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✅ Pros

The flour is so fine.
Review Pros
It’s super easy to attach, and works with all KitchenAid stand mixers.
This mill is super exciting because it contains the best features of Wolfgang Mock’s milling career, yet it’s much more affordable.
The kids can watch a movie in the living room just 20 feet away and not have to turn the volume up.
This mill will also grind all grains, even gluten-free.
The Mockmill is attractive.
It has a low grinding temperature, so the heat does not damage the grains’ nutrients.
It mills directly into your mixing bowl.
It takes less room than my blender would, far less than my toaster.
The Mockmill is quite small compared to other grain mills.
It has easy adjustments for coarseness.
I was surprised at how easy the Mockmill was to use.
You can really be in control of how finely you grind things you put through the Mockmill.
6 year warranty is provided by Wolfgang Mock.
The cord is just a bit longer than most of my other kitchen appliance cords and I like it.
Wondermill is proven to produce 100 pounds of flour per hour.
The Mockmill has a 6 year warranty.
The Mockmill takes up so much less space than my Nutrimill.
It’s easy to clean up and recover.
The stones clean themselves as they are used and are hard enough to last.
I haven’t had to officially clean the machine yet, because the flour doesn’t get hot and sticky and make a mess.
It is convenient for a quick job.
It produces super healthy freshly-ground flour with a really fine texture.
It mills 100g of flour per minute.
It can even crack grains for porridge, and it has many other uses (like some spices, nuts, and seeds).
It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
The Mockmill is quieter than the Wondermill.
It is small and takes up little kitchen space.
The Mockmill attachment fits all KitchenAid mixers.
It attaches to your KitchenAid mixer very easily.
The Mockmill has an adjustment nob and the setting helps determine the fineness for the grain.
There is no mess.
The flour doesn’t get as warm.
It’s not as noisy as an attachment for stand mixers.
Mockmill comes with a book filled with information and recipes to help explain the benefits of home milling.
You can mill grain fresh for each use since it is so simple to attach and use.
The mill has a low grinding temperature, so it doesn’t damage the nutrients of the grains.
Mockmill grain mill comes with a 6-year warranty.
It mills 7 ounces of grains per minute.
It has tool-free disassembly.
It is very easy to adjust the coarseness from pastry fine to barely cracked.
It’s very convenient to grind just the amount of flour you need for a recipe.
It doesn’t warm the flour up like some mills do, so the flour is more nutritious.
Compact design makes it easy to store after use.

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❌ Cons

Because the Mockmill grinds grain directly into your bowl and must be a top-to-bottom operation, the spout where the flour comes out is too low for something tall like a KitchenAid.
You must turn the machine ON before adding any grain.
It must be removed in order to use your KitchenAid for other uses.
The spout is quite low on the Mockmill grain mill.
It can start to overheat if you use it for more than 20 minutes non-stop.
It’s tall.
The chute covering could be sturdier.
The mill doesn’t grind the flour super-super fine, but it was great for my purposes.
You need to let all the grain get through the mill before turning it OFF.
It does not mill to a super fine stage.
Grain milling doesn’t really have a “quiet” setting like new dishwashers do.
It takes a bit of getting used to in order to use., be sure to tighten the attachment screw well.
The mill shakes a bit when running, but this is minimized by tightening down the attachment screw properly.
You must remove the grain mill when you want to use your KitchenAid for other purposes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I’m happy with either the Wondermill, potentially the Nutrimill, and definitely happy with the Mockmill. Of the three, the Mockmill is hands-down my favorite. It’s practical: takes little room, easy to clean, and quiet.
I was quite pleased with the performance of the Mockmill. I tested out both soft white and hard red wheat berries, and both ground up perfectly. You can also grind other non-oily, dry grains. It doesn’t grind to a super-fine stage, but that’s fine unless you are making delicate pastries and such.
I had been wanting my own grain mill for quite some time, but I never considered a KitchenAid attachment. Now that I’ve tested it out, I think this is the mill I would purchase. Of course, it’s not my ultimate, dream mill (I’d have to cough up at least $500 for that), but it works great for my purposes.
The Mockmill 100 is the smaller of the two mills from MockMill. I really like the idea of grinding wheat as needed. I usually grind a lot and freeze it, so I’m looking forward to a new routine to test out this mill.
If you have wanted to get into baking more, whether gluten-free, whole wheat or einkorn, or if you are already an avid baker and can’t wait to maximize your nutrition with freshly milled grains, (not to mention saving money and having an easier time storing your grains!), then you definitely want a grain mill.
I love the Mockmill because it produces super healthy freshly-ground flour with a really fine texture. It doesn’t warm the flour up like some mills do, so the flour is more nutritious. Finally, the flour yields wonderful, light bread!
The quality is excellent, it’s easy to use, small enough to store away, and it will always give you the right coarseness you need.
It was so easy to use and I liked that it can work with several grains. It also seems to be very well built and I love that it attached nicely to my stand mixer. The Mockmill attachment fits all KitchenAid mixers, and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
We know that here in the Crumbs community we encourage saving money on our grocery budget and buying things that are affordable. In the case of a grain mill, we can think about the money saved over a period of few years with using grain ground at home instead of store bought flour. Think long term savings.

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