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✅ Pros

Premium also comes with time controls.
Review Pros
Mobicip also scans content dynamically and in real-time to provide what they call just-in-time filtering.
It provides online configuration and management.
It can be used by schools and businesses to restrict access to certain types of content.
Data encryption for added security over public WiFi
You can block inappropriate websites by adding the URL to the Mobicip block list, or by using the filter categories in the Premium version.
Mobicap is a challenge free solution for school administrators who found 1: 1 learning involves some taxing issues.
Operates with no load on the device and no noticeable delay.
Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle and Nook.
The app uses a very interesting algorithm to make everything secure online for families.
Mobicip allows you to manage your child’s internet use across multiple devices.
Mobicip is a good monitoring program for families with children who access the internet from several devices, because it is compatible with them all.
It offers browser protection for the desktop machines.
With Mobicip, you can review the browsing history through the app monitor.
It only costs $4.99 to monitor what your kid.
It has a good online management system.
You can block certain keywords or phrases.
For schools, Mobicip offers custom filters to install on web-enabled devices.
Accountability mode to give kids responsibility.
You can set time limits.
You can see what they’ve installed and what they’re up to from any web browser or by using their proprietary Monitor app.
Free basic mode for all users,.
Powerful content filter.
Can apply child profiles to multiple devices and user accounts.
Mobicip also offers solutions for businesses looking to filter content on their networks.
Widest range of device types.
Mobile app for parents.
Mobicip offers all of the standard features and services that you’d expect from a top-rated internet filtering and parental control application.
It has an inbuilt dynamic content filtering and broadly ranged analytics mechanism to protect the device no matter where it is operated in 24×7.
In addition to blocking adult-themed websites, Mobichip also blocks access to file-sharing sites used to trade pirated movies, music, and video games.
Real-time Internet content filtering
It is good for mobile.
Passcode requirements for specific Android apps.
Easy, intuitive filtering administration.
Free version is available.
Mobicip is compatible with every device, including Kindles and Chromebooks.
It is available for mobile devices and computers.
The best part of Mobicip is that it is compatible with all the major operating systems and iOS and Android devices.
It has beautiful dashboard.
It has a great looking dashboard.
It is perfect for parents.
It has imple setup.
All the settings can be monitored by administartor.
Customization content filtering settings through Mobicip browser.
You get the complete report for the browsing history on each device, and the software can be set to send the report to your email at a regular interval.
It Works flawlessly on the mobile platform.
Simple installation process to follow.
When users you are monitoring find some content blocked for them – they can request the access to you.
Accountability mode gives users a sense of responsibility that helps them to learn how to use the internet wisely.
Mobicip’s UI is very clean and simple.
Mobicip also allows you to secure any number of users or devices from one account.
It provides a parental control and internet filtering system for various platforms, including Chromebook, Apple Watch, Kindle, and Nook.
Getting started with Mobicip is easy, the user simply needs to create an account by filling in the Log In details in the fields provided.
Simple setup using predefined web filter configurations used in schools.
It’s available on most platforms and can be installed quickly and easily.
It gives the parent an opportunity to restrict the use of some apps, websites or even games on their kids’ devices.
Weekly Internet schedule.

❌ Cons

No live customer support.
The busier their site is, the longer it takes you to get through.
No social network monitoring.
The free version only features pre-defined filtering options.
No real-time parental notifications.
Free version has limited options.
There is ack of customization in monitoring features.
There is no option of monthly subscription.
No calling supervision.
No monthly pricing plan available.
Administrator of the app needs to expert to use full features of the app.
You can’t see if your child has watched a video or viewed a picture that’s inappropriate.
It also doesn’t currently allow for limiting the time your kids can spend on the web.
Safari browser is disabled in Mobicip controlled devices.
It lacks real-time notifications when questionable content is accessed.
Testing turned up some communication problems and delays between online console and local app.
This program doesn’t have many tracking and reporting features.
There are no social network protection features.
It is expensive as compared to similar services.
You can’t upgrade the plans.
No ability to set time limits for individual apps.
No phone support is provided.
Clicking links in mails does not open the mobicip.
The downside of connecting to a third party is that it affects browsing speed.
The packages are limited to limited devices only with premium only for 20 devices.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Mobicip is a versatile monitoring program that easily monitors your whole family while they are online whether it’s a teen on their cell phone or a young child on a tablet.
Mobicip is an excellent place to look for your internet filtering and monitoring needs. There’s a reason why the program is trusted by so many schools and organizations. It has more positive reviews than almost any other internet monitoring application, and is a strong contender for the best in the market right now.
Mobicip is a great way for parents to monitor their children as they browse online, with both a free option and a paid subscription that offer many of the same benefits you would get from the top providers on the web.
Mobicip’s UI is very clean and simple. All the settings can be monitored by administartor. It only costs $4.99 to monitor what your kid.
MobiCip provides users with all the features which make parental control careful and deep. You have the direct remote access to the device of your kid with this software. MobiCip has a good community system, and you can always contact to the support using your Facebook or Google+ account
The control panel for parents is pretty easy to use. After downloading Mobicip, the app immediately walks you through creating a Mobicip account and setting filtering settings at different levels. Ideally, the setup should be done by whoever will administrate the account so that the account will not be editable by your child.
The product was introduced to help users to create as well as foster the better usage of technology for learning. Its content filtering option is browser independent and does not intervene when browsing secure (HTTPS) sites. Usability of this product increases because of its ability to do some real-time analysis of the pages and which is lacking in many of the other content filtering products available in the market.
You configure Mobicip’s parental control options online, and a local agent enforces the rules on your children’s devices. In testing. a few communication problems were found, but overall it’s a good choice for the modern multi-device family
If you are a parent and are looking for a great parental control suite for not necessarily the last price, then Mobicip will fit the bill. It will control what your kids see on the internet at home and on the go.
With Mobicip, it gives all the parental control and internet filtering features that you need to keep your family safe while browsing online. With all the inappropriate content that is rampant on the internet today, children might easily get exposed to the content that they are not supposed to see on the internet. By using this software, you can get the full control of your children’s internet activity, and you can easily monitor what they do online.
Mobicip is named for the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which requires schools and libraries to filter what content is accessible to children. It’s a mobile-enabled platform for parents to control, filter, and monitor what children are exposed to on the internet. It can be used by schools and businesses to restrict access to certain types of content. They can also keep track of how users are spending their time on the web. It’s available on most platforms and can be installed quickly and easily.
Mobicip Premium is a good option for parents who want just the basic parental controls. The focus here is on content filtering and monitoring, mainly through Mobicip’s browser—additional features are lacking. Additionally, there is no live customer support except through email, though Mobicip offers customers an extensive online database of help resources. The bottom line is that what Mobicip Premium does, it does very well, but features are limited.
If you a parent and looking for an easy way to protect and monitor your children there are not so many options to beat Mobicip.It has many of the very same benefits that one can get from the top providers in the parental control software market, on both of its versions, free and the paid subscription.

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