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✅ Pros

Mashvisor is affordable for all real estate investors.
Review Pros
The data comes from reliable sources.
With heatmap, you can actually see how investment properties in specific neighborhoods are performing in terms of your selected criteria.
You can also view a detailed neighborhood breakdown to see rental trends in the area.
It offers free trial.
The heat map is meant to quickly get investors up to speed with unfamiliar markets.
It has a wider range of sources for analytics.
Purchase analysis includes all the necessary calculations needed to analyze properties and determine if they’ll be profitable investment properties.
It has structured membership packages.
It offers filtering criteria designed intentionally for real estate investors.
You can compare the forecast outcomes of the two rental strategies.
Mashvisor also lets you see units that are currently being rented out both long-term and on Airbnb.
Mashvisor’s unique search page offers filters that are designed for real estate investors to customize their property search.
It is user-friendly.
The Insights tab is very simple to use and it will tell the user what the optimal options for an investment property in this particular neighborhood.
It turns 3 months of research into 15 minutes.
Property finder tool allows you to set some basic filtering criteria and start searching in a targeted area for specific types of properties on the market.
The real estate blog section contains thousands of articles to help new investors get started.
The Property Finder comes with a number of filters that allow you to set your criteria and immediately start your property search.
You can hover over any neighborhood to get a quick view of its stats.
Heatmap shows you how many properties there are available for sale in each of the neighborhoods of your selected city.
It contains data and analysis for both traditional and Airbnb rentals.

❌ Cons

At the time of this writing, I still think the “Insights” tab on the site needs a bit of work.
Data is only updated monthly.
It provides a general overview of the data.
The main disadvantage of Mashvisor’s real estate data analytics platform is that is covers only the US market.

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