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✅ Pros

The experiments are well organized, easy to set up and complete.
Review Pros
The complementary app serves as a virtual 3D microscope enabling your child to better visualize what happens in each experiment at the molecular level.
They have everything you need to do multiple exciting science experiments every month.
The free starter kit (a $50 value) contains equipment you will need for the duration of your membership.
The experiment cards even explained the phenomena and chemistry behind the experiments.
The app opens up in a lab where we have the opportunity to learn about different molecules and atoms and explore them closely.
The MEL Science VR app works with your phone and allows kids to take interactive lessons and see exactly what is happening during the reactions in their experiments.
MEL Science have a comprehensive online guide for each experiment including instructions, videos and scientific descriptions.
MEL Science has an absolutely fantastic app that accompanies the experiments.
Your first shipment will include a free starter kit (valued at $50) in addition to your first set of experiments.
Each activity also comes with its own instruction and information sheet.
The MEL app shows all the relevant molecules in various graphical representations, viewable using the VR goggles provided.
With very rare exception, MEL Science kits come with everything your child needs, including safety wear.
High-quality materials are provided.
VR headset is also included.
It’s a great way to introduce science and scientific principles to kids in the comforts of your home.
MEL Science comes with enough supplies to repeat the experiment 2-3 times, great for sharing or repeating.
The MEL Science App is bright with clear, detailed images, instructional videos, timers, everything you could possibly need to make your experiment a success.
The folks at MEL have done everything possible to make the experiments as safe as possible.
If you find the program is not working for you you can cancel at any time.
We were also able to do further reading and research on the app which was an unexpected bonus.
Safety instructions come in both written and illustrated format.
It is realistic.
All peripherals are included.
The experiments are actually much more interesting.
They provided everything we needed except for some water and matches.
The kids won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.
MEL Science comes with a free mobile app.
Each set contains the chemicals and additional equipment to complete the experiment.
We were really impressed with the quality of the equipment.
It is educational.
It comes well packaged to store the equipment when not in use.
The materials were of high quality.
It comes with clear instructions.
Experiments are fun, but not terribly complicated.
MEL Science include all the supplies needed to conduct these Chemistry experiments.
If you are buying from Canada and would prefer your kit with French instructions, that option is available.
MEL Science has 38 different Chemistry Sets.
Mel Science offers 27 amazing chemistry sets so you’re good to go for over 2 years.
The little stand is adjustable so you can use either your phone or a tablet and have access to their apps as you conduct your experiments.
The MEL Science website explains the science behind the experiments, including further interesting facts and context.
Each of these kits contains written directions, supplies (except for a few common household ones) and information cards.
Each kit came with enough material to do (and repeat) several experiements on that topic.
The chemical bottles containing the reagents, and other items are placed inside resealable bags.
They send you a new kit every month.
The kit included gloves for us to use and we were able to transfer all of our chemicals safely.
It’s quality at a fair price.
We really liked the inclusion of a Google Cardboard type VR goggle in the kit.
Each monthly kit contains 2-3 science experiments with enough materials to try it twice.
There are more than enough supplies to repeat these experiments.
The ingredients are neatly packaged in plastic bottles.
They make sure that you understand the underlying science.

❌ Cons

You will also need to buy the starter kit.
When we tried the kit over the summer we thought it could do with some improvements and better usability.
MEL Chemistry isn’t cheap – £29.95 for the starter kit, and £9.95 for each of the thrice-monthly kits.
MEL Science kits are not inexpensive.
There are no instructions for VR set up.
You are unable to purchase replacement chemicals for the kits.
Right now they are strictly a subscription service.
Reagent was cloudy for tin hedgehog.
Stove has somewhat sharp edges.
There is no option to buy individual kits.
It is not likely stimulating enough for most high school level chemistry.
If I were to make a suggestion it would be allow customers the opportunity to purchase the kits individually.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
This is invaluable, don’t you think? So many kids just don’t pay any attention to the sciences these days and would rather just veg out and play mindless games on the iPad. This changes all of that, and I couldn’t be happier.
Spark their inner Bill Nye with new chemistry experiments every month. A MEL Chemistry subscription delivers massive value, with real experiments that are great fun and high on educational value.
I highly recommend this product to any homeschool family or classroom middle school teacher able to supplement their program with outside kits.
MEL Chemistry is a monthly AR‑powered STEM subscription box from MEL Science intended for kids ages 9-14. You can subscribe to the box for $34.90 each month. Each monthly kit contains 2-3 science experiments with enough materials to try it twice, plus step-by-step instructions. All the experiments are designed for home use.
This starter kit and first set of experiments from MEL Chemistry were so impressive, Everything felt very official and scientific and the apps to support our learning are pretty amazing.
I love it! As a lifelong chemist and a passionate educator, I’m really impressed with these kits. The experiments are actually much more interesting than what was in the old-fashioned kits I played with as a kid.
I am really impressed by MEL Science after using their first box. I get to use a lot of products and subscription programs and this program is one of the best I have used. If you have struggled with doing science with your 9 to 14 year olds, check out MEL Science. You won’t be disappointed.
Each kit came with enough material to do (and repeat) several experiements on that topic. The kits were all marked with warning labels and safety instructions which pleased the boys immensely. We downloaded the MEL Science app and were excited to find a new tool for conducting further research beyond the experiements themselves.
We were very impressed with the quality of the kit. There is a good range of experiments, with 38 different ones, your child is sure to learn a lot of chemistry. We really think a science (and in this case proper chemistry) subscription service is a brilliant idea. MEL Science helps families explore science whilst saving time and effort in preparing the resources themselves.
Every subscription comes with 2-6 experiments a month, a supply kit that contains everything you need, detailed safety information, virtual reality goggles, and an app that offers instruction and VR videos.
The experiments are well organized, easy to set up and complete. They are just as much fun for adults as the kids-Mr. S had a blast! If I were to make a suggestion it would be allow customers the opportunity to purchase the kits individually.
This is one of the most exciting and ambitious home-chemistry educational projects I’ve seen, and I suspect it will be a better, more enduring investment than anything you’re likely to find in a brightly coloured box on the shop shelves.

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