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✅ Pros

It offers myriad ways to open the door, including a killer fingerprint reader.
Review Pros
It has fingerprint scanner, touchpad, and keyed access.
It comes with an accurate fingerprint sensor.
It comes with HD video doorbell.
It is suitable for outdoor use and is proven to work between 4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
It allows 6-8 digit code instead of typical 4 digits.
The lock also comes with an internal SD as well as cloud storage that saves video and conversation recordings for you to review them later.
The Secure line offers one lock under $200.
It has nice hardware design.
The patented Pin Genie digital touchscreen scrambles codes so prying eyes can’t detect your code.
I liked two-way audio communication.
Lockly is available as deadbolt or latch.
Buttons change locations.
You can check battery life from the app.
It has super secure keypad.
The 3D fingerprint scanner is capable of storing around 99 fingerprints.
I liked the lock control via smartphone app.
Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi bridge is included.
It has rock solid build quality.
It gives real-time monitoring and status.
Up to 99 individual users can use it.
App has all the customizations.
It offers a visitor access solution, including eKeys and offline access codes.
It is available as deadbolt or latch.
Lockly comes with embedded doorbell camera.
It has relatively easy installation.
It also has fingerprint access feature.
‘Do not disturb’ mode disables the access keypad at any time.
The fingerprint sensor works like a dream.
It doesn’t require a costly monthly cloud subscription.
It has randomized number pad for security.
Logs are retained for a long time.
The lock generates multiple passcodes that don’t require an internet connection to grant entry to users.
It has a fast accurate fingerprint reader.
It includes physical backup keys.
It comes with Wi-Fi hub.
It offers pin Genie touch-screen code protection.
There is a local video storage option.
Door sensor and WiFi hub are included.
Lockly Duo has an excellent operation, including a top-notch fingerprint scanner.
It gives multiple access options.
Fingerprint scanner is faster than a pin.
It allows multiple ways to unlock the door.
Lockly’s WiFi hub is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
The lock comes with a backup 9v battery for use in the case of battery failure.
It is durable, reliable, and able to withstand inclement weather.
You can open and lock both locks with one handle.
Lock can be opened with a fingerprint.
With the companion app or voice control through smart home apps, you can control the Lockly Vision smart lock from absolutely anywhere.
You can unlock without “smart” features.
It comes with 1″ throw bolt.
You can control it through Google Assistant Voice unlock commands.
It has attractive aesthetic.
It has extremely sturdy industrial design.
It can tell if the door is open.
Keypad changes digit order.
It also includes manual lock.
It has easy installation.
Lockly installs easily on most front doors.
It is compatible with existing smart home technology.
Users can send time-restricted codes via text or email to grant guest access.
It comes with voice control feature.
It replaces both locks on your door.
There is random placement of code buttons.
The tracking history is also a nice touch.
Through the Lockly app, you’re able to access the live view from its real-time video at any time.
It comes with 3D fingerprint reader technology.

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❌ Cons

It doesn’t support HomeKit.
It needs additional Wifi hub for remote locking and integration with Alexa and Google Home.
The camera’s night vision quality is very poor.
You can’t unlock it remotely without buying Wi-Fi adapter.
The touch screen can be difficult to view in direct sunlight, especially with scrambled layouts.
It is expensive.
Screen smudges easily.
There is no WiFi connectivity unless you purchase Lockly’s WiFi hub.
It may require unusual router placement.
Jumbled keypad is a little frustrating to use.
App is just OK.
The Lockly app has some language translation issues.
Fingerprint scanner doesn’t always work.
Fingerprint reader location is not good.
Poor customer service means that problems can take a long time to resolve.
I’d like to see low light setting for the camera.
Price is a little higher than comparable smart locks.
There are no picture settings for the camera.
The price is just too high.
Users have reported issues with the fingerprint sensor.
It’s really expensive.
It is more expensive than traditional lock.
It is expensive.
Wi-Fi versus Bluetooth connection app differences is annoying.
Screen might be unreadable in direct sunlight.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Lockly Duo effectively combines a latch and deadbolt in a single smart unit, but the resulting device is enormous and—a bit wonky.
Performance is pretty good on the fingerprint scanner and having all the other methods to unlock the door is great but having to buy a $79.99 WiFi adapter to open the door from anywhere in the world or using Google Assistant and Alexa is just way too expensive. Especially considering that the lock alone is $279.99. In fact, even with the WiFi adapter it doesn’t support IFTTT.
A beautifully designed, super-secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart lock that covers all the bases, the Lockly Secure Pro is an excellent door lock, but could well be overkill for most people. Get this if you’re really worried about security, or if you want a high-end looking smart lock for your front door. But you can save some money if all you really want to do is be able to lock and unlock your door remotely in a pinch, this does that – but it also does a lot more you might not need.
At the end of the day, we can heartily recommend the Lockly Secure Pro for almost any home. To begin with, it has an attractive design, with several different finishes. There are also four different ways to open it – five, if you count the mobile app (physical key, voice assistant, fingerprint, keypad, and app). Installation is easy for the vast majority of people. Our only real complaint was the WiFi hub. It needs to be close to your router, which might be problematic for most people’s homes.
Adding a fingerprint reader adds a new level of functionality to the Lockly Secure Pus. While your kids might forget a key or a keycode, they aren’t likely to forget a finger. But that feature comes at a cost: the lock is larger and more obvious, and doesn’t include Alexa support unless you purchase a Wi-Fi adapter. It’s also expensive, but if the fingerprint feature is worth the cost, it could be very useful.
It’s more pricey than other options out there and it has a few flaws, but the Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt helps keep your codes protected. It also allows you to add several users, making it great for homes and businesses alike.
If a customizable smart lock with PIN protection and fingerprint reader sounds like your idea of a smart lock, then you should undoubtedly consider the Lockly Secure Pro. That goes double if you want the most voice control possible with Google Assistant. But if you want something with more simplicity, you should look elsewhere. You might even save money in the process.
I have to say, this thing is a beast. It’s by far one of the best setups I’ve seen. The fingerprint sensor works like a dream, and the auto-lock feature is an absolute Godsend too. But at the end of the day, it simply just works. Other than the issue of the notifications, I rarely had any problems with it. And for me, that’s a huge selling point.
This smart lock certainly appears as a reliable home security solution for 2021. However, if the real-time video, 2-way audio, and other additions are rife with holes, it will merely be another little step giving a lot of room to other smart lock players in the industry.
If you feel the need for additional security features and don’t mind the price then this might be the lock for you, otherwise there are lower priced smart locks that you should look at.
With the convenience of the app, the touchscreen, the fingerprint reader, and having the ability to use voice assistants, the Lockly Vision would be a great upgrade to your home or place of business.
The Lockly Vision is a unique smart lock equipped with an integrated video doorbell. It offers numerous ways to lock and unlock your door and it lets you see and talk to whomever is outside before unlocking, but it lacks night vision and motion detection.
At its mid-range price point, this smart lock performs extremely well, without the bugs and problematic performance of most rivals and with a large range of features that competitors are missing.
Overall, Lockly’s Secure series of smart locks is an excellent collection because it offers three lines to accommodate various buildings. If cost is your priority and you don’t mind foregoing extra features, the Standard line could be a good fit. But if WiFi connectivity is important, it’s worth splurging for the Pro line.
There are specific reasons why you would not want this lock from a functional perspective. If your door doesn’t have an awning or other weather protection, you’ll find the fingerprint sensor and code panel are very sensitive to rain and will basically stop working. If you don’t like the door handle aesthetic and prefer doorknobs, you should pass. But the main concern I have is in the pricing, which is very steep.

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