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Top 5 Things

People love these 5 things about Luggage Forward:

  1. Luggage Forward is a shipping company that specializes in shipping luggage and sports gear.
  2. They offer a double money back on-time guarantee and up to $500 of protection for each bag.
  3. The company ships to hundreds of countries and territories worldwide and offers multiple specialized services and price points.
  4. They provide clear instructions and durable shipping labels for easy pickup and delivery.
  5. Their customer service is responsive and easy to converse with.

Featured Review

Especially appealing for cruise lovers, golfers, and those traveling internationally. All-inclusive pricing, including customs documentation, makes it easy to ship and stick to a budget. And the guarantee offers peace of mind. To get the best prices, ship about a week in advance.

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About Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward is a luggage shipping service that allows travelers to send their luggage ahead to their destination, rather than carrying it with them on their trip. Customers can arrange for their luggage to be picked up from their home or office, and it will be delivered to their hotel or other location at their destination. Luggage Forward offers a range of shipping options, including standard, expedited, and white glove service, and provides tracking and insurance for all shipments. The service is available for both domestic and international travel, and is designed to provide travelers with a convenient and hassle-free way to transport their luggage.

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Luggage Forward is located in Boston, Massachusetts.