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✅ Pros

They have a strong active and growing community.
Review Pros
Flexibility results to more strength but fewer injury risks.
It is great for beginners.
Risk free trial is offered.
You’ll build up your endurance and train your breathing to maximize your output energy.
You no longer have to worry about monotonous work out routines.
Man Flow Yoga helps improve the coordination between your brain and the body so that you can feel yourself and know your space.
While working out, you’re also relaxing the part of your body that need rest.
Many workout programs are offered for all levels and experience.
Workout videos are downloadable.

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❌ Cons

Some of the videos feel old and need to be updated.
Currently there not enough advanced videos and workouts.
You have to pay to download videos.

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Review Summaries
Man Flow Yoga is different from other strength training or yoga programs. It makes getting and staying in great shape very easy. You only need to invest 20-30 minutes a day to see results. This is because you will be doing the right exercises to keep injury-free, mobile, and healthy.
The benefits ripped from this program are unrivaled. Feel better, look fitter and achieve flexible movement by putting into practice the low-impact Man Flow Yoga physical and mental concepts. Yoga is more of a lifestyle where you can do the basics at any time anywhere.

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