post/article you’re currently working on.
Some of the suggestions are not relevant.
It doesn’t support all languages.
It would’ve been great if they had provided a Rel Tag updates option so you could convert your NoFollow links to Sponsored links in bulk.
Roughly, 4 out of 10 results would be relevant. So, you should know which ones to include.
It only works for sites built on WordPress.
There are no external linking suggestions.
My first gripe is that way too many of the internal link suggestions were irrelevant, which is annoying.
Some features could be complex for beginners to understand
It only works on WordPress. Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, and other site builders are not supported.
Some features could be complex for beginners to understand.
Link Whisper suggests relevant internal links for you to add. But those relevant links are often buried under the heaps of irrelevant anchors you’d never want to use.
It is a bit expensive as their pricing plans start at $77 per year.
Link suggestions for headings are not available.
Link Whisper doesn’t scan the comment section for broken links.
Some features (such as ignoring links and URL changer) could be daunting for beginners to understand.
If you insert the suggested links in the required places, they cannot be deleted or updated in bulk automatically. You have to do the entire process manually.
There are no external link suggestions.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Link Whisper below.

Review Summaries
While Link Whisper isn’t the cheapest internal link-building tool for WordPress, it is the best. It’s a time and energy-saving tool that allows you to create internal links for all your content with ease. By increasing site traffic and improving the user experience for your readers, Link Whisper is well worth the price.
Link Whisper is a nifty WordPress plugin that generates lots of relevant (and sometimes not so relevant) internal link suggestions. Despite a few minor flaws, Link Whisper helps save you time and increase your chances of ranking better on SERPs. It also works with most major page builders (like Elemntor and Divi), doesn’t slow down your site, and is reasonably priced.
Link Whisper is a handy WordPress plugin that will find a lot of relevant and sometimes irrelevant internal link suggestions. Link Whisper works with all the major site and page builders, doesn’t decrease your site’s speed and overall helps you rank better in Google and Bing. And all for a fair price.
Overall, Link Whisper seems to be a solid plugin and has fantastic possibilities in the future. They’ve recently added a new reporting dashboard for broken links and redirects as well. These are the kind of plugins I love to write and use the most. The problem solvers. I prefer to use it over other interlink plugins since Link Whisper has much better features, relevant suggestions and more control over linked articles.
The Link Whisper plugin is the best Internal Linking WordPress plugin and it is the best tool for any website owner.
Link Whisper is a WordPress SEO plugin that provides smart suggestions for building internal links. Also, it even has the functionality to automatically add links to your website.
Link Whisper is a revolutionary WordPress plugin to speed up the process of internal linking and help you rank better in Google, Links Whisper is smart and it is powered by artificial intelligence. SEO Experts like Matthew Woodward trust this plugin and using it. I personally will recommend you to try Link Whisper for interlinking and I am personally liking this plugin.
If you have a WordPress website with 100+ posts and you are constantly adding on to it, then Link Whisper would be a really powerful tool to grow your SEO rankings and engagement. This is a fast and easy-to-use tool, and you’d have no problems with it if you are aware of some basics of internal linking.
Link Whisper is worth considering if you’re tired of manually adding internal links and want to automate the process. Keep in mind that Link Whisper uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find internal link-building opportunities based on how many pages and how much content you have published on your website or blog. Therefore, to get the most out of Link Whisper, you have to create more relevant, useful, and keyword-rich content.
Link Whisper is worth it! As a website portfolio owner and flipper, this plugin is a must. Before Link Whisper, as a website investor, I would ignore internal linking because it was such a hassle to do it manually. Now, I schedule time every few weeks to go into the reports and go through and add internal links. It’s become a ritual.
There are not many WordPress plugins that I regard as indispensable, but this is one of them. Link Whisper has already saved me a ton of time. As for SEO, it’s hard to tell – my rankings have increased since I installed LW, but I’ve also been making other changes on my site so its hard to know how much is LW and how much is due to other factors. My overall assessment: you won’t be wasting your money when you purchase Link Whisper.
Link Whisper plugin is especially helpful for sites that have published a ton of articles. This plugin makes your internal linking faster and better. It also doesn’t slow down your site’s speed. All in all, Link Whisper is a great internal linking plugin and it’s worth every penny.
Creating internal links is time-consuming and confusing (you need to make sure that you’ve always added the right links. Link Whisper takes internal linking to the next level with Artificial intelligence and automation to internal linking. I strongly recommend internal linking for SEO and this WordPress plugin can help you save a lot of time doing it.
Link Whisper is a handy tool that will find a lot of relevant and sometimes not so relevant internal link suggestions. It works with the major page builders, doesn’t slow down your site and overall helps you rank better for a fair price.
Link Whisper is a powerful SEO tool and can be a great addition to your SEO toolbox and it can not only boost your website’s SEO but also help you save your time. If you run a blog, you know that time is very important. And you can utilize the time saved by using Link Whisper for other tasks to manage and grow your blog. All in all, Link Whisper is definitely worth it as it’s helpful and affordable.

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