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✅ Pros

They already have a shiny finish so there is no need to apply one on top.
Review Pros
The gel polish gives coverage after only one coat and you can apply the second one if you want the color to stand out.
The colors are so pretty, especially the glitter ones.
The system was easy to use.
This nail kit is designed with starters in mind, which is more reason this product comes with everything needed to create stunning nail arts yourself.
It makes designing your set such a nice process instead of always having the same colors all the time
If you are a DIY lover, then Modelones Gel Nail Starter Kit allows you to create anything without going to the salon.
The smaller sized bottles help you use up the product before its expiration date, which means these gel polishes won’t around for long enough to go clumpy.
I have had no issues with lifting they’re still as good as new.
It offers wide range of finishes from nudes to glitter to magnetic.
It is easy to tell what color the bottle is.
It comes with a multi-form and a slip solution.
It also includes a few sheets of transfers and decals so you can make your own nail art designs.
They have great formulation.
It comes with glitter powder and gems for artistic enhancement.
It has seven gel colors—five plain colors and two glitters.
Modelones offers all the instructions and hints needed to get the perfect manicure that will last at least two weeks.
The kit comes with a great and substantial amount of tools.
There are many different sets to choose from.
Modelones Gel Nail Starter Kit comes with nail manicure tools, nail dryer, and gel polish for beautiful nails.
It flaunts a 120 dual forms.
The polish has a non-toxic smell and is made of natural resin.
This unit includes a folding nail curing lamp that can easily be connected to your Android charger, iPhone charger, or computer with the included USB port charger in the package.
You get 6 amazing colors in this packet, including 3 shades of rich reds, which I love.
There’s a base top coat set and six color gels to choose from to ensure you get nails matching your outfit for any occasion.
The kit was well packaged.
The products apply great.
It allows two weeks of wear.
Included in this kit is a 48W LED lamp with an LED display screen that counts down the seconds left until the curing is finished so you know when your nails will be finished.
The instructions are very easy to understand.
It has both top and base coat.
It is easy to apply.
I must admit i was really impressed with the quality of the product.
The set is affordable and makes a great gift for someone that is interested in nail art.
They’re very pigmented and provide high coverage so you only need a little bit of product for a good application.
These Modelones polishes don’t smell, cure quickly, and last nearly three weeks.

❌ Cons

The staying power isn’t as good with Modelones as with some of the other gel polishes.
They are not as long-lasting as others.
Viewing window makes polish vulnerable to thickening.
Reviewers point out that the gel polish bottles are not full-sized.
You can generally see them in sets.
These are small tubes.
There are no labels on the bottles so either you remember the number of the color you want to use or paint a circle on the cap.
Some recommend that the polish be cured for a little longer than the manufacturer suggests.
The instructions do need a little work with regards to the prep instructions.
It has nas no clear gel.
No cleanser is included.
I think a primer would have been a great addition but is not a necessity.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
This nail kit is designed with starters in mind, which is more reason this product comes with everything needed to create stunning nail arts yourself. If you are a DIY lover, then Modelones Gel Nail Starter Kit allows you to create anything without going to the salon.
I would recommend this kit and will happily use the kit for future extensions.
If you are looking to enhance your nails artistically, this is the product to go for. It comes with six-color gel tubes, a slip solution, a multi-brush, a nail file, 120 dual forms, and a top and base coat.
This kit contains eight bottles containing eight different colors and guarantees a long-lasting manicure: the gel polish will last for two weeks and it’s suitable for all kind of nails. There are eight colors divided as 3 different shades of pink, a shade of light brown and 4 different shades of gray, each one distinct in its own way.
Overall, the reviewers are pleased with their purchase. They like the colors and say that if the gel polish doesn’t chip or bubble when applied correctly. They are also happy that the contents of the kit had so many of the tools that they needed.
This is such a great kit to give gel nails a try! Highly recommend the ModelOnes Starter Gel Kit to both beginners and nail enthusiasts!
When applied according to their instructions, you can get an easy two weeks out of this polish and probably longer. It doesn’t tolerate user-error as much as some other brands so it might not be ideal for first-timers.
With a good range of colors, easy application and great durability this is a superset of UV gels, and the box they come in makes it into a thoughtful gift for someone, or yourself!

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