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✅ Pros

Multiple payment processors are available.
Review Pros
The platform offers tons of functionalities which includes Paywall Power, Coupons, Community Builder, Pricing Pages, WordPress Affiliate Plugin, WordPress Subscription Plugin, Extensive REST API, Built-in Tax Calculators, etc.
You can create unlimited free or paid membership levels to organize your users.
Coupons are another big feature of MemberPress and you have the ability to create as many coupons as you want.
Highly customizable membership levels are offered.
One-time access payments for community forums and the like are easy enough to do, but with Memberpress, you can set up different tiers for course sites or other sites with continuous content support.
It offers powerful access rules.
It seamlessly integrates with third-party and other WordPress plugins.
It is very flexible and powerful.
It offers powerful access rules.
It is easy to implement.
You can ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ Membership subscriptions.
It has the ability to segment membership levels with groups.
One of the most important features offered by MemberPress plugin is drip content. You can schedule your upload timing of content to maintain high engagement rates.
Affiliate System is included with higher priced plan.
3rd-party plugins integrations are available.
You can authorise or block search engines.
Memberpress gives your customers more options to pay so they aren’t stuck in the middle with no options of their own.
The platform offers very affordable pricing plans which currently starts from just $15 on a monthly basis.
You can use your membership levels to restrict access to some/all of your site.
It offers awesome integrations.
It gives you the ability to create as many membership levels as you want.
Multiple payment options mean more freedom for your students, and fewer barriers to sale.
Content dripping and expiration features are available.
Apart from the easy installation and responsive design, as well as inclusive landing pages, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with your site.
It is simple and easy to set up.
It offers integration with multiple payment options.
It is easy to use.
You can choose from popular payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and
Unlimited membership levels and membership groups are available.
Whichever edition of MemberPress you buy you can have unlimited membership levels and unlimited members.
It offers easy setup & integration.
You can drip feed content.
Integration is possible with various email retailing services and other devices.
It is easy to set up and use on a daily basis.
Many different integrations are available, including integrations with a variety of email marketing tools, community-building plugins, page builders, and more.
With their most popular plan, you only pay $17.84 per month for an annual membership.
You could end up with dozens of add-ons that turn your site into the bare Memberpress basics into something that seems like you hired half a dozen Javascript engineers to bring to life.
Excellent customer support is available with documentation.
It has convenient and friendly set up.
This plugin integrates with a lot of other useful tools, especially email providers like ConvertKit and Mailchimp.
As your membership site grows, you’ll want to get more sophisticated with who can and cannot access certain content. The MemberPress plugin allows you to go deep in this regard, so you can build the community you need to.
It allows integration with numerous email marketing services and other tools.
It allows users to make as many numbers of membership levels as required.
You can enable Paywall : #number of free articles and then ask payment.
It is easy to setup.
There are flexible options for creating a membership site exactly how you want.
You can charge one-time or recurring fees, give free trials, offer payment plans, charge one-time signup fees, and more.
Many unique features are available.
It offers a high-quality course creation tool.
There are multiple Payment gateways for each membership level.
It offers highly personalized coupons with add-on features.
You can drip content out via registration date or on a fixed date.
It offers customizable content dripping and coupons.
Every pricing level is packed full of features.
Despite this plugin having a lot of features, everything remains simple to use and set up.
One distinct feature of MemberPress is its Paywall which allows you to offer non members access to a certain amount of membership content for free before they have to become a member.
You can sell memberships to groups, such as selling an employee training plan to corporate clients.
The MemberPress plugin offers tons of features but is still able to keep its overall navigation and usage beginner friendly and easy to configure.
You have multiple payment options for gateways you can integrate with your membership sites.
It is easy to set up and use.
Excellent personalized membership levels are available.
This can grow with you, whatever your plans for the future are.
You can group your products and use those groups to create upgrade and downgrade paths.
It has solid customer support.
You can use content dripping to dole out content to members on a specific schedule.
Tons of integration options are available.
It offers highly customizable membership levels.
There is 100% no-risk money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase.

