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✅ Pros

It gives very soft light in the right situations.
Alignment is automatic and excellent and you are shooting instead of trying to make a strap or band or Meccano fabrication hold everything in place
You don’t have to worry about mounting the MagMod modules the wrong way round, or misaligning them: the strong neodymium magnets will pull it into exactly the right position.
Corrective color gels (CTO, CTB, ND, Fluorescent) and creative color gels to change the temperature of your light and add a splash of creative color to your images.
Flexible, strong silicon make it one of the most durable accessories for your Speedlights.
It is a great lighting modifier that definitely belongs in your lighting bag if you are into flash photography.
Everything can be stuffed into a drawstring bag.
It is pretty durable feel, much better than the Gary Fong Lightsphere.
Attaching a light shaper, like the MagGrid to the MagGrip is as simple as holding it in front of the mount.
One of the selling points the manufacturers name is that the Magbounce can be rotated 360 degrees, pushing the light around to create some direction.
Compared to normal bouncing, MagBounce is little stronger in light,
It is soft and even lighting.
It has easy connection to your camera.
The MagBeam kit includes a large collapsible hood, which offers three distinct coverage areas, that can also take two different lenses.
There are no odd color casts.
The quality, design, and concept are all solid, and it is definitely worth the money
The MagGrid does a good job of controlling spill and helping avoid lens flare, making it handy when using the flash as an accent light.
New strong magnets hold silicon modifiers even better than originals.
Magspeher flash diffuser has mpact size.
Magmod is able to change out grids and gels in seconds.
It is an incredibly well designed solution for portable strobe light modification.
The MagGel can hold two filters, or even three at a stretch.
Magnetic system means easy swaps while staying secure.

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❌ Cons

The filters aren’t labelled so you are not sure what colour temperature correction they all apply.
They are not yet widely found in stores. Many list them, but few keep the product in store stock, and it’s a tough sell until you try one.
With several MagMod accessories mounted at once, the setup does get fairly top-heavy.
At the current price point, for many people it may not be worth the additional cost for simply the added convenience.
It is a bit wider so you have to arrange space for it.
The rubber MagGrip mount takes some stretching to fit over a standard flash head.
It is a bit weird to the touch despite its durability.
Magbounce looks a little silly being so large and stark white.
The diffuser is also sold separately from the attachment, which drives up the price to around $75, not horrible, but certainly not the best value out there.
Attaching the Magmod to the flash is the toughest part because you need to use your hands and thumbs to stretch it and get it into place.
Each gel is actually made of cheap Perspex, which is a bit rough around the edges and seem to pick up dust and dirt straight out of the box.
Some flashes won’t stay in a vertical position with the added weight.
It is not exactly inexpensive.
The Magbounce has quite a big gap between the rectangular shaped attachment and the rounded bottom of the Magbounce.
It is pricer than some other models.
It does not fit in the camera bag.
Magnets come out of silicon case easily.
They are expensive and mostly available online.
Magnetic mount system is heavy.

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Review Summaries
MagMod’s are a silicon grip system that stretches over your Speedlights. It has two freakishly strong neodymium magnets that allow you to quickly and easily place different modifiers on top of your flash. It is a bit wider so it may require more space.
The MAGMOD system does what you want. It delivers consistent light shaping, that you can control in a very fast, very efficient attachment method and the light shapers are of a level of quality that will hold up to regular use for a working professional. They are more expensive than some offshore offerings, but quality speaks as does ease of use.
One of the biggest complaints for flash modifiers is that they either don’t stay put or are hard to swap, but the MagMod MagSphere uses a magnetic mount system to stay snug over any hot shoe flash. The magnetic sleeve makes it easy to swap the diffuser with another modifier, such as the snoot. While flash diffusers are often large and bulky, the MagSphere is compact and easy to use.
It is a great lighting modifier that definitely belongs in your lighting bag if you are into flash photography.It is an incredibly well designed solution for portable strobe light modification.The quality, design, and concept are all solid, and it is definitely worth the money
The manufacturers are true to their word and for one will be selling your lightsphere to make room for the bounce and sphere. It’s worth mentioning that although the Magbounce is very large popped up, it folds down to just as small as the Magsphere and both are much smaller than the lightspher.
The Magmod Magsphere is a very fun and very useful flash modifier that we think may change the way that manufacturers create their products. It’s a great item for photographers using small flashes and that can’t carry around a large softbox. But it surely isn’t a replacement either. However, it wouldn’t hurt for most strobists to have one in their camera bag.
The MagMod system is very elegant, expandable and easy to use, provided you are OK with the weight and price. Everything can be stuffed into a drawstring bag.

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