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✅ Pros

There is buyback guarantee on many loans.
Review Pros
It is an amazing platform with many options.
There is the amazing secondary market where you can sell your loans with no issues at all in a normal market.
It is straightforward to start investing.
The Mintos secondary market is extremely active.
There are no fees for the investors.
It offers great liquidity.
Mintos has a huge number of lenders on the one platform, and the list continues to grow.
It is very convenient to invest.
It’s the Biggest platform out there for these type of loans in EU.
Android and Apple Minto’s apps are readily available.
They also offer auto-invest function.
They offer sign up cashback 0.5% during first 30 days.
They offer automatic investing with same filters as manual investing.
Big variety of loans, countries, loan originators, and currencies – making is easy to diversify.
Good diversification opportunities are available.
Secondary market is available.
Good diversification opportunities due to more than 60 loan originators and large number of loans.
Buyback guarantee is available on most of the loans.
They have the highest amount of loans to invest in together with 50+ loan originators.
Huge quantity of loans are available.
Buyback guarantees is offered.
Secured loans and buyback guarantees on some loans make Mintos a relatively safe place to invest.
Mintos platform and company is profitable.
By investing in buyback guaranteed loans you can reduce the volatility of your portfolio.
Super configurable auto-invest feature is available.
It is secondary Market for early withdrawals.
There is Mintos rating for more insights about loan originators.
Mintos has a successful business model, reaching profitability within 3 years of launch, and publish annual accounts.
The website has more features and performs better than any other P2P platform we have seen.
Mintos is a profitable company.
The secondary market is superb. In a normal market, selling your loans isn’t a problem at all.
Mintos has excellent customer service.
There is opportunity to invest in many countries and different currencies.
It is really easy to diversify.
Mintos is a large platform with good track record.
It is #1 platform in terms of volume, and stable company.
It is possible to use auto invest.
There is buyback guarantee on most loans.
There are always a great variety of loans available.
Returns are highly predictable and with 11% returns I’d say very high, too.
It is a secondary market.
Great intuitive website with many features, easy registration and multiple available languages.
Huge amount of loans are available.
Secondary market is available.
Overall ergonomics is excellent.
They offer attractive interest rates and yields for investors.
Early exit is available through secondary market.
They also have a mobile app.
Auto invest feature has so many possibilities.
There is predictable cashflow with Buyback Guarantee.
A huge quantity of loans are available.
There are great many loan originators from many different countries.
Mintos invest and access for higher liquidity.
There is buyback guarantee on most of the loans.
There is good transparency of the different loan originators.
There is opportunity to invest via “ready-made” strategies for easy investing.
Secondary market so you have more loans again to invest in.
Multi-currency investments are allowed.
Collection of a large number of lenders on one platform, enabling easy access to different types of loans.
Active secondary market is also available.
The interest rates available are extremely attractive.
The platform features many originators, allowing you to diversify your portfolio.
It is a well established platform.
Investors are accepted from most of the countries.
They showed profit for 2017.
There are no investment fees.
Platform is simple, easy-to-use, and feature-rich compared to some alternative P2P lending platforms.
It has great average returns of 11.45%.
Auto-invest feature makes lending incredibly easy and once set up, requires minimal oversight.
High level of diversification is possible.

