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They also offer a double money back on-time guarantee for every bag they ship.
Review Pros
This company, which has acquired a number of experienced competitors, has been shipping clothes and sports gear like skis for more than 10 years.
We received our label packet from Luggage Forward in plenty of time.
It guarantees that your clubs arrive on time for the beginning of the trip.
Luggage Forward’s pricing is competitive with other shipping services.
Each bag and its contents are protected up to $500, though you can buy more insurance.
I have never received the bag back so spotless from any airline.
Offering multiple specialised services and price points to fit the requirements of almost any itinerary, the company instantly identifies the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective method of shipment for each individual booking.
The instructions were clear and concise.
It’s also one of the more far-reaching players, shipping among hundreds of countries and territories worldwide, as well as to and from cruise ships and golf courses.
The labels are very durable and tough.
Within the United States, you can generally choose from overnight to seven business days from pickup to delivery.
The company will complete and submit all customs documentation.
A shipping label packet was sent to my house with very simple directions for luggage pickup and placement of the shipping label on the case itself.
Our bags arrived in excellent condition.
Luggage Forward sends you e-mails each time your clubs get scanned into a new destination and does this all by showing your package on a map of the US (or wherever they might be heading).
In addition to catering to every zip code in the US, Luggage Forward also ships luggage around the world and are our favourite company for international shipping.
Your shipping labels will arrive a few days before the arranged pickup date along with instructions for attaching them to your luggage.
It was super easy to attach the label to my travel case.
I found their Customer Service incredibly responsive, extremely easy to converse with, and just overall phenomenal.

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Review Summaries
Especially appealing for cruise lovers, golfers, and those traveling internationally. All-inclusive pricing, including customs documentation, makes it easy to ship and stick to a budget. And the guarantee offers peace of mind. To get the best prices, ship about a week in advance.
A set of online tools allow clients to generate pricing, securely book online and track luggage real-time, leaving you to enjoy your journey, free from the hassles of carrying or checking in your luggage. They also offer include a double money back on-time guarantee for every bag they ship.
If you are going on a long trip, don’t want to haul your clubs through the airport, etc., etc., use Luggage Forward – you will not be disappointed! There is a slight premium to checking your clubs with the airline (usually $35 each way, max), but the peace of mind that your luggage will meet you on the other side and not get torture underneath the airport is 110% worth it.
Luggage Forward doesn’t solely focus on golf clubs, but they took great care of mine. I have a reputation among my golfing friends for lugging my clubs across public transportation to all ends of the earth… After tasting the convenience that came with shipping my clubs to and from New York, I’ll have a hard time going back to lugging them around by hand! It is an extremely nice luxury, and one I would recommend.
This is a great company with a great track record and we can highly recommend their services.

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