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✅ Pros

iPhone app exists.
Review Pros
LucidChart automatically saves the document you are working on while you are making changes.
It made it much easier to find the right shape.
It enables you to create attractive and professional looking diagrams for almost everything you need for work.
Lucidchart is so friendly that sketching and sharing professional flowchart diagrams is a breeze.
Lucidchart integrates with a wide variety of apps and platforms, making it easy to incorporate visuals into any workflow.
Great support and extended features are offered.
It is easy to learn.
It has short learning curve.
The simplicity of Lucidchart allows people with no previous knowledge of the program to enter and make edits to existing documents without risk.
It has good collaboration tools for team plans.
First time users can create mind maps or flowcharts in minutes with the simple drag-and-drop interface.
LucidChart gives users the ability to download the diagram in a variety of ways.
When you have no Internet connection, Lucidchart’s free app for the Google Chrome browser, lets you create diagrams offline.
It offers smooth user experience.
It is really easy and intuitive.
Intuitive interface means minimal training is necessary.
Lucidchart lets you create wireframes and mockups using different shapes from the libraries for the Web, iOS, and Android.
Customization options allow users of LucidChart to make every object fit seamlessly with the rest of the data.
It has an extensive library of really useful diagrams.
It is very affordable.
Lucidchart’s ability to quickly output a highly modifiable flowchart makes it useful on a daily basis, where more complex systems would be overlooked.
This online diagram software is adaptable to your workflows, which means you do not have to modify the way you work to incorporate Lucidchart to your system.
You can drag notes from the Standard shape library and drop them onto the canvas, then collaborate on grouping data or ideas.
It is adaptable and can be easily integrated.
Platform agnostic, working on pretty much everything it’s practical to use.
With a simple admin interface, it’s easy to configure permissions and auto-provision new accounts.
It can be accessed from any device or OS.
The prices of LucidChart flowchart software can be called rather reasonable taking into account vast functionality.
It includes use case diagrams, SIPOC diagrams, sequence diagrams, ERD diagrams, and many others.
As this application is web-based PC, MACs, and Linux-based computer systems are able to utilize LucidChart.
Free Google Chrome browser extensions let you integrate Lucidchart with Google Docs and Google Drive.
The staff is always ready to answer any questions on the forum or by e-mail.
It is easy to learn how to navigate all the tools and features.
It is really impressive how many different things it can handle.
An individual Lucidchart annual license is about a third of the cost of Visio.
It provides access to files from any computer.
It has great collaboration features.
It has the ability to share the diagrams easily.
Adding, moving, rotating, and resizing objects feels easy and natural.
Lucidchart makes their security documentation publicly available and it is great.
Rack management, Lucidchart’s included rack layout tools make designing new rack layouts simple and modular.
It is pretty secure.
It has plentiful object libraries and templates.
Lucidchart also includes extremely handy mockups for Android/iOS apps, wireframes, organizational charts and trees, to name a few examples.
It will automatically connect shapes for you instead of having to click a button every time you need an arrow.
It’s easy to work with Visio and OmniGraffle files in Lucidchart.
It’s useful to be able to have everyone in the same document at the same time.
Lucidchart’s flexibility has made it an integral part in maintaining our physical network maps.
All docs are stored and encrypted on servers with virtually no downtime.
The fact that it’s web-based offers some really nice advantages.
It has 15 integrations.
It offers smooth user experience.
It has very clean interface.
It is clean and simple.
The web application guarantees the high security of information by means of data encryption, robust backup, and secure data centers.
It is very simple to create lines or shapes as it is enough to drag-and-drop it to the right place.
You can collaborate with co-workers in real time and discuss issues in the integrated chat box.
Because the app resides in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere at any time and from any device.
There is a step-by-step tracking of your progress in diagram building, so you can reverse any changes or look through the information who, when and how has made changes to the document.
The interface is easy to use owing to its intuitive layout.
It works with many other apps and services.
Diagrams created using LucidChart can be shared in a variety of ways.
The software has robust creation tools that can be used for various applications and it also has a functional app for iPad users.
You’d love the date-stamping feature.
Companies can also ask for a custom quote as Lucidchart also has special pricing for nonprofit organizations.
Charts look excellent.
When you use the editor, it shows you what the web is really capable of, and you don’t miss the old days of installed software at all.

