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✅ Pros

Jamie Eason is a trainer and champion bodybuilder known for her super cut abs and capped shoulders, as well as her cute lob haircut.
Review Pros
Consumers will find 100% natural-food based multi-vitamins, her anti-bloat formula which acts as a natural detoxifier, and her gluten/lactose free whey protein isolate.
It started to see tone/definition pretty quickly.
All nutritional info is available right on their site.
They even have a meal package that includes only certified halal meat.
It really was effective.
Educational information is abundant and trainees from all walks of fitness levels will find relevant information to meet their unique fitness needs.
Most moves had good at home alternatives.
It includes relatively short workouts.
Each phase of the program is focused on setting small goals, leading to the ultimate completing of the 12 week program.
You can plan out your meals for future weeks far in advance.
I love the efficiency of being able to cycle through all your exercises in a short span of time.
There is no cardio.
This 12-week fitness program is broken into three phases.
It is designed for women.
Community support is offered within BodyGroup.
If you need a kick in the booty and you know your way around a weight room on at least a basic level, this program is for you.

❌ Cons

I think I could have gotten this from many (less ridiculous) strength training programs.
There is no cardio.
It has too many rest days.
They have a standard menu that does not incorporate weekly changes unlike their competitors.
Mobile app has issues.
It is almost too easy.
It requires gym equipment.
Website is cluttered with ads.
The app’s most recent update is unnervingly glitchy.

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Review Summaries
I’m overall so, so glad I set out on this strength training journey, and I am glad I did it when I did. I am also so glad it’s over now and I can go back to doing one day of upper body strength, one day of lower body strength, and then just continue to cultivate my love of cardio on the other days of the week.
So to summarize phase 1, I’m hopeful. I haven’t seen a ton of change in numbers (or pictures which I came very close to sharing before nixing that idea this time around) but I do actually feel stronger and see small visible change.
This is a workout plan starting roots on bodybuilding.com, taking an approach to changing lifestyles and habits, rather than focusing on pure physique. While this program and all of its signature supplements are centered for females, it’s not to say males would not be able to perform this routine as well, while taking alternate supplements. This program requires gym memberships or equipment, which can be costly, but reasonable for the results rendered. This is truly a program with science-based approach implementing principles which work for everyone while allowing anyone to work at their own pace and level.
The only downfall of Live Fit is that they have a standard menu that does not incorporate weekly changes unlike their competitors. In turn, they are definitely an attractive option for those who are serious about tracking their macro nutrients and like to keep a steady routine week to week.

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