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✅ Pros

It regularly checks in to adjust your plan.
Review Pros
It is convenient for taking with you.
It is useful for athletes and those who work out regularly.
It takes the guesswork out of deciding macros.
Luen is Android and iOS compatible.
Lumen then uses its artificial intelligence engine to calculate the concentration of gases in your breath.
There’s also no subscription fee.
You can easily throw it in your bag or slip it in your pocket.
Lumen is well-designed portable device.
Lumen allows you to adjust your fitness goals when needed.
It is simple to use at any time of day.
It helps you customize your nutritional goals.
When we first started using our Lumen, it was super simple to get the app set up and customized to our activity level, diet, sleep regime…etc.
In-app lessons are helpful.
It includes a magnetic cap and a soft-touch matte finish for the majority of the exterior, and up to 14-day battery life.
It iIncreases mindfulness and knowledge around your health and eating.
You can even take pictures of your meals, upload them, and have Lumen’s nutritionist tell you how many carbs you’re consuming.
The device itself is compact (about 4-inches tall) so it’s easy to take on the go.
Lumen is able to help you balance all aspects of your routine to build a well-rounded lifestyle.
High-quality hardware has been used.
It has slick and futuristic design.
It features wireless charging via contacts on a small charging pad.
It comes with a motivating smartphone app.
It is a quick testing process and offers immediate results.
The hardware is fantastic too with a thoughtful design.
It has sleek design.
I am impressed with how the well-designed iOS app takes the data along with other pieces of information.
Lumen also encouraged me to look at all areas of my health, including my sleep schedule.
It’s like having a personal nutritionist.
Lumen is a portable metabolic measurement device.
It comes with an easy-to-use app .
Lumen gives you accurate measurements of fat and carbs.
It is fairly accurate based on my testing.
Battery lasts a week between charges.
It’s also discreet, with a sleek, modern black design.
It offers good app experience.
Companion app includes lots of resources for better health decisions based on your results.
It offers easy-to-understand nutritional advice.

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❌ Cons

It requires a lot of time and energy to use effectively.
It may be quite pricey for someone on a budget.
It is not essential if you’re already well-versed in nutrition.
Scientific evidence isn’t robust.
Readings need to be precise, and sometimes need to be done multiple times, which is frustrating.
Each measurement takes up to two minutes.
At $350, Lumen isn’t cheap.
The Lumen app doesn’t have built-in food/macro tracking but there are a number of apps that will do the trick.
It could use a bigger meal library.
It is more expensive than alternative products.
Some users questioned the accuracy of their results.
Experts are skeptical of some of the device’s claims.
It can be frustrating the first few times using the device because it’s all about having a slow steady breathing rate.
It is expensive.
Calibration is annoying.
It is expensive.

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Review Summaries
We think this device can help you reach your goals and stay on a healthy diet and lifestyle regime. If you’re looking for something to help you be more conscious of what you’re eating, Lumen is definitely something you want to check out to hack your metabolism.
Lumen is a fitness device developed by Metaflow LTD. This device is a metabolic measuring device that can accurately give you results just by using your breath. You simply breathe on the device and it will give you stats for your metabolism and how you can adjust. These accurate readings can help you alter your diet and lifestyle based on how you want it to be.
After getting to test out Lumen and also talk with its founders Merav and Michal, I’m convinced they’ve built a device and company that’s going to change lots of lives for the better.
If you’re like me and have no idea what most of the health and fitness realm even means, you might benefit from a product like Lumen, but at $350 it’s definitely a luxury and not something I’d typically spend my money on. On the other hand, if you have considered hiring a nutritionist, this would be a less expensive step to take. For those of you in the middle, well … you can return it within 14 days if it doesn’t help you eat better.
This device will help you pay more attention to and learn about your body. However, some of its scientific claims may be overblown.
Lumen is a fascinating new device that offers a unique way to measurably improve one’s metabolism and metabolic flexibility. It’s also a great alternative to measuring ketone levels in your blood, urine or breath. I strongly believe that the sophistication of the device, combined with its unique and futuristic look, increases the chances of its effectiveness — because you want to keep using it and show it off to your friends and family.
By the end of my week using Lumen, I felt better — both physically and mentally. Using my personalized meal plan, I gained enough energy to exercise, which in turn improved my mental health.
At $350, Lumen isn’t cheap. However, as far as wellness and fitness gadgets go, it’s not outrageously priced given its feature set and how much nutritionist visits, fitness apps, and personal trainers cost over time. On the plus side, there’s also no subscription fee. That said, it’s a bit steep for casual use. You’ll probably get the most value out of it if you’re someone who is already serious about food-logging and well-read on the subject of fitness nutrition.
If you decide to try Lumen, keep in mind the technology’s limitations and use it more as a suggestion than factual advice. Most people can benefit from taking a closer look at their diets, though, so there’s a good chance that using Lumen will lead to positive results for your health.

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