Madhava Organic Very Raw Honey

Madhava Organic Very Raw Honey

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Product Description

Busy Brazilian bees are to thank for Madhava’s delicious 100 percent organic unflitered honey whose golden nectar is harvested by local farmers in the wildflower fields of Brazil. To maintain its raw natural pollens and pure unfiltered flavor (just the way the bees intended it to be) Madhava heats it just enough to pour into the jar. To soften the honey and spread it over anything and everything simply place the jar under warm water. Source

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About Madhava

Since its humble beginnings Madhava has become a recognized and trusted innovator in the sweetener category dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to highly processed refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Today Madhava offers its beloved organic honey and organic agave along with an expanded portfolio of better-for-you sweet treats.

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