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✅ Pros

It is easy to use with disposable urine test wands that accurately track hormones and identify both fertile and infertile days.
Review Pros
The device itself I don’t think is expensive, $200 for such an amazing little machine isn’t out of the question.
The AI technology in the app learns my hormone patterns and gives me accurate and personalized ovulation predictions.
You can also access your hormone curve, which will show how your hormone levels are changing throughout your cycle.
Expanded testing options monitor 3 fertility hormones (LH, E3G, PdG).
It tracks LH and estrogen concentrations and fluctuations.
I tested it during times I knew I wasn’t fertile at all and times I was – the readings matched what I know of my cycle.
It tells exact estrogen and LH measurements.
It is convenient and shipped right to your doorstep in a discreet box.
It gives an exact number of hormones (LH and newly launched Mira Plus is measuring LH + E3G), compared to other trackers which is measuring levels only.
It is available on direct website and Amazon.
It also comes with everything you need to get started, including the estrogen and LH testing wands.
The hub connects to an app on your phone that displays and records your monthly data to better understand when ovulation will occur (with 99% accuracy!).
If you have any concern about your hormones being out of balance, Mira can be a great way to verify your levels at home without having to do more invasive testing outside of the home.
Studies for both the LH and estrogen tests have shown accuracy to greater than 99% when compared to in-hospital laboratory testing.
It is a comprehensive kit.
Tracker is able to sync with app to upload data and analyze results.
It allows you to save time and money by eliminating the need to test every day and spend money on countless tests.
You can walk away while it syncs.
The app tracks LH and estrogen levels, calculates ovulation predictions, and provides other details about your menstrual cycle, BBT, cervical mucus, and more!
Recently Mira launched a new Mira Confirm Wands that identify your progesterone levels can help you confirm ovulation.
Having actual numbers to look at means having more information about your hormones.
I found it very easy to set up and get started with.
It is much more budget-friendly than traditional fertility tracking methods.
In the app you will see your exact hormone levels and your fertility score for the day.
The app was easy to download and pair with my device.
The wands were easy to use with the urine cups included in the kit.
For those with irregular cycles, getting pregnant can be tough. Mira tracks your cycle all month long and will be able to tell you with 99% accuracy when you’re ovulating (assuming that you ovulate that month).
I like the fertility score feature because it provides that extra bit of information letting me know my chances of conceiving.
It is mess-free.
The analyzer battery seemed to last forever without needing to be charged.
I love that it has the app that it syncs to.
I love the simplicity of this.
It comes with easy-to-use app.
While it does give you very in-depth information about your cycle, it has also taught me so much about my hormones and body!
User-friendly app helps you track your cycle and test results.
It particularly benefits those who are trying to conceive but is also helpful for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy.
You can conduct multiple tests at home.
I know someone that said the Mira Fertility Tracker helped her talk about her struggle with infertility.
It has ergonomic design.
I like that it tests and tells you all levels of LH, not just a yes or no. It’s one of the most accurate on the market.
This is the first personalized, at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system.
The app is very easy to navigate with reminders that ping to let you know when it’s time to test.
It is small and portable.
It syncs with your phone so that the data is automatically inputted.
It is noninvasive.
You get personalized fertile window prediction thanks to the precise tracking of your unique hormone levels throughout your cycle, this system learns your cycle in order to offer personalized ovulation prediction.
You can estimate when you’ve ovulated and when your fertile window has closed.
The automatic Bluetooth syncing technology and hormone data eliminate your need to manually chart.
The circular device fits in the palm of your hand and has a very easy to read digital display.
The app shows personalized and accurate ovulation.
You can get connected with a variety of other fertility resources like blog posts, webinars, and e-books.
The test itself was really easy.
It provides you with actual hormone concentrations with 99% accuracy, which ensures that you never miss your fertile days.
You don’t need to buy a new tracker as new features come out.
It’s actually super easy because the syncing happens wirelessly and automatically.
I loved how easy the Mira Fertility Analyzer was to use.
There is automatic Bluetooth syncing of hormone data to Mira App.
It is the most modern and precise ovulation tracker on the market.
You will be able to read your results on the analyzer and also in the Mira app.
I like to see numbers and visually track changes, so I found the actual hormone concentration feature very valuable.
My phone will notify me on the app on what days to test.
There is 90-day money back guarantee.
It is an easy-to-use testing kit with clear and understandable results.
Mira’s app was very easy to navigate and the results provided were clear and easy to understand.
AI helps interpret your data.
You can get results within about 15 minutes.
It tracks multiple hormone levels.

