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✅ Pros

The shampoo lathers like a dream.
Review Pros
All Luseta bottles come with a super handy pump.
The Luseta Keratin set has been really nice to have around with the lack of moisture in my hair lately.
Argan oil moisturizes and repairs hair damage.
Their conditioner pairs well with this shampoo as it leaves my hair feeling silky soft and lightweight while being nourishing.
You can get glossy locks with tons of shine.
All the haircare ranges come in both shampoo, conditioner and oil form,
They have so many different formulas for various hair care concerns.
It nourishes, moisturizes, and conditions your hair.
It leaves hair full of luster and vitality.
I found this specific set did an incredibly job moisturizing my scalp and hair.
Founded by industry professionals, it has been pursuing the goal to fulfil the needs of all hair types through creative thinking and understanding.
The conditioner makes your hair luxuriously soft as it runs through.
It neutralizes brassy tones.
It is a color safe hair care product.
After drying and styling my hair, I definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my hair.
They come in both shampoo and conditioner so you can use them together and not have to use conditioner from a different line.
Tea tree oil deeply cleans hair.
They honestly are salon grade quality and top of the line products.
They offer salon quality shampoo & conditioner.
There’s a match for everyone.
They come with a pump top.
Their hair and body care products are infused with the best natural ingredients on the market.
Often times a lot of shampoo products do dry out my hair and causing a lot of flyaways and I found this shampoo really great for moisturizing, softening and leaving my hair feeling so clean.
The rose fragrance is not too strong or overbearing.
It protects your hair against heat and natural environmental changes.
It is a high-quality product.
Tea tree and argan oil rid hair of impurities.
They have so many different formulas for various hair care needs.
Their biotin and collagen line consists of a wonderful blend of powerful ingredients from Vitamin b7 biotin, hydrolyzed collagen and argan oil.
Each bottle has 16.9 ounces which is impressive for their affordable cost.
The prices, considering the amount of product you receive, are also good.
It has a pleasant smell.
They’re a cruelty-free brand with mostly vegan products.

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❌ Cons

It can dry out some hair types.

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Review Summaries
Combined with the nourishing and restorative properties of pure organic argan oil, Luseta Tea Tree & Argan Oil series works to leave the scalp feeling refreshed while locking in moisture and shine into each strand of hair.
I really enjoyed trying out some of Luseta’s products and am all around amazed at the quality of their products from the packaging to the formulas. If you want salon quality for a more reasonable price, I highly recommend giving Luseta a try. They are truly amazing!
The Luseta Beauty Rose Oil products have been brilliant to have around recently to add some moisture and hydration to my hair, especially at this time of year where the sir is dry and cold it really can take it tool on your trees.
I’ve been using Luseta products for a few years now and I really love them. The Luseta Keratin set has been really nice to have around with the lack of moisture in my hair lately. It’s actually helped keep my wavy hair a bit more under control.
The Coco Nucifera oil present in the shampoo and conditioner mixes well with the infused vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids; together, all ingredients in the set moisturize and condition your hair, leaving it nourished and grease-free.
Overall, I’m impressed with Luseta hair care products, they honestly are salon grade quality and top of the line products. I don’t think I’ll purchase any of hair care product because these work for me. I actually went ahead and purchased their apple cider clarifying conditioner to try out and I’m excited to see how that goes. I highly recommend you guys to try out their products, you will not disappointed!
I highly recommend going through their products, as there’s plenty of options for every type of hair and concern. There’s a match for everyone, and there are travel-size kits available for $5, which will give you an idea on how the kit is going to work for you (and they’re also perfect for travelling).

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