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✅ Pros

Shipping was fast.
Review Pros
The products are of high quality.
I found most of the products very effective.
Lost Empire Herbs offers high-quality nootropics & herbs.
The products are well dosed, and the packaging is excellent.
They are very reliable.
The products have great packaging.
The brand also provides its customers with a nifty health blog that provides them with additional direction and support when purchasing supplements.
You will get the lowest price possible.
Each and every product page on their website includes independent lab test results.
365-day money back guarantee is offered.
Everything ships out of their warehouse in California.
There is free domestic shipping for orders exceeding $100.
The majority of their herbs come from China, India and Tibet.
The products are very easy to take and offer users versatile methods to adding them to their routine.
They offer great product variety.
To make things easier for users, the brand has provided a comprehensive and detailed health index on its website.
Lost Empire Herbs offers a 1-year total satisfaction guarantee.
The family owned quality ensures that the products are made more carefully and with the attention necessary to provide users with excellent end products.
Those who are just getting started with Lost Empire Herbs can rejoice because their first order comes with a 15 percent discount.
They also have the only fresh-root, biodynamically-farmed, spagyrically-prepared Ashwagandha tincture grown in the USA.
They’re determined to innovate and continually improve their products.

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❌ Cons

The company tends to be out-of-stock more often than customers are happy with.
Their noot catalog is quite limiting.
There are no discount codes available.
This stuff is pricey for sure.
They are not a specialized nootropic supplier.
They have a slightly confusing webshop.

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Review Summaries
Overall, Lost Empire Herbs is a brand that many users can trust to improve their health and wellness with all-natural, safe, and powerful substances. Most of the brand’s products are ones that can give users the boost that they need to feel great on a daily basis. Further, the brand offers free shipping over $100 for all of North America.
I found a very happy medium and incredible value in Lost Empire Herbs and I’ll keep ordering from them and recommending them to family and friends. Based on their superior product quality, their sourcing, extraction processes, satisfaction guarantee and stellar customer reviews, I can’t imagine not taking these products and I’m excited to try new ones when I place another order later this month.
If you have serious issues with all the other leading nootropic vendors, Lost Empire Herbs can be a good place to run to. They have adequate quality assurance measures in place and a brand to keep. Most importantly, they provide a 365-day money back guarantee. They, however, have a limited product selection. And, therefore, if you’re looking for some kickass nootropic stacks, you might want to look elsewhere.
I can recommend Lost Empire Herbs if you’re looking to round out your supplement arsenal with a few powerful plant based compounds. The company is solid.
I’ve been ordering nootropics online for the past 3+ years, and it’s always been a big challenge finding reliable online vendors. After my careful review, Lost Empire Herbs seems like one of the most reliable and high-quality brands on the market.Based on my review, I give it the green light!

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