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✅ Pros

It is perfectly integrated with various business management tools such as Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Facebook Messenger.
Review Pros
Online payments are secure and SSL-protected. Credit card payments are accepted in all currencies to attract international guests.
They offer fully customizable designs with multiple template choices.
Lodgify is obtainable in multiple languages ​​to expand your customers and maximize their opportunities.
Lodgify works well with all kinds of channels.
Lodgify has direct 2-way integrations with Airbnb, Vrbo/Homeaway,, and Expedia.
You can keep the excellent track of all ongoing reservations.
Because Lodgify fully simplifies the website-building process, users without any coding training or special proficiencies should find it easy to use.
Lodgify’s pricing is easy to understand.
To make browsing your website easier for guests, the widget comes with a search box, a search results page with a map, and separate listing pages for each of your properties.
Property managers can also use Google Analytics to monitor a range of performance statistics, to inform future choices regarding the property.
The widget works whether you have one property or manage several vacation rental units.
You can keep everything in one place including guest communication, reservations, and more.
You can collect all bookings from your website, phone and any other external channel into one centralized calendar.
The available templates allow site creation in 30 language and the site links with payment providers to accept transfers from 192 countries.
It allows you to take online reservations for your property on your vacation rental website.
It is a great vacation rental website builder.
Lodgify has payment functionality.
To make booking easier, Lodgify offers its own calendar function.
The process of manually creating listings is hassle-free and fairly simple.
It allows you to take direct bookings and payments on your existing website.
Users can set up automatic reminders for payment.
The four website templates are incredibly easy to personalize to your company’s needs.
It can integrate with PriceLabs and other popular vacation rental software, or thousands of other apps through Zapier.
Your Lodgify account will give you a multi-calendar consolidated view to make your life so much easier.
It can automatically import all bookings you receive from your external channels into the booking system.
It comes with a channel manager feature.
Lodgify currently includes API integrations with Airbnb Professional, Airbnb Basic,, Expedia, and HomeAway/VRBO.
Lodgify allows calendar integration.
The rate management tool is straightforward to use with an easy interface.
Automatic calendar updates eliminate double-bookings.
It has particularly customizable website templates that customers enjoy.
You can manage the external listing from one platform.
BiggerPockets forum user Sofia Sharkey appreciates that Lodgify, unlike some competitors, offers an individual website per listing.
Lodgify offers a straightforward, customisable website builder with automatic SEO optimisation and mobile compatibility.
It can be used for any number of properties to satisfy private owners and property management companies’ needs.
Lodgify also offers a PMS and a channel manager that work seamlessly with the booking widget
If you already have a registered domain name, you’ll be able to connect it with Lodgify’s platform.
You can also accept credit card payments thanks to the integrated booking engine.
Lodgify customers can use automated emails for check-in, departure, and other information, making the process more hands-off for owners and agencies alike.
Lodgify offers an easy-to-navigate website builder where you can choose from a variety of personalized and optimized templates.
The software logs CCV files.
It can handle multiple properties in one location.
Lodgify has over 30 ready-to-practice website strategies out of the box.
Lodgify’s direct-booking and calendar-syncing features help maximize revenue and minimize management effort.
Websites are highly customizable, so you can generate completely unique homepages.
The booking system offered by Lodgify features a powerful rental reservation system you can work with for increased efficiency and customer bookings.
Lodgify offers direct payment, unlike iGMS, which is great when you have your own branded website.
You can test the product free for seven days before buying a subscription.
Lodgify gives a 14-day free trial and pricing plans for solo and multiple properties.
They offer a branded website and free domain to all users.
You can book your vacation rental website in 5 minutes.
The websites are mobile-friendly and include an app.
You can easily create a direct booking website for your property or properties.
Lodgify gives you complete control over your bookings, finances, communications and tasks.
Lodgify gives users the usual integration between Airbnb, VRBO, and similar websites.
You can customize pages, content and interface of your site quickly and easily.
There is a comprehensive Knowledge Base within the software.
You can start accepting direct payments.

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❌ Cons

Crucial features are confined to the most expensive plan.
Pricing depends on the plan and the number of properties.
The interface is confusing at times.
Features other than the website builder are less advanced than some alternatives.
Sometimes the system receives unknown errors.
Lodgify costs more than iGMS.
The software does not support automatic monthly charges for some guests.
The Starter plan has a booking fee of 1.9% on all bookings made.
The cost of the service is a little above the industry median for the Professional and Ultimate packages.
Some of the widgets are not very flexible.
The costs of Lodgify feel steep for some users.
Some users have reported bugs while using the platform.
Customers have reported lackluster customer support.
There is room for improvement in customer support services.
Users report spotty customer service experiences.
There are some complaints of poor customer service.
It’s not suitable for the part-time hosts.
Although Lodgify claims it helps vacation rental professionals gain independence and minimize commissions through increased direct bookings, some users find fault with the execution of the entire premise.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, Lodgify is a great choice for owners and hosts with one or a few properties, as well as property managers with 10 – 100+ properties. You can start a free 7 day trial at, or schedule a demo.
Overall, we recommend Lodgify for anyone with up to 15 properties looking for a simple management tool with strong website templates. The tool is relatively simple and the interface is quite modern. We came across no issues during testing, and customers are generally pleased.
Lodgify is a great tool that allows you to create your own vacation rental website. You don’t need to know any coding, which is a big plus. It’s simple to use and very effective.
Lodgify is a hotel management software that makes it easier for hotels and owners of rental accommodations to meet the needs of their customers. It is a complete solution and also takes care of the financial aspect of your business.
Lodgify’s rental property management software is best for owners of vacation rental properties, as well as property managers. The platform allows users without tech training to build websites to maximize revenue and minimize effort. It’s marketed toward users with one to 100 listings, but can accommodate more with a custom subscription.
The faultless and perfect platform to start your own site for property hosting. Calendar assimilates well with maximum channels. Excellent customer support. They help in all aspects of setup, features, and use.
The combination of fantastic features, ease of use, and high site traffic make Lodgify a top choice for Vacation Rental Owners. We highly recommend that you utilize Lodgify as the brains of your short term rental business. Go ahead and try the product risk-free for seven days. We are confident that you will agree that Lodgify is an invaluable asset and that it will provide you years of satisfaction.
The Lodgify booking widget is embeddable on any CMS (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc) and it allows you to take online reservations for your property on your vacation rental website.
With homesharing becoming an ever more popular source of income for millions of people, channel managers are popping up all over the place. If iGMS and Lodgify don’t quite suit your needs, there are dozens of other quality options out there to check out as well.
Lodgify is an excellent website building platform that is the home of the vacation rental website. With the help of Lodgify, you can make your custom-made website with ease and speed. Apart from this, this software has all those features that are necessary to run the platform.
Lodgify’s website builder is competitive and provides several features, with price optimisation and automated emailing two of the most crucial to success in this market. While there aren’t as many ready-to-go integrations available as some of their competitors, further integration is available outside of the standard apps, through the API. The pricing is also competitive and scales fairly, according to the number of properties managed under one account.
Lodgify provides business owners and property managers with everything they need in their services—a single, centralized platform where they can check online bookings, process payments and communicate well with their customers. One of the upsides to this software solution is it’s an easy-to-navigate interface where you can easily build a website using professionally made templates.
Lodgify is a cloud-based Hotel Management software that enables rental owners to manage multiple sectors of their property from a central system and a direct channel website for commission-free bookings. It also allows them to integrate with third-party reservation websites using metrics such as rates and calendar entries.

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