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✅ Pros

If there is a problem, they want it rectified as quickly as possible. Media Mister seems to have this part well in hand.
Review Pros
Tiered pricing helps people with virtually any budget find something that will help them grow on Instagram or any of the other supported social media sites.
The payment options are safe, and their website too.
There is a money back guarantee.
The company ranks higher as a reward for protecting its visitors’ information.
It is affordable.
They work with 20+ social media.
They claim that they only use authentic, high-quality social proof from real people and that it’s as effective as organic.
There are services available for more than 30 social media platforms.
Media Mister has such a good reputation among existing clients, that it hasn’t been any issues whatsoever securing their website with HTTPS.
They have comprehensively low prices with clear and transparent pricing.
They have been operating for a long time.
You can choose from a range of services, including buying followers, likes, views, comments, saves, shares, etc.
It is affordable.
Visible pricing means that you don’t have to worry about extra fees or not knowing what you’re getting at what price.
Media Mister listens to the public and adds new features and services to meet customers’ demands.
Media Mister not only offers its clients visible pricing, but they have categorized these into different areas of their website based on what you might need help with.
It offers quick customer support.
Media Mister provide their clients with a comprehensive, in-depth FAQ section that is going to answer any potential queries that you have in the beginning.
It has affordable prices.
Media Mister offers packages of followers for a variety of social media platforms.
A 30-day refund guarantee is offered for orders that are not delivered within the specified time frame of the service.
Media Mister offers many services for a wide range of platforms.
Since they sell (mostly) real followers, the risk associated with it is minimal.
They offer quality customer support via live chat.
Their services are affordable.
They have a long history of 10 years of providing social media engagement and growth services.
With Media Mister, you can pay your way through PayPal, but they also have the option of paying through their encrypted payment system that you will find on their website.
There is visible and categorized pricing on their site.
They offer real people services and customer support.
Media Mister offers a variety of packages to buy social media engagement.
They offer targeted services.
They focus on privacy and safety.
It is an established and trusted social media engagement specialist.
They claim that real people are behind those profiles, so you get actual users and not bots.
They’ve been around since 2012, so they’re a pretty old company by now.
It deals with multiple platform.
It has an easy ordering process.
They have 12 years of experience in the industry.
They promise not to give your info to any third parties.
They have a user-friendly website interface.
They always deliver safe and legitimate social engagements that assure you of organic growth.
They have good customer support.
It offers one of the biggest ranges of promotional products and services on the web.
They work with more than 40 social media.
They provide a huge range of high-quality services.
They can provide all types of engagement across an extensive range of platforms– pretty much any social channel you can imagine.
The Media Mister support staff is said to be available from 9am – 6 pm during week days, and 9 am – 1 pm on Saturday on their website.
They offer excellent overall value for money.
All sales are covered by a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.
Wide range of services are available.
Media Mister will never ask for your login details.
Reviews have been known to make or break companies, but Media Mister seems to be doing fine here.
Their services have natural appearance.
It can increase growth on Instagram quickly and effectively.
Media Mister states in the Privacy Policy on their website that they work to safeguard all information shared with them, and claim to use secure payment systems.
Media Mister is a legitimate provider.
They promise on-time delivery.
There is a refund guarantee.
Dozens of platforms are supported.
A huge archive of helpful resources and FAQs is available.
Products and services are sourced from active and authentic accounts.
They offer authentic services from real people.
It promises gradual growth.
They have great reviews.
Media Mister don’t have any trouble providing real, authentic reviews on their website about experiences that existing clients have had with them.
They claim that all their services, such as Likes, Followers, Views, Comments, Reposts, Retweets, and Mentions are targeted from a number of key international marketplaces worldwide.
During our first test, Media Mister provided us with good-quality Twitter followers.

