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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

Litter Robot does not require frequent cleaning.
Review Pros
This is the best box for multi-cat households and large breed cats.
There is an 8-hour sleep mode.
It is quick in disposing of the feces.
Litter area made from thick rubber that handles the cat’s scratching and digging.
This is odor free design.
This gives you a concrete measure of how often your cat is entering the litter box.
Litter-Robot is one of the better automatic litter boxes.
The sensor alerts the device that your precious pet has entered.
The Litter-Robot III Open Air holds enough waste.
It does not leave any room for assembly errors and damages.
It keeps my whole home clean and smell free.
It reduces litter from your home.
It works very well.
The Litter-Robot works on weight sensors.
It is build of good quality material.
The Litter Robot III Open Air has a sensor, sophisticated enough to detect both smaller and larger cats.
Litter-Robot III is very specific when doing its job.
It can control litter odor.
Litter-Robot did a good job of scooping the litter.
It does not required maintaince.
It works reliably and effectively.
It is a reliable, modernistic looking device.
It is very easy to set up.
A built-in weight sensor detects the weight of the cat.
The litter is automatically scooped within minutes.
The device is made of durable recyclable plastics.
Litter Robot is an attractively designed, bisque-colored litter box consisting of 4 major elements.
There will be no left-behind clumps that can stink.
A useful indicator will inform you when the waste tray is nearly full and needs emptying.
An automatic night light will turn on when a cat decides to use the toilet in the dark.
The Litter Robot is designed to simplify the process of scooping.
Litter-Robot utilizes carbon filters, which helps keep the whole thing smelling .
It comes with cat sensor which can detect the presence of cat.
The Litter-Robot III will start every time your cat finishes doing the deed.
There is full light indicator to empty the waste drawer.
It also helps reduce the risk of nasty bacteria.
The Litter-Robot III allows you to deal with the mess.
It is sold with a 90-day money back guarantee and a warranty of 18 months.
It has an easy to understand control panel.
It is easy to change litter with a push of a button.
It is built to last, features a solid construction.
This is absolutely the best automatic, self-cleaning litter box.
The LR comes with an easy to use push button programmable user interface control panel.
It comes with full 90-day money back guarantee and 18-month warranty policy.
It can automatically adjusts the cleaning cycle.
This is an almost entirely automatic clever litter box.
It’s ability to reduce odors.
It is made of high-quality and incredibly durable.
The Litter-Robot held more litter waste than any other self-cleaning litter box.
The Litter-Robot runs the cleaning function as soon as your cat uses it.
It completely controls bad odors coming from cat waste.
The Litter-Robot III has a very spacious litter chamber.
It saves me time.
There is no need for additional trays or even non-reusable receptacles.
The insides of the Litter-Robot III has a height of 15.0 to 17.0 inches.
You dont need to get your hands dirty, very easy to dispose of the litter from it.
AutoPets offers an 18-Month Warranty on the Litter-Robot.
The unit has a modern spherical design.
This genius device will automatically separate the cat’s waste and the soiled litter.
It is automated machine and works on its own.
Robot has a nice aesthetic.
Its ingenious design also will help remove the nasty odor.
The Litter-Robot III outperforms any other automatic litter box.
The Litter-Robot III tells you when it’s time to empty it.
Wifi Connect feature gives you insights into your cat’s litter box activity.
The LR is made up of a durable solid plastic construction.
It is self automated.
Tthere is no rake that collects the droppings.

❌ Cons

The big problem with this machine is its size, it need more space to stand.
It is best for little cats.
It is noisy machine.
This machine is design for less weight cats.
It is not suitable for cats larger than 20 lbs.
The cost of the product is bit out of budget.
It is huge.
The unit is bigger so it’s bulkier.
It is little pricey.
It is expensive.
The device is designed for cats that weigh 5+ pounds.
Its heavy design is hard to move around.
Its pannel doesn’t show the current wait time.
It is huge and bulky machine
It is difficult to empty the Litter-Robot’s waste drawer without spilling dirty litter onto the floor.
Cats need to weigh at least 5 pounds for it to auto-cycle.
The Litter Robot III is on the high-end price-wise.
It does make some noise when the mechanism rotates which could bother nervous or timid cats.
You should deep-clean an automatic litter box at least monthly.
The Litter Robot is big and sturdy.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Litter Robot is one of the most sophisticated self-cleaning cat trey out on the market today, coming in as the best automatic litter box on the market. The unit is specifically designed to avoid any scooping, cleaning and general maintaining.
Litter Robot 3 or Litter robot iii open air is a great product.This is a great box for people who can’t stand the sight of poop and just are looking for something that will help them not do that ever again.
The Litter-Robot III uses sensors to detect when cats are coming in. However, cats that are lighter than five pounds might not be recognized by the sensor, so this is not something that you can use for kittens.
The Litter-Robot also uses less litter than traditional litter boxes and keeps the litter cleaner. Because it cycles after every use, the clumps are dumped into the waste drawer right away.
The Litter Box III is truly the culmination of them all. It is designed to accommodate larger cats, with a larger dome and a larger litter area and entrance. It features a useful LED night light to cats who have impaired vision or are scared of using a dark litter box
The Litter-Robot currently sells for $450 USD on the Litter-Robot website; while many social media pages offer discounts. he Litter-Robot may not be 100% necessary for those who are content with their current litter routine.
Litter Robot works reliably and effectively. Litter area made from thick rubber that handles the cat’s scratching and digging. Its pannel doesn’t show the current wait time. It is easy to change litter with a push of a button.
It is suitable for households with more than one cats. The unit is very well built, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking apart. Reduces the odor from the cat toilet to minimum. You can go on a trip for a few days and feel confident that your fur babies are comfortable and that the house is not a mess.
This machine takes the ‘ick factor’ out of kitty litter boxes. Another huge plus is that It is both cat and child friendly. There is virtually no risk associated with this litter box.
The Litter Robot cycles quickly and doesn’t require any special supplies or parts. It’s perfect for multiple cat households, keeping the litter box constantly clean and ready for any cat to use. The only caveat is that it’s not the best fit for households with kittens.
This litter box is certainly the most advanced and most convenient solution of its kind currently on the market. Litter Robot is far from cheap. Litter Robot comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month full warranty.
Litter-Robot III, with its self-cleaning feature, eliminates such situation, even when you’re not home. It keeps the litter box clean after each use so that all your cats can use it keeping themselves away from others’ feces.
This litter box just works. Everything the manufacturer says this box can do, it does well. If you’re looking to avoid contact with cat waste as much as possible, then this is the box for you.
It is impossible to find a better automatic litter box that offers complete automation, easy cleaning, odor control and is loved by cats of all sizes. This is undoubtedly the best automatic litter box.
The Litter-Robot III Open Air was the best automatic litter box. It has the largest litter-trapper capacity. The Litter-Robot III Open Air offers an 18-month warranty with an optional 18-month extension for $50.