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✅ Pros

They have a well-curated blog that has all the info you could ever need about Modafinil, including current news and reports.
Review Pros
The drugs on this site are mainly sourced from India.
All their orders are shipped with free express mail service delivery (EMS).
One of the areas where ModafinilXL shines is in the design of their website.
They do have the option for you to pay with Bitcoin.
They offer reshipment for failed delivery.
ModafinilXL offers some of the most competitive pricing we’ve seen.
They accept multiple forms of payments.
Returning customers get $25 off on their next purchase.
ModafinilXL accepts Visa, MasterCard, e-check, and Bitcoin.
ModafinilXL pricing is super competitive.
Shipping is free on all purchases over $80 and comes with tracking.
If you’re willing to place a larger order, you can save big.
You can track your orders.
Payment options include secure e-Check (US only), Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.
If for whatever reason, your order does not make it, you get either a free re-ship or a full refund.
In the event the package is seized by customs officers, you will be offered either a full refund or a free reshipment.
The ModafinilXL website is incredibly easy to use.
Modafinil can be purchased on this site by using several payment methods.
What I like about their website is that it is fairly easy to navigate.
They offer multiple discounts.
You get 35% off when you pay with Bitcoin.
ModafinilXL is one of the only suppliers that offer free samples to customers.
Responsive customer support is reachable via email.
The site is designed in stunning colors with an easy to navigate interface.
They offer guaranteed delivery.
The bigger the quantity of products that you buy here, the cheaper it gets in terms of price per pill.
If a package gets lost or held at customs, you will receive a refund or the items will be reshipped.
A full refund or free re-shipment guarantee backs all orders.
With every order, you also get a $25 off coupon to use next time.
The website is relatively easy to navigate.
You can pay with Bitcoin.
They offer free samples.
Returning customers will get $25 discount.
You don’t have to do anything special in order to receive free sample, other than providing your information.
ModafinilXL offers a 100% money back guarantee.
The bigger the quantity of the products you buy, the lesser the price per pill.
Orders are dispatched within 2 hours of placement.
The site has a responsive and well-informed customer support team that compliments their overall experience.
They offer free sample packs.
They do a lot of sales and “freebies”.
The site has a lot of information on Modafinil.
They have an excellent customer service.
They offer 35% off on Bitcoin purchases.
They’re also the only modafinil seller to offer no strings attached free samples.
Free tracked international shipping is offered.
Modafinil XL are very discreet when it comes to their packaging.
The prices are incredibly competitive.

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❌ Cons

They have average pricing.
ModafinilXL only ships to the United States.
Their website isn’t easy to navigate through.
You can only reach them through online form.
Packages aren’t trackable for the first 5-7 days after shipment.
Modafinil XL are exclusively for US customers only.
They won’t ship directly to some countries.
Some of the information on the website is confusing.
Shipping to the United States is expensive.

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Review Summaries
Modafinil XL sells a variety of types of Modafinil pills, including some products not found on other websites. They have hundreds of certified reviews and you can easily find these on their website to get an idea of how good the company and their products are. They offer free shipping for orders over $150 and all buyers receive a Norton Shopping Guarantee.
As you’ve seen, it’s the best option for buying modafinil if you live in the United States. I’ve ordered from them several times since that first order and plan to order from them again in the future. With one of my orders, I emailed them a question and they got back to me just a few short hours later. Their customer service is as good as their products and website. If you haven’t already, go check out the ModafinilXL website.
While all of these features are good, I would advise that you would still take extra precautions. Modafinil XL’s website and their services are somewhat too good to be true (and I mean TOO GOOD). And I’m not saying this to indicate that they’re a scam (I was successful in my order), I’m just saying that you when you purchase from their site, purchase at your own risk. I just want to get that off my chest.
There is a reason why Modafinil XL is growing and progressing and it’s just a testament as to how excellent they are as an online Modafinil vendor. I hope that I was able to shed some light for you when it comes to this Modafinil XL review. If these points aren’t enough to convince you to make a change as far as online Modafinil vendors go then I don’t know what will. In any case, you might want to check them out before leaving this article. And you know, have an order of Modafinil coming your way.
It’s not surprising that more and more people buy modafinil online. Doing it is quick, simple, and, most importantly, very inexpensive. Armed with the information above, you too can enjoy all the wakefulness inducing and cognition-enhancing benefits this powerful substance brings, at a fraction of the cost.
Whether you are a seasoned user of nootropics, or you’re looking to dip your feet in to see if these exciting medications are a good choice for you, ModafinilXL is a legit vendor that you can feel confident ordering from.
Being US-based, ModafinilXL is where I currently turn to buy modafinil online. They’re just so good at what they do, and for me at least, it’s hard to argue with great service. On top of that, the $25 returning customer discount combined with the 35% Bitcoin discount (or even 10% e-Check price drop) can really add up, especially when stacked on top of their already low, low prices.
Due to the closing of Afinil Express, ModUp and DuckDose in 2019, we’ve focused our attention primarily onto ModafinilXL as the best modafinil vendor. All three were excellent options, however, times change and the modafinil space is rapidly evolving. Many of the best vendors of the past are starting to disappear.
The options available online for someone who needs Modafinil are numerous. With careful planning and meticulous search, one is able to narrow down to a handful of the best sources and be able to buy their favorite cognitive enhancer. Quality should always be at the top of your mind if you’re a discerning user. If the source doesn’t ship to your location there is always a second or third option. One can also use Bitcoins which are fast, easy, hassle-free and ensure complete anonymity.
This online pharmacy has been in business for the past 5 years and they ship their drugs worldwide. The best part is that you can pay with Bitcoin. In fact, you’ll get 35% discount each time you pay with Bitcoin.

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