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❌ Cons

There is slow development and few improvements are made over time.
There is no affiliate marketing out of the box .
It lacks integrations with some other popular services.
There is no WooCommerce support.
Pricing plans aren’t monthly.
There are complaints about customer service response times.
It doesn’t offer a free trial.
It is not compatible with a few WordPress themes.
There is lack of customization for registration and login forms.
Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and complicated for beginners to use this plugin.
There is no demo or trial, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Some features that are listed as part of the main plugin are actually add-ons that must be installed separately.
Whenever you visit the MemberPress website, you’re met with a “special discount” offer and a ticking timer. Yet this timer always resets the next day. Such scarcity tactics are a turn-off, and bring into question the company values.
Some built-in integrations have to be paid for.
It only offers advanced analytics with integrations.
With one of the best reputations in the WordPress membership plugin space, we were shocked to see how little it has to offer.
Problems arise in personalizing the forms of registration and login.
There is no support for Digital Sales Tax (EU VAT MOSS regulations) you need integrate with services like eg. Quaderno or Taxamo in order to comply.
There is no free version of MemberPress.
The yearly price could get expensive after several years.
Each integration has its own list of instructions, and it can get quite tiresome going through all of them.
It only supports the three most popular payment gateways.
Features that should be built-in are sometimes billed as add-ons.
The MemberPress plugin doesn’t seem to get many updates, including new integrations or support.
The pages that your students see, although fine, are somewhat outdated.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, MemberPress wins the competition, with easy-to-use features, numerous add-ons and integrations, and excellent support and documentation.
MemberPress provides a strong feature set with a surprisingly easy set up process. With some nice management features and options lacking in other membership plugins, there’s very little you couldn’t do with this plugin and it’s great all-rounder.
As far as membership plugins go, you will be hard-pressed to find one that is better then MemberPress. It is very simple to setup and manage membership websites and their support will be there for you when you need them.
MemberPress is a simple, effective plugin for creating a membership site. It’s great if you want to: build a simple membership site with walled content, run courses, and offer subscriptions to your content. However, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking to build a paid community, you may want to consider a membership plugin with built-in forum technology, such as LearnDash.
Overall, we currently think that MemberPress is a great one to consider for building your first membership site.
Overall, I think that MemberPress is definitely one of the top WordPress membership plugins. It nails the core features that you need in a membership plugin when it comes to creating subscription levels, restricting content,etc. It also creates a nice frontend experience for your members, giving them options to easily manage their own memberships.
MemberPress is an efficient and effective plugin that does exactly what it says – it builds a membership program with restricted content with the utmost ease. If that’s what you are looking for, MemberPress should perfectly fill the bill.
MemberPress is one of the best, if not the best subscription management software. It’s easy to use, gives lots of freedom to its users, and has a pretty impressive feature set.
With MemberPress you’ll be able to create powerful and compelling WordPress membership sites that leverage all of the great features of WordPress, WordPress plugins and other 3rd party services including content management, forums, and social communities.
With Memberpress, you’re able to do a little bit of it all: coupons, content dripping, detailed reporting, payment management—the works. This is one of, if not the best membership plugin for WordPress that exists today. The learning curve may be steeper than other membership plugins, but it’s worth every second you invest.
MemberPress is the most powerful membership site plugin available. It’s guaranteed to have everything you could possibly need to maintain a successful and profitable membership site. And that’s not to mention an amazing support team who is ready to help you tackle any issue you may have along the way.
MemberPress comes jam packed with very useful features for a membership site. The pricing plans range from $15 to $35 per month currently. You have access to number to third party integrations which you can use and connect with your membership site.The platform also offers pretty elaborative self help support articles and documentation. You can reach out to the support team using tickets and email services. So on and all, we’d say, MemberPress is worth investing in.
Trust me! I found this software user-friendly and very interesting. I’ve used so many Membership sites and this fits me best as I can combine my existing WordPress sites forums to it without any restrictions. The decision is yours to make! But I would say, you won’t regret using this amazing software.
For website owners who are trying to find a cost-effective way to build a membership site or host an online course, MemberPress is definitely an option worth considering. It could even end up becoming an all-in-one solution for you, depending on your needs.
For most course creators, it presents a natural evolution of what they’re already doing. In addition, it opens them up to new opportunities: coaching, mentorship, accountability groups, and consultancy. The MemberPress plugin is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to achieve this.

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