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❌ Cons

Initial bundle starts well over $100.
It is more expensive than other options.
It doesn’t come with a guide to average hormone levels.
New supplies are needed each month.
It costs more than other OTC ovulation trackers.
There are occasional glitches when measuring LH.
For women with super irregular cycles, it can be kind of tricky to know when to test for LH.
A lot of users in the Mira Fertility Club have found out through customer service that their results were invalid.
App does not provide info about healthy hormone ranges.
While it can help those with hormone imbalances or irregular cycles, Mira is marketed more toward those trying to conceive.
You need to remember to ensure your tracker is connected to your phone.
The only potential drawbacks to consider are the relativiely higher cost of the Mira and testing sticks due to the fact that it’s a sophisticated device accurately measuring your hormones at home and the plastic waste produced.
The device requires about 15 minutes to read a testing wand, which is not optimal for testing on-the-go.
It takes 16 minutes to read.
A separate testing wand is needed to track progesterone.
A fter spending a lot of time in the Mira Fertility Club I can say for certain that for a lot of people it’s just too much information.
There is no online community.
If you want to use a fertility monitor to tell you when you’re fertile but don’t necessarily need all the extra information of exact hormone levels, then I’d recommend the ClearBlue monitor over the Mira for affordability.
It costs more than my cheapo eBay strips.
There are potential syncing problems between the tracker and Mira App.
90-day money-back-guarantee is only available if no LH surge was detected in your cycle while using it properly (refunds for other returns are on a case-by-case basis).
Charting with the Billings Ovulation Method can give you just about the same amount of information for the purposes of trying to conceive. And it is much more affordable!
You have to allow enough time for additional strips to arrive.
Online reviews mention unresponsive customer service.
Some users have reported issues with recent updates to the app.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Mira Fertility below.

Review Summaries
Mira is more than just a hormone tracker – it’s an all-in-one fertility tracking system that automatically syncs, records, and explains your fertility hormone data in a way that is easy to understand.
I absolutely love the Mira device and I think it’s going to be so helpful to people who have irregular cycles and can feel demotivated with other forms of tracking. The real data that you get from the device is really empowering because you can acturally see what is happening with your LH. Overall it’s a fantastic device which is simple to use and allows people to be more confident with their fertile window.
Mira takes the guesswork out of comparing faint lines to darker lines by measuring accurate hormone levels. Additionally, knowing not only your LH levels but also your estrogen levels provides a more accurate prediction especially when used in conjunction with their ovulatory algorithm.
Mira’s Fertility Starter Kit is an excellent tool for women to track their reproductive health and fertility. At this moment Mira is measuring two hormones in the same time (LH and estrogen). It particularly benefits those who are trying to conceive but is also helpful for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy.
In summary, the Mira Fertility Monitor is great for monitoring the health of your hormones from home. But if your goal is natural family planning, whether trying to conceive or trying to avoid, then there are better and more affordable options.
This digital fertility monitor is — dare we say — pretty cute. The circular device fits in the palm of your hand and has a very easy to read digital display. It also comes with everything you need to get started, including the estrogen and LH testing wands. You simply pee on a wand each morning, then insert it into the monitor. It’s that easy.
Mira is a personalized ovulation monitoring system that’s connected to your phone through an innovative app designed specifically for women who are trying to conceive. It tracks the numeric LH and Estrogen hormone levels so you can make informed decisions about when it might be the best time to try. It even tracks how long it will take before conception becomes possible!
The Mira Fertility Tracker is a cutting-edge product. Unlike other fertility trackers, this easy-to-use device offers exact hormone measurements throughout your cycle so that you know when you’re most likely to conceive. While it may be pricier than other options, it may be worth spending a little extra to get lab-like results at home.
The Mira Fertility Tracker calculates LH and estrogen concentrations and fluctuations to track ovulation and indicate fertile days. The company recommends that people use the tracker 5–6 days before their expected time of ovulation and at the same time every day. However, people should not use this device as a method of contraception. They should discuss birth control options with a healthcare professional to prevent pregnancy.
The Mira Fertility tracker takes all of the guess work out of tracking your fertility. Its great for people who are trying to avoid pregnancy as well because it gives realtime hormone concentration.
I am absolutely impressed with this product and highly recommend it to women who are trying to conceive, particularly for those with irregular cycles or who have PCOS. I found it to be very easy to use, convenient, and very accurate, too.
Mira is the only FDA and CE certified fertility tracker that allows you to see your actual LH numbers across your cycles. The Mira Analyzer accurately detects the LH in your urine and then provides you with your actual LH concentrations for that day.
I highly recommend the Mira tracker to anyone who wants to better understand their own fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive or not, I feel this is something every woman should own. The device and app are incredibly easy to use and understand, even for someone like me who has never used anything like this before.
Mira is a convenient, cost-effective solution used to better understand your fertility and hormone levels. It ships quickly and discreetly and is easy to set up and use. You’ll learn a lot about your body and how it works by using this simple yet sophisticated product.
Mira Fertility is recommended by obstetrics and gynecologists and it’s even approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. For $199, you get the Mira Fertility Analyzer, step-by-step guide, 10 urine containers, and 10 individually packaged single-use fertility testing wands. Amp up your fertility planning game with their tests’ insights.

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