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❌ Cons

Buying fake engagements from third-party companies like Media Mister will result in you getting fewer real engagements over time, making your content seem less valuable.
No free trial is available.
There is no free trial available.
Their website doesn’t show prices.
The majority of purchased followers are not from your niche.
Media Mister Instagram bots only read a post’s hashtag, not the photo or caption, to leave a comment.
Media Mister followers are unlikely to interact with your posts or otherwise support your account, so they won’t appear on Explore Page or Newsfeeds.
If you are looking for targeted results, this service is not what you are looking for.
They have mixed reviews on Sitejabber.
Your account may be banned if you use Media Mister.
There is no free trial available for any service.
Because Media Mister offers followers and engagements in bulk packages, it can cause problems for your engagement ratio if you aren’t constantly buying things such as likes, comments, and views.
During our first test the followers we ordered weren’t delivered in full until 7 days after ordering.
Customer service rarely responds.
Though their customer support service is great, you may experience difficulty reaching customer support if you are in a completely different time zone.
It is confusing to navigate through the services showing above and once you pick something there are too many categories to choose from again.
There is no free trial.
It may not provide desired results.
After a period, followers will drop or unfollow.
You only get the temporary results.
No free trial is currently available.
There’s no free trial.
They have slow customer support.
You might encounter an Instagram shadowban, which means that you can still post and engage with your existing followers, but you won’t be visible to anyone who doesn’t follow you.
The followers we got from this company have profile photos, but for the most part they don’t have unique bios.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Media Mister has been in the industry for a long time at this point, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about what a good engagement strategy looks like. They let you choose the pricing, and as far as we can tell they offer their clients legit engagement.
Media Mister is a great choice for those looking to increase their social media presence. They offer a wide range of services at competitive prices, and their customer support is helpful and responsive.
Buying social proof will never be quite as effective as stacking it up organically…period. But in terms of what’s on offer on the web, the stuff being handed out by Media Mister is just about as authentic as it gets. Long story short – check them out for yourself, take a chance for just a few bucks, and it’s hard to see how you’d be disappointed.
We conducted our own research and tried some of the services offered by MediaMister and we can surely say that it is not trustworthy and their clients do not mean anything to them. Seems like their aim is to make a user purchase a service from them, earn money and then not do anything to help out a person with any question during the process.
With Media Mister, the focus is on safety and authenticity from start to finish. For this reason alone – coupled with the reassurance of a full money-back guarantee – I’d say there’s no reason not to check out Media Mister and see how they do business for yourself.
Overall, Media Mister is a legit social media management company that is well established and has a reasonably good track record with users. It’s important to know that this service doesn’t provide a comprehensive social media marketing solution. These packages generate activity for temporary use and serve to focus on specific content to get more exposure for users.
The good thing about buying followers is that Media Mister offers gradual growth, which saves your account from a potential shutdown. Also, the prices seem to be affordable. Buying a bigger number won’t make you cross your budget. The bad thing is that Media Mister does not give you the option to pay via PayPal, but includes paying via credit cards and even some cryptocurrencies.
Overall, Media Mister‘s features are simple to understand and easy to use, providing you with quick and instant growth for your page, with a helpful team willing to give us advice along the way.
Purchasing phony engagements from third-party organizations like MediaMister will result in fewer genuine engagements over time, making your content appear less important. To enhance your social media accounts, particularly your Instagram account, strive to select a professional service with a focused strategy that is only modified for the channel you choose. AiGrow is a tried-and-true solution for safely growing your Instagram account.
Is Media Mister the one that will make you famous online? It’s still open to debate. Will they get you some real followers? Yes. But, most of them will leave you after some time, so there’s not much to it. I’m not saying this company is a scam, but something definitely smells fishy to me.
After studying several reviews, we can confidently say that Media Mister is a safe, legitimate, and effective tool that you can use to grow your social profiles organically.
Media Mister provides a safe and secure service, so as long as your profiles aren’t private, they will be able to fulfil their orders to you. They also have a well-established customer service line to make sure that you are always able to contact them in case an issue does arise. If you’re looking for real or targeted followers, however, Media Mister isn’t the service for you.
They are real, they offer high-quality engagement, they have great customer support, and they have been around for a while now, so their clients are loyal and have relied on them for a long time.
Their services are affordable, and they have good protections in place in case an order does not go as planned. However, their customer support isn’t the best as they do not have live chat. Overall, we recommend Media Mister for anyone who wants good-quality followers at a fair price.
Media Mister is not a particularly safe or professional social proof service, which raises questions about its credibility. If you are going to use a tool for increasing engagement on your social media account, it’s best to use one that is both functional and reliable. This is especially true for Instagram, as the business-oriented nature of the platform requires a professional approach.

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