❌ Cons

There are some long-standing doubts about the ownership of Mintos and its relation to some of the loan originators on the platform.
Some loans have indirect investment structure.
Variance in quality between lenders is very high.
It requires a lot of research, legally grey-zone loan originators are accepted.
There is poor reporting on the status of some investments, recovery activities and defaulted loans.
There is complex auto-invest system.
I will say the auto invest feature here also, because if you are new it can be complicated at first.
Some lenders are very small with a limited track record.
Not all loans have a buyback guarantee.
There is 0.85% selling fee on secondary market.
Some Loan Originators don’t pay interest for delayed loans.
It is currently not open to British residents due to regulatory reasons.
There is lack of a buyback guarantee on some loans.
There is no clear indication of how many joined users joined every month and more importantly how many of them are even active.
It would be good to see the platform regulated by a more trustworthy financial commission in Europe.
The biggest downside of Invest & Access to me is not being able to choose loan originators.
They had one Loan originator that filed for bankruptcy and investors didn’t get all the money back from them. Although this is still an ongoing case, I understand that more then 50% has now been repaid.
Several risky originators are present on the platform.
Boring investments are proposed.
Filtering is not very convenient.
Majority of loans are originated in Eastern Europe and denominated in Euros or local currency.
Returns are slightly below average (11%).
Default recovery status reporting could be improved.
It is not suitable for long-term investments.
Mintos could improve its reporting on the status of recovery activities for defaulted loans.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Mintos is definitely in it’s own class in many ways: diversifying is easy, interest rates are generous, loan volumes high, the buyback guarantee works and there’s even the highly liquid secondary market. For these reasons, Mintos gets a full five stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and continues to be an undisputed backbone of my P2P portfolio.
Mintos is a big part of my P2P portfolio and I do not plan on changing that in the near future. Mintos performs great up until now and I am very satisfied with the returns so far.
After now over four years of investing on the Mintos platform, I can say my experience with the platform has been great. It’s currently the biggest position in my Peer-to-Peer lending portfolio, and I love the fact that all the loans in this part of my portfolio are secured & comes with a buyback guarantee. They also constantly improve the platform by adding new features and new loan originators.
Mintos is a must-have platform for both beginning and more experienced investors. Its fully-featured platform provides ample opportunities for diversifying your portfolio and achieving an average return of 12%.
Mintos is the first P2P platform I joined and I must say that it’s been great. When I started with this I set a goal of getting around 10% on average at Mintos and everything over would be a huge plus for me. So that my portfolio on Mintos gave an average at +11.5% is a win in my book.
I’ve been investing on Mintos for the past four years with great results. I highly recommend Mintos for any P2P lending portfolio.
Mintos is one of our current favourites. The vast array of loans on offer give you the opportunity to build a strong peer-to-peer lending portfolio with both secured and unsecured loans. It has more lenders than any other site we have seen, and the list keeps growing.
Mintos‘ success is well deserved ! They deliver an excellent and very regular performance, and the impressive loans volume means that basically any amount can be invested without fearing a cash drag. Also, thanks to the availability of investing methods other than manual or auto-invest, even beginner investors can easily invest through the platform. However, it’s important to be aware of potential risks – especially the presence of unreliable loan originators
This p2p lending platform provides loans generating an average of 11% ROI and proposes investments with a term from 1 day to more than 5 years. In addition, most of the loans come with a BuyBack guarantee feature, meaning that the peer to peer lending platform will pay back the investment to the investor if the borrower defaults to pay (on this platform it happens after 60 days).
Mintos is one of the absolute best P2P platforms for both the beginner and the experienced investor. On the platform, you get some of the best opportunities to diversify your portfolio in the whole P2P lending industry – and with an average return of 12.08%, there are long between platforms in that league. We understand Mintos’ popularity among its investors.
We recommend Mintos for investors looking to diversify their investments, or those looking to test the peer-to-peer lending market.
I think that Mintos is the safest platform out there. It is the biggest platform and has been reliable since its creation in 2015.
Overall Mintos as a platform is financially profitable and is one of the biggest peer-to-peer lending platforms in the market, both in terms of how much is funded through the platform but also in the amount of investors on the platform. Most loans come with a buyback guarantee and there are many loan originators to diversify the investment between.
Overall, for any investors seeking to make their first investments into European P2P loans, Mintos would be our recommended place to begin.
I wouldn never put all my eggs into the same basket. There are always external risks that can not be influenced by the investor’s decisions. Remember to always diversify your investments to minimize the risk of default. If you want to give Mintos a chance, start small and get familiar with the functionalities before investing higher amounts.

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