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❌ Cons

Android and iOS devices need only to visit the LucidChart website in order to access the features in a mobile environment.
When it comes to IT objects, Lucidchart does not give them specific enough names.
It lacks specific lexigrams and ideograms for some types of charts.
Expiring links for sharing is probably a useful feature, but it is not clear as to when the link expires when you share the document with someone.
Phone support is included only in the Enterprise package.
There are no icons to differentiate task instructions from videos.
It may take much time to load the files.
It requires internet.
Lucidchart can do a ton, but for some of the more specialized tasks, you’ll still want to use more focused industry-specific software.
It doesn’t support Visio formats.
There is no obvious version control.
It doesn’t support SVG natively.
There is no desktop app.
There is lack of customization options.
There is no search box on knowledge-base pages for individual articles.
Search results were not as expected.
There are some places that seem more limited like a typical web site.
The free version will only allow for a small storage allotment and specific complexity of a diagram.
Free version comes with limitations.
The free service is limited, some documents might not be edited anymore if it surpasses 60 objects in complexity.
The software does not have an Android app.
Linking up with Google Sheets is really slick, but it could be automated a bit more.
Layers feature takes a bit of time to get used to.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Lucidchart is a great Visio replacement if you’re able to use cloud based software. Due to this, Lucidchart can be a bit cumbersome in the field. At a desk, there is no reason not to use it.
Online diagramming app Lucidchart supports real-time collaborative editing, has well-stocked libraries of templates and objects, and offers many options for exporting and presenting your diagrams.
LucidChart is a great option for just about anyone. Whether you are a freelancer, small/medium sized business, or enterprise, LucidChart’s never-ending list of features is bound to apply to you in some aspect. It’s cheaper price also makes it a manageable option for those who are only dabbling in process mapping.
LucidChart is a popular tool that helps people organize their thoughts in diagrams, mind maps, and many other different charts. It has gained recognition of many large companies and has become a decent alternative to Microsoft Visio. Thanks to a wide range of functions LucidChart combines features of flowchart creation, collaboration and presentation tool.
LucidChart stands out among some of the others with the ability to share the diagram in a variety of ways. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can be sharing your diagram with all of your friends and family in Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. It’s a stable app that has a great deal of tools in order to create robust diagrams for nearly any situation.
It’s easier to use, much less expensive, and it offers the convenience of working in the cloud. Lucidchart makes their security documentation publicly available and it is great. An individual Lucidchart annual license is about a third of the cost of Visio.
If you’re sure your flowcharts are absolutely correct, good for you. If you think otherwise or would like some reassurance, trust Lucidchart to help you out. This online flowchart maker will make sure you don’t mess up the very first step of system development.
Because the app resides in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere at any time and from any device. Adding, moving, rotating, and resizing objects feels easy and natural. Lucidchart can be used (with limitations) for free.
Lucidcharts offer a wide variety of advanced features such as admin-friendly controls, security, and simple integration. However, they haven’t been in business as long as their competitors, and they might not have as much experience as the diagram software providers who have been in business longer.
Lucidchart is an easy-to use, diagramming application for the Web and has a minimal learning curve. An excellent diagramming tool for UX professionals, Lucidchart offers useful features such as importing Visio and OmniGraffle files, integration with Google Docs and Google Drive, an offline mode, and excellent collaboration support through chat and video.
Lucidchart compiles the crucial elements a company needs for chart and diagram creation, and then puts into a robust and easy-to-learn software solution. The product is suited for companies of varying size, and because of its dynamic features and compatibility, users can easily integrate it into their workflow, which makes collaboration hassle-free. Companies who wish to create their own charts or diagrams without having to hire professional layout artists should try Lucidchart.
The technology is absolutely incredible, so the tech nerd is happy, but it’s also really easy to use, so the designer is happy as well. There’s still a lot they can do to improve, but they’re already way ahead of other softwareS.
Lucidchart is an ideal diagram tool for brainstorming and managing projects. The tool also works smoothly with popular web applications and business systems, including Google Apps. Lucidchart is so intuitive that it is used in many industries, including engineering, web design and development, and business sectors.

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